Make time for your workout

Since I returned to fitness after my fitness hiatus, I have struggled to find time for my workout.

I am not a morning person. I wake up an hour before I have to be at work, which leaves just enough time to make myself presentable.

I have no intention of waking up earlier than necessary to get in a morning workout.

A lunch workout is out of the question, too. I do not have enough time to get to the gym, get a workout in, get cleaned up and back to work.

Let alone have lunch, too.

After work is when I have time to go to the gym. Of course, after work, I am exhausted. I never knew working a full-time job plus school would be so tiring! I thought I had the worst of it when I worked funny schedules when I was an undergrad at WSU.

Apparently not.

I want to make time for my workout. The YMCA is helpful because of group classes, such as Muscle Pump and Power Yoga, but I cannot always make it to the gym. For example, mother nature has been acting like a giant crab for the last few weeks and twice I attempted to go the gym when it was hailing. The only time I made it all the way to the gym I couldn’t get out of my car for fear of dying by ice balls.


I have several at home workouts I can do including DVDs and on Netflix. When I am home, though, I do not want to work out. I want to clean my house and organize and decorate and play with my dog and clean my garden.

Which is pretty much what I’ve been doing: dog walking, playing fetch, cleaning my house and sweeping the rain-fallen leaves from my sidewalks and driveway.

Not much of a calorie-burn.

I need to figure out how to find and make time to work out when I know I won’t make it to the gym.

Use these four tips to squeeze in a workout:

  1. Keep track of your time for two days. Use a calendar or schedule with half-hour markers and journal what you do throughout the day. You might just find you have more downtime than you thought.
  2. This one is for me: Don’t be a perfectionist. The house will be messy. Just do the workout.
  3. Quit multitasking. Mastering three tasks at once takes three times as much energy as getting one thing done. Like a workout.
  4. Work out whenever you have a spare minute. Do not worry about taking a full hour out of your day. Do squats while you’re doing laundry. Do butt kicks while you’re getting dinner ready (not when your using knives, though).

I park far away from the entrance of the grocery store. I take the stairs (when I’m wearing flats). I take the dog for walks and play fetch with him.

That’s filling my spare pockets of time with fitness.

What do you do to get as much fitness in as possible?

The Sugar-Free Challenge begins today! Can you last 28 days without eating sugar?

A bad week for fitness

What a week!

Apologies for the lack in content, folks, but I have been one busy kid.

Remember when I mentioned my big girl job? Well, I “started” on Monday. (By “start,” I mean “I’m just going in to learn stuff” because I don’t actually work full-time until December.)

And, now, you are asking yourselves: “How will she work while teaching and finishing her master’s degree?”

Good question. I made a decision not to teach next semester. I made another decision not to write a thesis. I made yet another decision not to apply for doctoral programs next fall.


I have been a student, in school, for the majority of my time on earth. All of it, actually.

It is time to grow up. It is time to leave academe.

No worries, though, I will be employed! And I will finish my master’s degree next semester sans the teaching gig.

And, now, back to your regularly scheduled Shae Day!

And it is confession time…

I missed Shocker Fitness Monday, Wednesday and Friday (today), and I ate straight crap food all week like pizza, donuts and French fries.

Problem. Serious problem.

For the past two weeks, and especially this past week since my mentor/teacher/friend passed away, I have felt fatigued, sick and downright depressed.

Since I am so tired… I do not want to wake up early and workout. After a long day of working, teaching and school, I do not want to leave home and workout.

Since I am so busy… I have not eaten on a regular schedule. Breakfast at 10 a.m., lunch at 3 p.m., dinner at 8 p.m. Sleep(?) between 11 p.m.-1 a.m. What kind of schedule is that?!

In between all the eating, not sleeping and working I do, at some point, I have to study… It’s not going well.

I have three papers to write, loads of data to analyze, a few tests to study for and a presentation to prepare for a “conference” (It’s at WSU) – all of which must be done by Thursday, Dec. 8.

Three weeks.

I have three weeks.

I have never feared nor anticipated the end of a semester as much as I do now. PLEASE END. NO PLEASE I NEED ONE  MORE WEEK.


If you could read my mind: “Should I stay up all night and sleep early tomorrow evening? Should I work on my papers tomorrow evening? How much sleep do I really need to function tomorrow? Is three hours enough? I have to get that paper done. Holy crap! It’s almost Thanksgiving! I have time off next week to get work done. When is that paper due? I think it’s due after Thanksgiving. Wow. I really need to workout. Have I gained weight? No. But I’m all squishy. Is that a new stretch mark? Man, I want some fries.”

And this is why my husband thinks I’m crazy.

Because I am.

After work, I went for a 10-minute run around my neighborhood after doing this 7-minute warmup. I notice I run faster when I’m alone at night. I also did a 10-minute strength circuit when I got home.

IN MY NEW SHOES! Review to come soon.

