Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam foundation review

Lately, I’ve been using Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam foundation.

I switched foundations last month hoping a lighter (weight, not shade) foundation would cure my acne ails.

Not so much. Still pretty zitty.

So the acne didn’t clear up. Whatever. It’s probably hormones. The foundation, though, isn’t really doing its job.

I do not like Dream Nude Airfoam foundation. I am still using the Dream Nude Airfoam foundation. Keep that in mind while I tell you how much it sucks.

First, the foundation does not cover the blemishes I hoped it would not cause. (I have a few new ones, too.)

Second, it’s supposed to feel lightweight. Barely there. I suppose it does in a way. However, it also feels like my face has a film on it.

Third, the directions are impossible. I try to apply the product with my fingertips, but the foundation won’t absorb or spread on my skin. It just stays in its foamy poof!

I’m not a fan. I’m still using it because the can is mostly full, and I can’t just toss it! That’s wasteful.

However, when the can is mostly empty, I plan on finding the proper foundation.

Ladies’ Home Journal (and yes I still read that) said the perfect foundation will blend with my complexion so it practically disappears. My hope is that is only practically disappears while evening out my bonkers skin tone.

The Rules of Foundation were rather enlightening: Choose a shade with yellow undertones, not pink… My face is pinkish so I pick the ivory-pink shade. Good job, Shae…

Almay is on the list. I’ve tried some products in the past, and I plan to try Almay Clear Complexion Makeup the next time I run out of cruddy foundation.

(The only problem with Ladies’ Home Journal’s perfect foundations? Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam is on the list.)

What’s your favorite foundation?

From insanity to beauty

From INSANITY to beauty…

I hope you are not expecting a deep, fulfilling conversation about finding beauty in madness.

I hope.

Because I really just wanted to talk about makeup.  :)

After an Insanity workout, I look like poo…

Plyo Cardio Circuit Insanity Workout After…and, yes, this means that I did workout today. I totally didn’t get upset either.

Sweaty Head Band Soaked by InsanityAs a towel must be hung to dry, so must the nasty head band I use to hold my hair back.


According to my calorie-counting watch, after 42 minutes of Insanity’s Plyo workout, I burned 647 calories.

I believe this very little, but, hey, whatever I can get, right?

Not important! The point of this post is to show you how I get pretty! We haven’t talked about beauty in a while, and diet and fitness have become depressing topics.

Moving on!

After my shower, during which I shaved my legs (but we’ll get to this later), I have to follow a certain routine.

First, I take care of my skin. Deodorant (always necessary), pimple cream, moisturizer and lotion. Usually, I would wear sun screen with a higher SPF, but we’re out, and I refuse to waste the tanning lotion.

Degree Deodorant, Clean&Clear Benzoyl Peroxide, Moisturizer, Eye Drops, Hawaiian Tropics Tanning LotionOf course, allergy eye drops are not for my skin but for my eyes; and I NEED them or bloodshot shall happen.

And then I need to pick out my outfit!

Independance Day Fourth of July Red White and Blue OutfitIt happens to be the Fourth of July, so I figured why not pull out something red, white and blue.

The skirt is the reason I shaved my legs. It is TOO hot to wear pants or long skirts, all of which I own are black.

I don’t need confidence to walk around in clothes that show off my legs. Apparently, I just need 100 degree weather sans nice breezes and moisture of any kind.

Who knew?

Next, I need to do my hair, which is probably the most annoying thing to do in this heat.

Fine, curly, long hair careSince I refuse to use hot air styling tools without standing in front of an A/C unit, I load my poor hair full of chemicals and air dry.

Chemical 1: Lotion for my hair to reduce split ends due to the use of hot air styling tools and free radicals.

Chemical 2: Fine hair protections spray to avoid the dry cracky feeling that comes along with the use of hot air styling tools and free radicals. It’s a shine spray, too.

Chemical 3: Without some gel to control the weirdness that is my hair, it will frizz like a crazy person.

I am not loyal to the Pantene Pro-V brand, but they provide a lot of coupons. Generally, I get the best deal on Pantene products.

Scrunch Gel into Hair for Curly LookScrunch it all in damp hair, comb through hair for even coverage and then shake it out!

I always pull my hair up in a clip before it completely dries to set a pretty wave.

Peach Blush for Fair Skin

Makeup is next! My usual routine is some moisturizing foundation… and glasses. However, I thought I show you my simple look for day.

My Day Look routine includes, light cream foundation, under eye concealer, soft face powder and peach blush.

