Shopping in the Plaza, dancing in the District

My friend Katie, also known as “The Future Mrs. Bickford,” is getting married! She invited her graduate school  buddies (including me!) to her bachelorette party in Kansas City.

The Plaza in Kansas City

Isn’t she gorgeous?! And we ate the crap out of that cake…

I drove up to Kansas City from Wichita with two of my best girl friends: Yasho and (another) Katie. We all met at WSU and went through the same graduate program.

GraduatesWe survived together so we celebrate together!


Of course, a bachelorette party in Kansas City means a weekend of shopping in the Plaza, overeating at the Cheesecake Factory and dancing in the Power and Light District.

Kansas City Missouri

Shopping in the Plaza

I bought this dress and belt! (And other stuff…)

Betsy Johnson Belt Going Out Of Business

Cheesecake Factory in Kansas City, MO

Delish crab dip

Cheesecake Factory in Kansas City MO

Subtly spicy and perfect Southwest Chipotle Pasta

Cheesecake Factory in Kansas City MO

And a delightful Berry Sangria!

Cheesecake Factory in Kansas City MO

I was too busy dancing to take any pictures in the Power and Light District. Of course… I wouldn’t want to pull out my phone in that crowd! I might lose it!

I might be getting too old for this ;)

Have you been to the plaza? What did you love most?

Shopping Trip #3: Conservative Fashion-Forward Work Clothes

My third attempt at shopping for work clothes ended about as well as the first and second shopping trips.

I didn’t buy much.

I probably would find great clothing if I was willing to spend a little more money: Gap, The Limited, Dillard’s – all great options! However, I limit my clothing options to Gordman’s, Kohl’s, TJMaxx and second-hand shops like Plato’s Closet.

I’m so cheap.

Charlotte Russe Blue-Green Sweater
The fit was perfect around my torso, but then there was WAY too much fabric roaming around my shoulders. Shirts have to stay on at work.

A pink sweater from Charlotte Russe at the East Mall in Wichita KSShirt download: 50% complete…

Shirts also have to be all there at work, but the pink was really pretty.

Gordman's Patterned Silky TopThe picture might not do justice to how ridiculous I looked in this shirt.

Green Cowl Neck Sweater from the East Gordman's Location in Wichita KSThis top was – for the most part – OK, except for the sleeves. I’m also pretty sure it wouldn’t look good with black pants, and that’s all I have. A no-go.

A black-and-white striped shirt from Charlotte Russe in the East Mall in Wichita KSI cannot wear this shirt to work. Three cutouts in the back don’t cover my shoulder art, and I don’t think I should be wearing shirts with cutouts to work.

I still bought it because it’s totally cute and comfortable.

Black shirt from Gordman's in Wichita KSIn my defense, I tried on shirts that were colors other than black. I bought this black shirt for work because it wasn’t too tight (one size larger than I wear), and it’s clean cut.

Two shirts. Seven stores. Epic fail.

I need a personal shopper. That’s all there is to it. I am now taking applications. Shoot me an email.

Where do conservative fashion-forward cheap women shop in Wichita? Is it always such an adventure?

Power Yoga + Hockey

My pleasant Saturday not only included shopping. I also worked out and spent the evening with friends!

I have a YMCA membership again!

Do you know what that means?

skinnyshae and YMCA Jill doing weird yoga moves in classPower Yoga on Saturday mornings.

Epic happiness.

Yesterday, Saturday, December 17, I went to Power Yoga for the first time in six(ish) months.

In that time, I had not performed a single asana or salutation. Add to that the fact that I have not seriously exercised since Thanksgiving and welcome to my Sunday morning.

I am so sore.

During practice, my hips were too tight to go deep in any twist or pigeon (and I love pigeon). My shoulders and arms were too weak to do a full vinyasa. I cheated and put my knees on the ground every time. No up-dog, just cobra.

I am surprised at how well I did, though. The last time I went to Power Yoga, I did not do well. I figured after my hiatus that I would not be able to keep up with the class whom I recognized as regular Power Yoga people.

But I did.

Now, in all honesty, I had to hang out in Child’s Pose a few times, and none of my poses were as perfect as they used to be (see above photo – That is a nice Downward Dog Pose).