I hope that, until the semester ends, I will be able to work out for 20 minutes in the morning and 20-30 minutes in the evening.

I also hope I can stuff less food in my face.

Wish me luck! (Or stitch my mouth shut. Husband will appreciate less talking.)

skinnyshae turns 1-year-old on November 23! How should we celebrate my birthday? ;)

Clean bill of health!

On Monday, I went back to my doctor to get this checked out. (Caution Male Readers!)

For the past six weeks, I struggled to reduce the (overly) large amount of caffeine I drink on a daily basis by MORE THAN HALF.

Well, I did it!

My doctor told me she could really tell I cut back on the caffeine, and then she said that I had to keep it up.

I believe her exact words were: “And not a pot of coffee a day.”

And she said it with a “doctor glare.” You know the one.

Weird thing: We discovered I have one big rib on the right side. It’s just larger than all my other ribs. (I checked.) Fantastic.

I promised. Of course, I might have to break that promise come August.

School is soon! I’m excited, but only because I need to accomplish things. I need to accomplish papers and speeches and teaching.

Ugh. I’m not good without school, I suppose!

Unfortunately, with school comes Ramen Noodles and all-nighters, which leave me too exhausted to workout.

I’m gonna get fat. Boo.

Currently, my workouts and diet are going… OK.

Dieting is just no fun, and daily I learn that I eat too much by counting calories. Counting calories is impossible.

I did Pure Cardio of Insanity today, and it went well. I pushed my body until my legs went out and I fell on my butt.


Yeah, I went back for more.

And I died! (Eddie Izzard)

Well, my computer is acting weird, and I have studying to do… Hate on the GRE with me!

Also, I have a gross giant zit on my face. I would show you but the picture wouldn’t turn out right.


While I truly believe that I will gain weight by the end of Insanity instead of lose weight…


Woo hoo!

I’m so excited! Can’t you tell?

I feel good today! Good workout today! Still bites on the dieting front. :)

I’m a busy bee right now, but when I get a break, I’ll let you know how my six-week checkup for this problem went.

Workout hiatus

I am on a workout hiatus – and I’m not even sure I am using that word correctly.

How long has it lasted?

Almost a week.

I feel bad. I do not have a good reason. I am simply lazy.

When I workout next, it’s going to hurt…

Why is exercise the only path to weight loss? (And diet… diet and exercise.)

According to an article by Livestrong, weight loss requires cardiovascular exercise, such as Insanity, which is practically nothing but cardio. The Mayo Clinic recommends 30-60 minutes of cardio daily.

Problem: Link to the article is broken… Sorry…

That 30-60 minutes must run outside of our normal daily cardio activities, such as climbing stairs in the house, vacuuming and walking to and from the car everywhere we go, which burn barely enough calories to impact our fitness regime.

We have to do more, but it doesn’t have to suck… of this I beg to differ. The following exercises are based on calories-lost by a 160 pound person in one hour.

Running is the best exercise you can do to burn the most calories in the least amount of time. Running at 8 mph –roughly a 7.5-minute mile –you can burn 986 calories in one hour. If you add hills (incline on the treadmill) or sprints (book it!), you can add even more calories burned.

However, who in their right mind runs for an hour at that pace? Break in up into 30- or 15-minute intervals, which also sounds pretty terrible.

Rollerblading –much more entertaining than running –ranks among the highest calories burns at 913 burned in a one-hour session.

I haven’t been rollerblading since I was in middle school.
I was in better shape when I was 12.

Tae Kwon Do is a total body workout that builds cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, movement, coordination and strength (but, then again, so does yoga). In one hour, you can burn 730 calories.

Jump rope, which I hate, can burn 730 calories in an hour.

Why do I and many other women of my category of… size… hate jumping rope? It hurts the chest area. Ouch!

The resistance of a stair-climber machine can burn 657 calories in one hour as well as build lower-body strength. Horse calves! Don’t let the Stair Master be your only cardio activity.

Jogging, much like running, burns a lot of calories. Some are not so hot at running a mile in 7.5 minutes –namely me –and jogging at 5 mph for a 12-minute mile sound way better! One hour can burn 584 calories.

Basketball and football also burn 584 calories in an hour.

What about soccer and softball? What about tennis? I don’t know. You’ll have to check those on your own!

Swimming is a great total body workout because you use almost every muscle in your body. All strokes increase cardio and muscular fitness while burning 511 calories an hour. Swimming is not simply for leisure. Have you ever felt exhausted after taking a few laps around the pool?

Floating doesn’t count.

Cardio can be fun! You can do cardiovascular exercises you actually enjoy, instead of continuing to stamp out miles on the track.

However, there is a form of exercise you must do that is only as fun as it can be.


Women especially need to get into the weight room to build muscle tissue. We are not naturally inclined to build lean muscle like men –who can build muscle like little protein machines. (Well, hulky protein machines.) Good example: Women body builders have to use some kind of hormone therapy to build all that muscle.