If I’m feeling frisky, I’ll put contacts in and play up my eyes with green highlighting eye shadow and some mascara. Eyeliner did not happen today. Too harsh.

And voila! From INSANITY to beauty…

The finished product!

Why is it so yellow? No idea. So I played around with my forehead wrinkles and kissy faces! :)

Happy Fourth of July!  Ivan and I will be watching fireworks on the front porch. Hopefully, the neighborhood will put on a good show for us!

How do you do a simple day look?

What are you doing for the holiday?

The bane of my existence…

I worked out today!

Of course, it was only Cardio Recovery, filled with exercises I’m good at. Squats, plank, yoga, etc.

No cardio.

Maybe I hate cardio… No. I still think I hate it all.

Anywho! We’re not going to talk about that today because I hate it, and I’m in a good/sleepy/goofy mood! (Plus, I got a lot of stuff done at work today, too, so I feel accomplished at something.)

Instead, we’re going to talk about one of the many banes of my existence: cellulite.

Did you shudder? I did.

Cellulite: Hold the Cottage Cheese, Please
By Stephanie S. Saunders

(Apologies. I cannot find the original link to this article)

One of the most hated words in the English language must surely be cellulite.

For the 90 percent of women who are plagued by the “cottage cheese” dimples that can run across the backs of arms and the entire lower body, it can seem like the ugliest thing in the world. Sure, you can hide it beneath clothing, but once bikini season hits, it’s all over.

From a self-consciousness point of view, it’s as if you’re back in middle school. You might as well make it a trifecta of humiliation by slapping on some braces and a lime-green prom dress.

While there’s no way yet to completely rid your body of cellulite, there are a few ways to help improve its appearance.

(Fantastic! Lay it on me.)

The term cellulite refers to the dimpled appearance of skin that can occur at any point on the body where the skin is thinner. Under the upper layer of skin, there’s a layer of connective tissue that holds fat into place. In most women, this connective tissue has gaps in it, which allow the fat to push through, creating a bumpy appearance. The difference between fat and cellulite is simply where the deposit lies in relation to these gaps in the connective tissue. That, and the fact that even with weight loss and muscle gain, so-called “normal” fat may disappear, while cellulite seems to want to continue keeping your thighs company indefinitely.

(So far, dear article, you continue to depress me.)

Cellulite can occur in the thinnest of women and men and doesn’t seem to discriminate based on nationality, financial standing, age or weight.

There are believed to be hormonal and hereditary issues that can contribute to causing cellulite. Other causes may include poor circulation, lack of exercise and even too-tightly fitting undergarments.

But no one really knows for sure why 10 percent of the female population is gifted with not having to deal with cellulite, while the rest of us have rear ends that look like a giant golf ball.

(I hate those… lucky… freakin’… not fair…)

So when faced with the appearance of orange peel (orange peel?) on your thighs, what should you do?

Well, there’s good and bad news. The bad news is that there is no actual way, surgical or otherwise, to get rid of cellulite completely at present. No amount of vacuuming, injections, creams or painful massage will eradicate it permanently. But there are many things that can potentially improve the appearance of cellulite. The following is a list of options, ranked from the least to most invasive and/or expensive.

Diet. There are several diets out here that claim to remove cellulite from the body. After a bit of research, you’ll find that most of them are just healthy eating plans that tell you to reduce caffeine and alcohol consumption, avoid processed foods, and drink plenty of water. This, of course, doesn’t really bring anything specific to the table for cellulite. It might help you lose overall body fat, which will reduce the appearance of the lumpy stuff, but no amount of pineapple consumption will completely remove it.

(Darn liars…)

Exercise. Magazines are full of articles on exercises to ban dimpled thighs. Again, these exercises are designed to promote muscle growth and fat loss. Unfortunately, a lot of them are exercises that only target very specific areas, which will not benefit your overall fitness level and are fairly pointless, considering that you can’t spot-reduce fat. Hard cardio and a toned physique will go just as far, if not farther, for reducing the appearance of cellulite. Overall, continuing with your P90X or INSANITY® workout plans will do more for you than will any number of leg lifts alone.

(Of course…)

Tanning. The International Agency for Research on Cancer has again come out with studies on how horrible the effects of tanning beds and baking in the sun can be. Tanning has now been compared to cigarettes and arsenic. Which is unfortunate because a little color on your skin can do more to mask extra bumpy tissue than just about anything else. Luckily, there are an abundance of tanning creams and spray-on tans out there that can give you a similar effect without the risk of skin cancer. Just be careful with application, and if you go the professional route, make sure the folks you choose know what they’re doing. I once attended a black tie event with hands the color of a pumpkin. Not pretty.