After Yoga, I went shopping. Remember?

And then Husband and I went to dinner with friends!

We went to P.F. Chang’s and had a GREAT server. She was awesome, but busy, so other people brought us our food and made our drinks… incorrectly.

I felt like one of those people who complained at restaurants about everything. I used to be a server and bartender, and I acted like those people who drove me nuts. I just felt awful about it.

However, when everything was correct, our food was awesome. I ate Orange Shrimp for the first time.

So good.

And we ate too much.

After dinner, we went to a Wichita Thunder hockey game! I have not been to a hockey game since I was about 13.

Thunder won 3-0! And I saw about four fights because that’s what boys do when they get frustrated.

They hit each other.

If it weren’t for hecklers, I would have enjoyed the game so much more. (The profanity and loud screaming was mildly annoying, but I was surrounded my hockey fans. Husband and his friend controlled themselves well, I thought!)

Note: Don’t get me wrong. I do not usually care about profanity, but screaming it in an arena full of child hockey fans doesn’t set well with me. They repeat EVERYTHING they hear.


Overall, I had a really great Saturday! Even the late night cleaning I did when we got home!

This girl vacuums at midnight :)

Hockey fan? I used to be obsessed, but now I just enjoyed watching the game and making Husband explain what was going on. He does the same thing with UFC. “What’s a Kimura?”

Hope you have a lovely Sunday!

Shopping Trip #2

Guess what I did to my hair today!


Don’t worry. That was step one. Step two ended like this…

Curly and girly! Husband said I looked like a Disney character. I tried to find which one. Suffice it to say that I don’t look like one of the princesses… Not enough hair.

On to shopping! I did ALL my Christmas shopping last night…

on Amazon.

Yesterday, after attempting to navigate Barnes & Noble in the afternoon, I decided that gift shopping should happen in the safety and sanity of my own home.

I just hope the gifts arrives before Christmas.

Shopping Trip #2, however, occurred this afternoon. I started at noon at PetsMart and ended at 2 at Target.

I bought dog food at PetsMart. Big spender right here, but the dog’s gotta eat!

German Shepherd DogAfter PetsMart, I went to Gordman’s to find the one other sweater I need, and didn’t have much luck…

The fit was funny.

I never pass up an opportunity to try a new… one of these shirts… because I like them so much, but I asked myself: “Do I really need another one?” Not super awesome anyway.

Another attempt to find a red shirt for Christmas. This one had black lace accent on the sleeves that you COULDN’T see through.


But it was loose and tight in all the wrong places.

I give up!

Gordman’s was a flop! All of the shirts were see-through or full of holes or were missing half of the actual shirt. My next stop was Target.


I loved this sweater! I did not, however, buy this sweater. I did not want to spend $20 more because I decided to buy this shirt…

The sign said: “It’s all about the peasant shirt!” which is why I tried it on.

So it is :)

I tried on a great looking (on the hanger) pair of gray slacks. The pair fit every where but in the back… a big gap between my skin and the fabric.

Every. Time.

So… dog food, shirt and wrapping paper. Oh, and socks!

I planned to go to Von Maur and hunt around in the Clearance section, but Target is right across the street from the mall… I saw the parking lot.


How are you doing your holiday shopping? In a rush!

Shopping Sucks

I have a new job and my old wardrobe does not make the new dress code cut. Not that I’m not a fan of the new dress code – it’s just hard for me…

I am a relaxed dresser – big fan of jeans, tank tops or tees and a pair of flip-flops or tennis shoes (depending on the weather).

Jeans, tank tops, tees, flip-flops and athletic shoes are five no-no’s for my new dress code. Crazy, I know, right?

I went shopping in November for new, nice(r) clothing to wear to work. I found, as you may recall, only a few items.

What’s the problem? Did I forget how to shop? Certainly not my fashion sense.

Well, first, I have never been good at shopping. Simply mediocre. Second, the problem is my body.

Now, don’t get twisted, I am not upset with the body that I have. I accept my body the way it is, and we barely fight anymore. My body, however, is the issue when it comes to dressing myself.