What? You don’t think it’s important? Here are 12 reasons as to why you should.

  1. You’ll lose 40 percent more fat.
  2. Your clothes will fit better.
  3. You’ll burn more calories.
  4. Your diet will improve.
  5. You’ll handle stress better.
  6. You’ll be happier.
  7. You’ll build stronger bones.
  8. You’ll get into shape faster.
  9. Your heart will be healthier.
  10. You’ll be more productive.
  11. You’ll live longer.
  12. You’ll be even smarter.

Boot camp workouts? Yes. Please.


…Tomorrow. Definitely tomorrow.

A better workout

It’s true.

I did not have workout anxiety today.

In fact, I had workout excitement.

MOSTLY because I had to sit on my butt all day, and didn’t have quite as many opportunities to get up and move around.

I was stuck there.

Don’t get excited for me! It’s not that much of an accomplishment. I still did not really enjoy the workout much or at all.

Cardio Power and Resistance is HARD. Why? Because it feels like you’re running and doing a squat at the same time for 30 minutes, which is not a feeling I enjoy.

Who knew? Ha!

I have to be careful, I’ve noticed, on my left leg/foot/ankle. During hard landings, I feel like I’m pinching something that makes my leg spasm. Uncomfortable. (Hard landings as in stomping the floor during High Knees or Hurdle Jumps. I’m trying to land softly.)

Good news: I discovered an “enjoy your workout” trick.

“Oh, do tell!”

Yell at the TV.

I yelled at the television like 50 times in my 42-minute workout DVD. (The first 10-12 minutes are warm up, and then stretch, and then about 25 minutes total of working out.)

So, if you hate working out in your living room to Insanity DVDs like I do, yell at the TV. Scream at it.

It pretty much worked.

More good news: I’m doing well with eating this week!

Next thing!

I thought I’d show you my “gym.”  :)

Working Out in Living Room
My program/trainer/DVD!
Need a Yoga Mat for Insanity Workout DVD at Home
My mat! I do not technically need to use a mat, but there is dog hair all over my floor, so...
Keep Cool with a Fan during Workout at Home
A fan to keep me cool because it gets hot. And a dog bone for my suddenly missing workout partner.
skinnyshae ready to workout to Insanity DVD
And THAT is my stellar headband. :)

So that’s me getting ready for my workout. I’m dead right now. No. You don’t get a picture. It’s time for a shower.

Is this positive? Is this a positive attitude? I’m trying!

Here’s something positive: Husband is cooking dinner tonight! :)

Symptom: Tight muscles, Cause: Running, Cure: Yoga

Power Yoga on Saturday morning revealed to me how extremely tight my poor, poor muscles are.

My right leg malfunctioned.

However, I know that yoga is good for tight hips and cramping thighs. Off to Power Yoga I went!

Bad idea. I couldn’t do anything, hence the following…

Yoga For Runners
by Nicole Kwan
(An article to help you loosen up – click the link for the full article.)

If you want total body fitness, not just strong legs, you need upper body strength. Running can lead to tightness in the neck, shoulders, hamstrings and hips. Huh, who knew? Yoga, by comparison, is more relaxing than running -especially for the neck and shoulders. Yoga also builds upper body strength! (Tell that to my back…)

The experts suggest using side plank to build upper body strength while working your core at the same time.

If you want pain-free running (and we all do), you need increased strength and flexibility, which yoga provides. Yoga opens joints, leading to increased flexibility; yoga also builds all-muscle strength.

However, the experts warn us to be safe! If you are super tight, you are in danger of pulling a “hammy.” (Is that not the cutest word ever?)

If you want to prevent injuries, you need perfect posture. You also need perfect posture to look taller, thinner and more confident. Guess what yoga does for us? Perfect posture! :) Mountain pose, tree pose… pretty much any one-legged pose… builds balance and posture.

If you want agility, and I most definitely do, you need to stretch correctly. Remember this sequence: Warm-up, stretch, workout, stretch. Doing yoga after a workout, especially a run, will help you feel better in the morning. (I’m always sore in the morning…)

Do you want to recover faster? You need consistent yoga practice. Power Yoga this morning was my first day back after the final three hellish weeks of the semester. I couldn’t do anything… remember? Consistent yoga practice prevents build up of scar tissue. Working out breaks you down; you have to rebuild, and no one wants to build scar tissue. Gross.

Attention, runners! Take a break from the track! Get on the mat!

Just because yoga did not go well for me this morning, it does not mean I won’t be going back. I need yoga as much as I need Bikini Boot Camp.

(Plus, I’m still paying for membership on top of personal training. I am taking full advantage.)

Unfortunately, I will not be at Bikini Boot Camp on Monday morning :( I have a good reason! I have a job interview when class is being held… and I really need a job.

Hopefully, Casey Jo will let me sneak in her evening class so I can get a good workout in. If not, or I forget, I’ll do… an… Insanity workout… GAH! I must hate myself. :)