An injured workout buddy and a blueberry smoothie

My workout buddy is hurt!

Ashley is not sure how she injured her back, but I am convinced it is from our workouts. Probably yoga.

So I feel terrible because I dragged her to yoga, and then her back started hurting.

Perhaps, because she had not hit the gym in a while, any new exercise regimen might cause strain and injury. Recommendations to heal her injury are heat, Ibuprofen and stretching. But no yoga.

I am a horrible friend.

Our workouts together have been working for me, though, and in a fairly unexpected way.

First, while I have not lost any weight, two pairs of dress pants that used to be too tight (well… they used to fit perfectly) are now fitting around my middle and through my thighs like they haven’t in months.

I. Am So. Happy. (And yet still so sad for my sweet Ashley.)

I am still too frightened to test my jeans. Maybe in a few more weeks… after a few more yoga classes… after a few more cycle sessions… Perhaps.

More good news? I shaved 50 seconds off my mile time without training by running. I didn’t run to reduce my time, which didn’t work during my Running Streak, which I barely finished.

I ran an 11:09 mile last week, and I am in shock. How did I do that without running at all? I don’t know, but I’m doing more of it.

In the meantime, here is a delightful smoothie I made for breakfast, and a recipe for another smoothie I hope to slurp down tomorrow.

Blueberry Banana Smoothie

  • 1/2 cup blueberries
  • 1 whole banana
  • 6 oz. of milk (enough to fill up the rest of your travel mug)
  • 1 tsp. of raw honey

Blend and enjoy.

It looks lavender!

Blueberry Banana Smoothie Recipe

Going to the gym with my best friend

My best friend Ashley (not this Ashley) have taken our relationship to the next level. We are now more than just best friends…

We are officially workout buddies!


I have known Ashley since fourth grade, and, in all that time, she has always been my skinny friend (not that I didn’t have other skinny friends… no hate mail). She is super little! Little, however, does not always mean healthy and toned. To get healthy and toned, Ashley joined the YMCA, and now we can work out together.

zomg. SO excited.

I enjoy exercise way more when I’m with a friend, especially one of my best friends since forever.

seriously. EXCITED.

I went with her last Friday for her first meeting with a personal trainer. He helped her figure out what type of cardio and weight training exercises she should do.

Unfortunately, because she has some joint pain, she cannot do high impact aerobics or cardio that puts too much pressure on her knees and hips. So we won’t be hitting the track or the treadmill together…

Sadness. Oh, well!

She is approved to use the bike, the elliptical and the Arc Trainer, which are cardio machines that have little to no impact. She is also approved to do some swimming because the water removes the body weight from the workout.

I will not be joining her in the pool because… just no.

Well at least not until I lose enough weight and find a one piece swimming suit that holds the girls, but I will squeeze into my old swimming suit to enjoy the sauna and the steam room!

Our goal is to go to the gym together three times a week. We will follow her workout plan from the personal trainer: warmup, weight training, cardio, cool down and stretch.

And I get to take her to Power Yoga!


#MotivationMonday + the 1st day of school

#MotivationMonday is a Twitter thing.

Have I told you all how very very much I love Twitter? I love it so much that I used the same word twice in a row in a sentence… and that’s saying something.

Grammar Hammer can fall upon me today!

So Twitter is amazing… that’s not the point. The point is that if you search #MotivationMonday on Twitter, you can find thousands of other people in the Twitterverse sharing their motivation!

They just give it away! I love #MotivationMonday, hashtags – in general – and Twitter. Good fun!

Monday, August 22, 2011 @ 2:45 p.m.
My first class of the new semester is to be held at 3:30 p.m. I need to prepare for it, but I wanted to blog so badly.

Yesterday, as you are probably aware of, was laundry day. I spent an entire day setting up my curriculum and creating syllabi for my classes that I didn’t have any time to blog at all. I was also doing a great deal of research on Numana and The Campus Kitchens Project. No worries! I’ll be explaining them more later on because they have so much to do with nutrition, food and hunger.

What’s a “skinny” girl’s blog for if not to promote charities that feed the food-insecure in her community?

Well, if it’s not also that, then I don’t know what it’s for anymore! :)

How do I feel about my first day back after a long, what some people may call “relaxing” summer?

Excited. Anxious (the good kind). Exhilarated.


I have my folders ready and two different colors of pens and a highlighter and a marker to write on the board (it’s for teaching) and paper clips and EVERYTHING. And paper.

What am I missing? Textbooks. But they’re in the mail!

School is where I belong, and I belong to school. I’ll never get a real job. :)

BEFORE the school day began, however, I belonged to the track, and it kicked my A-S-S. No joke.