For instance… large hips, short legs, normal waist, narrow shoulders and a large chest. How do you dress that?! I’m sure a burlap sack would suffice.

I went shopping again on Tuesday in attempt to find at least ONE other sweater. I’m rotating four outfits every week.

Note: There are five days in a week. I need more clothes. (I only have four pairs of dress socks, too.)

I failed to find anything worth purchasing – well, that isn’t true! I did find clothing worth purchasing, and clothing I loved! But I do not think it would meet dress code. I have to be more thoughtful when dressing this body.

Slouchy ShirtToo slouchy.

Forever 21 White Shirt with ShinyThe sleeves were see-through.

Flower DecorationI LOVED this shirt, but I thought it might be too tight on my chest.

I found the above shirts at Forever 21 (cheaper than MOST boutique shops) and tried more on at Sears.

I did not find a single thing I thought should wear, or even could wear! All the pants I tried on were too big in the weirdest places like at my knees. Weird bulb around my knee! What?


My body is so hard to dress. Someone, please, help. Where can I find dress pants for women with curves? Where can I find fitted blouses for a small(er) waist and large chest? Where can I find a suit jacket that doesn’t make me look like I gained 40 pounds?

And that, my friends, is why shopping sucks.

Hope I have better luck on Saturday! (I still want to find a red Christmas shirt, too! I used to have one every year!)

Fall shopping for fall walking

First thing’s first… HOLY CRAP EARTHQUAKE!

And, now, on to real business…

Have you ever seen ‘What Not to Wear?’

All those people who cannot seem to shop or dress themselves properly.

Well, I think I might be one of them.

You see… I am not good at shopping. In fact, I am not so awesome at dressing myself.

Take my latest fall trip…

mall shoppingI absolutely love this poncho.

I do not have the guts to wear a poncho.

And Husband would make fun of me.

Burgandy knitI do not know how to wear a cowl-neck sweater.

And this one had wings…

Black knitOK – I found wings I liked.

I’m a bat, yo’!

Gray knitAnd I love this, but it’s not the professional look for which I am hunting.

Totes still bought it.

Career pants. Let me tell you about career pants.

I hate shopping for slacks more than I hate shopping for jeans. If it fits in the front, there is a gaping chasm in the back. If the waist fits perfectly, the legs are miles too long.

Out of five department and discount stores, I found one pair.

Gray women's slacksAnd I bought them.

Maroon knitThis sweater dress… and its horrid cowl neck… was a ‘no.’

And it was itchy.

Striped gray and black cowl neck sweaterI did find a great striped sweater with a cowl neck slightly more manageable than the others I tried that day.

I may not be good at shopping, but the retail therapy was helpful to my nerves, especially since I got everything for such a good deal.

The pants? Originally $60. Purchased at  T J Maxx for $16.99. And it’s true! They’re from ‘The Limited,’ which is a store at the mall, and I did not buy there. Too pricy!

Three sweaters, one pair of slacks and earrings…

New fall clothes and I took Ivan for a walk.

College Hill park is beautiful in the fall.

Wichita, KansasWichita KansasWichita, KansasWichita Kansas

Are you a fan of fall? It’s my favorite season! Crunchy leaves, brisk winds and apples.

What is your favorite fall look? Help a girl out. I’m stuck in slouchy sweater land.

3D Scanner finds the perfect pair of jeans!


That is all.

For now…

3D scanner helps shoppers find the perfect jeans

by Nick Collins for the Telegraph

The £35,000 scanner creates a 3D image of shoppers’ bodies by bouncing white light onto them and using 16 cameras to record 29 different measurements.

Store staff can then use the image to help them pick out jeans that provide the best possible fit.

The equipment, which returns results in a matter of seconds, was previously available only at exclusive stores but is now being used at the Manchester Arndale shopping centre and is on trial at Peacock’s.

Similar technology has already been introduced by high-end stores to make clothes to measure, but this is thought to be the first to help customers find clothes to fit off the shelf.

Despite the size of the scanner, which measures 10ft (3m) by 5ft (1.5m), it is expected to be rolled out across the high street as stores seize the opportunity to make shopping an easier experience for customers.