2013 New Year’s resolutions

I make New Year’s resolutions every year.

Resolutions to eat better, to exercise more, to wake up earlier, to pluck my eyebrows… regularly.

Blah, blah, blah…

I have yet to keep and/or accomplish a New Year’s resolution. I doubt 2013 is my year to change my ways, but let’s be hopeful.

Here are my New Year’s resolutions… (Notice how I’m not doing crap about my eyebrows.)

Resolution #1: Commit to better health and hygiene habits

No. I am not resolving to brush my teeth. I do that anyway. I should probably floss more…

But I am resolving to take better care of my hair, skin and nails…Yes. I want to stop biting my nails. I did it once! I can do it again.

To consider this resolution a success, I will have used lotion at least every other day. I should also probably get a haircut… split ends… they exist.

Resolution #2: Eat better, exercise more, yada yada yada…

Well. Of course, I want to lose weight.

Goal: Fit. In. My. Jeans. I miss denim.

Here’s a break down with helpful links…

I’m not going for triathlete in 2013, but I would settle for regular old athlete. Settle = celebrate.

Resolution #3: Stop boredom eating

I will give up having relatively decent looking fingernails (let’s face it, they’ll never be pretty) if I can stop stop stop eating when I’m bored.

I would really like that a bunch.

Resolution #4: Master the art of preparing dried beans, lentils and rice

I cannot cook dried beans, dried lentils or, most recently, rice. Regular old rice. Messed that noise up.

I know these things are healthy and inexpensive so I should eat them, but to eat them means they must taste good. The “taste good” is where I get a little backwards.

Resolution #5: The financial resolution

Save more money. Spend less money. Use a real budget that makes sense and whatnot… Mint.com, people. Mint.com.

Five resolutions for 2013. Just five.

If I stop biting my nails and/or stop boredom eating, and if I use lotion so my skin doesn’t suck, and if I make ONE lentil dish that doesn’t taste awful, I will consider these resolutions successful. Also if I pay off some debt… for the financial resolution I threw in to make it seem like I’m responsible.

What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2013? Tackling any big ones this year?

Hair Styles for the Heat

June was hot.

July is turning out to be just as hot.

Look how miserable my cat is.

yellow tabby cat in the heat

Note: His misery is his fault. He hangs out in the hottest areas in the house.

I don’t even want to think about August.

My hair is suffering. The humidity makes it frizz. The heat dries it out and causes it to crack and break. I condition my hair in the shower and apply a leave-in conditioner to fight frizz and dryness.

And, since it is SO hot, I avoid sweaty hair and neck syndrome by wearing my hair up in a bun pinned to my head with bobbins. A lot of bobbins.

The bun looks nice. It’s not messy or unprofessional. But it does get old to wear my hair in a pinned bun every day. Plus, using all those bobbins might be damaging my hair. I rip out quite a few strands when I take my hair down.

I need some new styles.

Ladies’ Home Journal featured several celebrities with pretty, polished up-dos.

I love Jennifer Aniston’s bumped up pony tail, but, for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to tease my hair to get it to “bump.” For my wedding, my friend teased my hair for my little bump.

You can sorta see the bump in this picture. My husband’s face is in the way a tad.

Plus, sometimes I look strange with a thin pony tail. (Thin hair = thin pony. It’s very disappointing.)

Women’s Health Magazine featured other types of summer styles.

I love the Deep Sweep. When I wear my hair down, I usually sweep it to the side to keep it out of my face, but I usually wear bobbins, not a barrette. So I’ll need to buy some pretty, decorative barrettes!

Or, since it is SO hot, maybe I’ll just cut it all off again.

short hair pony tail

I can rock a stubby pony.

The great protein debate

My step-father was a body builder…

Well, he was not a professional body builder, but he did lift weights regularly, and he had big muscles.

So he was a body builder.

An entire corner of our kitchen counter was dedicated to protein powder and creatine.

I do not lift weights regularly. I do not have big muscles. I do not consume nearly as much protein as my step-father did.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, a person should consume 0.36 grams per pound of body weight. I weigh 135 pounds. My recommended daily allowance of protein is 48 grams, which is spot on considering an adult woman should consume about 46 grams of protein a day.

I probably do not eat as much protein as I should, and I should eat more protein if I want to lose weight.

According to Livestrong, the University of Illinois designed a weight-loss program in which one group ate the RDA protein and another group ate two times the RDA recommended amount. The group who ate more protein lost more weight over the course of the program.

Another study feature in the Livestrong article said people who ate more protein showed better health, in general.

Protein provides the body with more energy, helps the body burn calories better and longer and builds muscles.

However, I am concerned that if I consume too much protein and do not use it to the best of my ability, it will turn in to fat!

As I said, I do not lift weights regularly, and I do not think my body weight lifting done in yoga is considered heavy lifting.

At least I hope not…

How much protein do you eat?

What do you think? Should I eat my RDA of protein or should I bulk up the intake and attempt to lose weight?

Build a better salad

Last week, I learned how to build a better sandwich, but a sandwich does not lunch make.

No, no.

Today, we are going to learn how to build a better salad!

A salad begins with the base. The best base for a great and great-for-you salad include greens, such as spinach, arugula and red leaf lettuce.

Yes. Some salads do not have greens. Chicken salad, egg salad, tuna salad… But are those really salads?


Atop the base are fruits and veggies! In my opinion, a salad has to crunch. If the veggies don’t have a bit of crunch (cucumbers) or pop (cherry tomatoes), then the salad is a waste.

I’ll totally still eat it.