I ate like crap all weekend. My admittance. There it is.



Yummy fried things and delicious Thai things.

Absolute crap. (And I would make the obvious analogy if I didn’t think it would make me barf.)

I want to eat like 14 apples to just clean out my system. I love apples. Shouldn’t be hard. (Note: It’s WAY hard to eat more than one apple at a time. Ugh. The fullness.)

Monday Sprint Day with Ashley didn’t feel so awesome weighing as much as I do and carrying around the excess nonsense that I am.

She pushed me hard, kicked my butt and made me keep moving. I love that girl.

We ran a 12-minute warmup mile. Yes. That is the best that I can do. We also stretched, loosened up the hip joints and… left our shoes on our feet. :(

I wanted to run barefoot in the grass on the football field, but it was wet from the rain. Barefoot running + wet grass = skinnyshae falling on her face. (Remember why I can’t go ice skating?)

Since the rain ruined the field, we sprinted 8-100’s with squats, jumping jacks and up/downs in between intervals.

I. Wanted. To. Die. No! I felt like I was dead.

I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t get my legs off the ground, couldn’t get my elbows back, couldn’t do… anything!

Depression almost got me, but Ashley pulled me up, put me back on that track and told me to “push off” my feet and get my knees up. She also gave me a head start and yelled: “Don’t let me catch you!”

Yeah, right. Like I have a choice. She’s a bullet! :)

Twitter may be only fingertips away, but Ashley gives the kind of motivation that just doesn’t quit. I wish I could bottle her motivation and sell it to people…

I’d be so rich.

Stadium Workout + Philly Sandwiches

Quick Notice: I slept 6.5 hours last night. I went to bed at midnight and tossed for about half an hour I suspect. Pitch black, complete silence and a lot of deep breathing.

Better than crashing on the couch, at least. :)

Now, to business!

I got my butt kicked by a serious stadium workout today. Again, it’s totally Ashley’s fault

What is a stadium workout?

Well, every football field – even our team-free field at WSU – has to have a place for people to sit for the game (or track event, in the case of my school): the stadiums.

A stadium workout requires the exerciser (me) and her exercise buddy (Ashley) to climb the stadium seats, either by walking, running, skating or sprinting.

Yes. I said sprinting.

And, yes, I sprinted. Ugh.

According to my running program, Wednesday’s are for hills. I have spent one Wednesday on the incline treadmill, one on an actual hill and one climbing seats at Cessna Stadium.

I suppose a stadium is a type of hill… like a really steep hill with fissures between footings… an evil, steep, metal hill with trash everywhere.

(And a skinny girl urging me to get to the top, push off my leg, just one more step…!)

Stadiums are hard. No joke.

After a quick two-lap warmup, some hip circles and leg throws, Ashley and I sprinted a half stadium, sprinted a left-leg lead half stadium, and then a right-leg lead half stadium. (She did much better than I, but I hung in there.)

Then we jogged a lap around the track before “skating” up the seats. Skating? It is basically like lunging back and forth from leg to leg up the seats. It does suck as much as it sounds like it sucks.

And then we did it all over again.

She made me jog another lap and increase my speed to match hers at the very end. Holy cow was I pooped after that workout.

(In other news, Ashley and I are – for some reason, I don’t know – looking for a 5K to run this fall. Know of any fun ones in Wichita, Kan., coming up?)

Unfortunately, I am still 133 pounds 450 calories burned later. Every other day or so, my weight changes from 133 to 134 or 135. I know it’s water, but, still, it just needs to keep going down!

My goal: 120 pounds by January 1st. (My anniversary is the 2nd!)

What I want most, however, is to have a leaner look. If I weigh 130 pounds for the rest of my life, I’ll be happy as long as the look of my body is muscular and lean.

I have a while yet… but, since last week, I have cleaned up my eating habits! Counting calories is still impossible, but at least I’m in the ballpark now. :)

Dinner Tonight: My Something Like a Philly Sandwiches!

I think I’ll try a marinade next time…

Oh! And lemonade. I’m not giving up summer yet!

Stadiums – yes or no? Yes, but only because I know they’re good for me. I’m arguing for barefoot hills next week!

What did you eat for dinner tonight? If it was also a Philly Sandwich… wouldn’t that be creepy?

(Unless, of course, Husband is reading this… And then it wouldn’t be creepy because he totally ate the sandwiches I made tonight. I watched him do it.)

GRE Word of the Blog Post: fissure n. – crevice (Study, study, study! On Friday…)

Barefoot Sprinting + My delights!

Monday Sprints Day! And boy did I ever sprint…

Instead of following the routine for Quickies in my running program, I did something a little different.

And it’s all Ashley’s fault. :)

When I arrived at the track at 7 a.m., she had already ran two laps. Stinker. We went two together and stretched to warm up before beginning what I’m sure was the craziest sprint workout I’ve ever done.

First, we sprinted down the field and walked back three times at a 60, 70 and 80 percent sprint. I died. After only three sprints, I was tired.

That’s not crazy you say? It gets better… er… crazier.

After our “warmup” sprints, Ashley and I took off our shoes and socks and ran barefoot in the dewy grass, which happened to be up to our ankles in places.

I was a little cautious…

No chiggers in Idaho… Plenty of chiggers in Kansas. I’ll be putting nail polish on my feet, not my toes, my nasty little hobbit feet as Husband calls them. :)

skinnyshae's feetWe ran in somewhat of a circle to make the most of the space we had without getting on the track. (There was some guy running barefoot on the track, but I’m sure it would tear up my feet. Grass is good.)

First, we sprinted at 80 percent for 30 seconds, and then we did leap frogs or up/downs for 30 seconds. Finally, we would walk for 30 seconds.

We did that three times for one interval.

zomg it was hard

However, after that craziness, we got three minutes to recover! Three. Whole. Minutes. I know, right?

After our recovery, we did the same interval again (I pooped out), and then put our shoes back on to jog a couple cool down laps.

While the workout was not difficult to do – don’t get me wrong, it was friggin’ hard – the workout was crazy because I wasn’t wearing shoes. Weird, right?

I don’t wear shoes for yoga, but we don’t do a whole lot of running. Shelley @ tuesday2 once recommended that I try barefoot running… Correct me if I’m wrong!

I think I like it, and here’s why…

During the two simple warmup laps in shoes on the track, my knees grumped at me. The grumpiness was less awful when we moved to the squishy grass.

I felt absolutely no grump when I ran without shoes. Perhaps my knees has just loosened up enough to feel good or perhaps running barefoot has a few more benefits than I thought.

I will look more into this.

And, now, stuff that doesn’t make a whole blog post but is still pretty neat-oh!

After a lovely sound sleep Saturday night, I woke up to…

skinnyshae handyman factotum husbandHusband put my shelf up. :)

During a middle of the pay period grocery trip, I discovered…

Sweet Leaf Organic Peach TeaA visit to Papa’s garden yielded…

Homegrown in Home Garden skinnyshae grandfatherI could still smell the heat on them. Tomato soup? Tomato soup. :)

(Seriously I would bottle this smell and wear it as perfume.)

Tell me… do you toe-shoe? Husband runs around in Skele-Toes, and now I want some.

What do you delight in? New shelves, new teas and garden grown tomatoes.

Life Update + Coveting at Lowe’s

My Google reader was LOADED with life updates from several blogs I follow (and love!).

I figured… why not?

While my life is interminably boring, I hope that at least one of you will find interest in it.

Workin’ on my fitness!
I haven’t been running for very long, I know, but I feel good about the idea of continuing to run and finding time for it every day.

For example, today, I woke up at 6:15 a.m., which I haven’t seen all summer, to run on the track with my bestie workout buddy, Ashley R./T. SHE’S BACK!

The fall semester of grad school torture and teaching woes will begin NEXT WEEK.


We have to be extra vigilant in our desire to get out and get moving. Both of us need to teach Tuesday/Thursday classes in order to take part in the Monday/Wednesday fitness classes we love so much.

It’ll kill me dead to know I won’t be able to do it. It’ll destroy my motivation… Here’s hoping!

So far so good on the running front! My knees still give me problems and my right shoulder hurts incessantly, but I keep trudging along.

And thanks goes to these gals!

I read blogs by runners (RunStreet, EatsCleanGreens, blueeyedrunner and AFoodieStaysFit) that inspire me to keep trudging along, even if I am only trudging.

These girls will make you want to hit the pavement, and I think they help me love it. :)

I know “diet” is one of those four letter words…

And it’s probably the only one of those four letter words I hate to hear. :)

I am BAD. B. A. D. Bad! at dieting. I’m just no good.

I eat healthfully MOST of the time and indulge in a cookie craving every so often, but really… I don’t stuff my face with fast food or raid the vending machine at work daily.

Generally, I’m a good kid when it comes to picking out the right meals and snacks…

So what’s the problem?

I eat too much of those healthy meals and snacks and extra servings and BLAH! I LOVE food so it’s hard for me to find a balance.

I count calories on MyNetDiary for the iPhone, which is great because I have it with me always… but sometimes… that little app can be a real jerk!