Fruits and veggies should also add color to your salad. More color means more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

A good meal always has a protein for energy throughout the day. Add fish, chicken or lean red meat. Meat-free options include beans, nuts and tofu. (Ew. Tofu. Gross.)

Finally, a salad needs a dressing. My favorite salad dressings are oil and vinegar. I put oil and vinegar on sandwiches, too. Oil might be a little fatty, but it’s good fat, and I LOVE it.

I found a salad-builder, and decided that this is my perfect salad recipe.

Salad by skinnyshae

  • 2 cups arugula
  • 1/2 cup cucumber
  • 1/2 tomato
  • 1/4 cup peppers
  • 1/4 cup carrots
  • 1/2 cup broccoli
  • 1/4 cup onion
  • 1/4 cup avocado
  • 2 tbsp. olive oil
  • 2 tbsp. vinegar

Um. It’s a salad…

I opted out of adding protein, cheese and extras. (I would usually add extras, but the choices did not fit my salad.)

Added up I hit 384.5 calories, 33.3 (some sort of measurement… I imagine grams) fat, 19 carbs, 5.1 dietary fiber and 4.9 protein.

Or, if you want to get more creative, try Eating Well’s Warm Quinoa Salad.

Weekly workouts and trail running

I map out my workouts at the beginning of the week.

Some weeks I follow the schedules, some weeks I fail to follow any schedule. But I do try to get a workout in on every scheduled workout day, even if it’s a crappy lunch workout.

Here is a snippet of my week:

  • Monday – Muscle Pump or strength training
  • Tuesday – Cardio (or Muscle Pump again if I’m lazy)
  • Wednesday – Power Yoga
  • Thursday – ???
  • Friday – Lunch workout
  • Saturday – Power Yoga
  • Sunday – Laundry

Laundry is totally a workout. Lots of bending and lifting. Wet clothes are heavy. Carrying laundry baskets up and down stairs at two houses is tiring.

It’s a workout.

Plus, I usually spend Sundays cleaning everything in my house. Also a workout.

I rarely work out on Fridays. Rarely. After a long week at work, Fridays are for grabbing a drink and dinner with my husband or some friends and relaxing.

Thursdays used to be class nights so I had zero time for a workout before class. I have to find a workout for Thursdays.

Trail running, anyone?

The problem I have with running (and it is my only problem with running) is that I get bored so easily.

Running on sidewalks and streets in my neighborhood is boring. (I have no intention of venturing far from my neighborhood.) Running in the park is dull, and I have to share the space with other runners and people with strollers. No blame, but I do not want to smile at you. Running on the track is super boring. In Shocker Fitness, the track was awesome because I was with a group and was not leading my own workout. Alone? Not so much.

Do not even get me started on running on a treadmill. I love it because it’s air conditioned, but I hate it because it’s boring.

Trail running is not boring.

Trail running puts rocks, logs and trees in a runner’s path. Natural slopes and slow spots also trick up a treadmill runner’s stride (i.e. my stride).

The environment adds to the excitement. Running in pretty neighborhoods and manicured parks does not bring out the animal that trail running does.

I hope these trail running workouts will turn me into an animal and a better runner.

Do you run trails? Where do you enjoy running most?

Lose weight, tone muscles, eat greens…

My to do list looks pretty fantastic!

skinnyshae’s summer to do list:

  • Go to the gym 3-4 times a week
  • Never miss Power Yoga
  • Do yoga at home
  • Walk the dog
  • Eat garden fresh greens every day (allthetimeforever)
  • Use less cooking methods and more raw food methods for breakfast and lunch

    (I’m not jumping on the raw food diet trolley car. My house is just so bloody hot in the summer time that I do not want to use my oven!)

Weight loss is my first goal.

I gained back some of the weight I lost last year after falling off the fitness wagon… again. My goal is to get rid of it! 

I do not have an ideal body weight to reach. Technically, I am at my ideal body weight. It just happens to be fatty and not muscle-y.

I do not want fatty. I want my big ol’ muscles back!

I also lost a lot of muscle tone by sitting on my rump all day at work and all night doing homework or in class. Rump-sitting causes rump sagging, and I’d like to make gravity work a little harder.

Toning is my second goal!

With a little weight loss and a lot of toning, I will surely look spectacular in my bikini (that I don’t actually own yet).

My slow journey back into fitness is about to pick up with Muscle Pump, Power Yoga and the treadmill… oh, that dreaded treadmill.

I’m also planning on incorporating a few lunch time workout routines into my day using these nifty workouts.

With a few modifications, I could do these workouts in the courtyard outside my office!

Hello, supercharged lunch period! It’s so nice to meet you.

How will you supercharge your lunch period this week?

Summer Series: Ab workouts

Summer season is swimsuit season, and I have a lot to work on before I can sport my suit.

My grandparents have a pool, and I love visiting them as often as possible despite the season, but especially in the summer when I can swim with my grandmother.

She mostly walks while I splash around like a 5-year-old.

Not since I was very young, though, have I worn a bikini. The only two-piece I own is a tankini that doesn’t flatter the figure I have.

It covers it.

I do not want to wear a bikini to show off my body or strut my stuff. I want to wear a bikini because I can! Right now, I can’t because my abs are not as bikini-ready as I want them to be.

Stinkin’ holiday food…

I need to lose inches across my abdomen as well as tone my six-pack to achieve bikini body success! Running will help me lose inches, and these ab workouts will help me tone my six-pack:

I’m not too worried about my muffin top because I don’t have much of a muffin top (and I wear pants that fit me so I shouldn’t).

I am worried about my middle jiggling while I’m splashing around like a child in my grandparents pool.

They won’t judge me, but I will, and I want to be fit!