MyNetDiary: Hey, skinnyshae! We’ve gotta problem.

Shae: Oh, what’s that?


I image that MyNetDiary yells at me like a spastic drill sergeant.

Guh. I have got to change my eating habits, but small portions are depressing, and I like lots of flavors at once so I need to eat something with all those flavors because I certainly can’t cook them!

FAIL Chef (I have my moments…)
The food front has been not only depressingly flavorless but also downright disgusting. For example, last night…

I wanted to make Cajun Rice Soup, which I’ve made before and enjoyed immensely.

I even felt fancy because I had all four burners going at once to cook my separate ingredients in the best way!

Cajun Rice Chicken Soup skinnyshae recipesFrom the top left corner: pinto beans, which I soaked; chicken breast cut into bits; brown rice boiling in the very back; and finally the soup with the spices and veggies in the big pot.

Yeah. I was gettin’ it done the prof chef way!

Where did that once delicious concoction end up? Garbage disposal.

The rice wouldn’t soften. The beans REFUSED to taste good. The spices in the soup were the only saving grace, but the veggies were undercooked SOMEHOW.


Yeah. It’s been an ordeal.

Tonight? Pizza. I’m not cookin’!

Life in General
Husband and I are preparing for the awesomeness that is when I go back to school… again.

I’ll never be free from the halls and walls of academe, which is good as long as I get a job in academe in the future. (#lifegoals)

Excited for: New books, new students, new research papers, new projects

NOT excited for: Cost of new books, irritating new students, pointless research papers and silly group projects

It’s a win-lose-win-lose situation. I LOVE school and learning and teaching, but, just like a real job, I can really hate it big time! (Eddie Izzard)

School starts August 22. I think a Ladies’ Wine Night needs to happen before that days. Girls?

I know I don’t talk about my relationship much, but I will say this: I love my husband. He’s such a great guy.

Plans for the Weekend
I’m going to build a shelf!

Husband and Father-in-Law leveled our stove, which leans funny and does not cook anything across the entire length of the pan. Yeah.

But now I can’t put the Pam and Olive Oil and salt and pepper on the stove ledge because it’s not flush to the wall.

I need a shelf… Ta-da!

No… it’s not up yet but that’s because I need to use power tools and someone should supervise me using said power tools.

Just imagine this… with a shelf.

I had to go to Lowe’s. I shouldn’t be allowed at Lowe’s.

Thou shalt not COVET! (Unless you’re at Lowe’s!)

Peace y’all.

Yes. I TOTALLY say that.

…no, no I don’t.

How’s your life? Pretty fab. Can’t complain, but somehow I find a way.

House project under way? Do you DIY? Not without supervision. :)


Hills with Ivan

I am feeling slightly better than yesterday.

When I got home from work, I was so exhausted. I wanted to crawl into bed and sleep! I had no desire to workout.

I changed into PJs and immediately ate a bowl of cereal… make that two bowls. Hey. I was hungry. I forgot to eat my yogurt at lunch.

And then I watched Ghost Whisperer and some Gone Without a Trace and read some blogs and laid on the couch.

General laziness…

But I had to get up.

The dog needed food and that meant a trip to Petsmart… and real clothes. PJs abandoned for sweats (not much better, but more coverage), and to the store I went!

While driving along in the car, bee-bopping to some music, I felt re-energized. I decided I should probably workout.

…but I wasn’t about to do it alone.

Instead of going to the gym by myself and running hills on the incline treadmill, I went to the park with this guy…

Workout with your petHe looks small in this picture. Be advised: My doggie is huge!

We ran up and down the hill at the park in our neighborhood for 10 minutes… well, 12 minutes total because we did run back to the car.

We were pooped. I know it was ONLY 12 minutes, but it was mostly up a hill, which is exhausting.

During our 12-minute workout, I burned 234 calories and maintained a heart rate of 150. I would have liked it to be higher, but I was trying to be conscious of my partner.

Ivan isn’t worried about burning calories or raising his heart rate so he didn’t monitor. :)

For once it wasn’t 1,000 degrees outside, so it was at least a little cool, but my poor dog is covered in thick fur and absorbs light because of his dark coat. He got hot pretty quickly.

I should have brought a water bowl for him…

Mommy FAIL.

He’s helping Daddy cook tacos now… and by helping I mean he’s probably laying in the middle of the kitchen. :)

Good dog.

Who is your favorite workout buddy? Ashley R./T. because my dog tried to trip me four times. He thinks zig-zagging in front of me up the hill is fun.

What do you do right after your workout? Water and a COLD shower :)

Dinner tonight? Tacos!