(Totally not me… it was the author. I don’t attend black tie events. I don’t look good in ties.)

Creams. There are thousands of topical treatments available that can cost anywhere from $10 to several hundred. Most of them have the common “active” ingredients aminophylline, caffeine and theophyilline. Sad to say, none of these creams can deliver the needed concentration to the necessary depth to make much of a difference in the connective tissue. They’re promoted as increasing circulation, but ultimately, you’re just using a very expensive moisturizer.

(Celtrixa is a lie. Wait… that’s for stretch marks. Still a lie.)

Massage. Massage is another attempt at breaking down connective tissue and increasing circulation in the area. Unfortunately, cellulite is a tougher problem than can be fixed by a single day at the spa. However, there have been studies that consistent, rather aggressive massage techniques can really assist in the cottage cheese reduction process. Before scheduling a daily visit from your massage therapist, though, try intensely rubbing the affected areas on your own with a moisturizer for a few weeks and see if there’s any change in appearance. Thankfully, most cellulite appears on areas of the body you can actually reach.

(…areas you can actually reach? Back cellulite! The itch you just can’t scratch… lol.)

Wraps. (What? I’ve not heard of this.) Wraps have been around forever and still have devoted followers all over the world. The idea of the body wrap is to dehydrate the area, removing all excess water, supposedly creating a leaner appearance. Wrestlers and ballet dancers alike are infamous for wrapping themselves in plastic and sitting in a sauna for ridiculous amounts of time to try and drop “weight.” These results are temporary and will usually return to normal with any intake of water. Wraps may in fact moisturize the skin, but so will a bit of inexpensive aloe vera cream.

Supplements. Supplements can be extremely effective in helping you achieve fitness goals, but like all things I’ve mentioned thus far, no combination of herbal remedies has been proven effective in the fight against cellulite. Most contain some sort of ginkgo biloba, sweet clover, grapeseed bioflavinoids, oil of evening primrose, fish oil and soy lecithin. All might assist your metabolism, and possibly your immunity and brain function, but none will make the dimples disappear.

(Lies, lies, lies…)

Injections. Here’s a cellulite remedy that can cause actual discomfort. Mesotherapy is a series of injections to the cellulite-affected area. Very similar to Botox® for your back end, it’s highly controversial and can require up to 10 visits to see any results. The medication injected has been approved by the FDA for other cosmetic issues, but wasn’t designed for use on cellulite, and is so new that all potential side effects haven’t been discovered yet. Before you choose to go this route, make sure to discuss it thoroughly with your medical practitioner.

(No thank you.)

Suction massage. (Say what, now?) Endermology was created in France about 15 years ago for the temporary reduction of cellulite. The machine creates suction, pulling and squeezing affected areas, which eventually seems to redistribute the fat somewhat, but in truth, it doesn’t change the fat’s makeup. Sessions last about 45 minutes, require 10 to 12 visits, and are rather expensive. Without regular maintenance visits, the appearance of cellulite will simply return.

Lasers. The FDA has approved two different laser options, both used with either a suction device or massage therapy. A low-level laser is radiated on the skin as some type of massage is administered. Both TriActive and VelaSmooth® require as many sessions as Endermology, in addition to continued follow-up maintenance, and can cost thousands of dollars. The effectiveness of laser treatments on cellulite is still unclear, but for individuals with enough cash to spare, this presently seems to be one of the best possible options for cellulite reduction.

Remember, while many of these approaches can improve the appearance of cellulite, none seem to remove cellulite completely or permanently. Until a method is found that will accomplish the total eradication of cellulite, it might be better to spend less money on expensive creams and injections and more on nutritious foods and activities that support a healthy lifestyle. Not only will this help to improve your skin tone, but it’ll make you feel better about your whole body, inside and out. And isn’t that more important than a few extra dimples?

(The answer to that question is most obviously… no. Ditch the dimples!)

Now, to all you ladies out there with perfect skin and cellulite-free thighs, I sorta hate you. Don’t take it personally.

The bane of my existence! Cellulite! We’ll talk about armpit hair and stretch marks on another day.

Remember: Don’t buy the creams!

It’s been awhile…

For a beauty blog! I yap too much about diet and exercise that I forget that feeling pretty is most of the equation for women. (And when was the last time I put together a journal blog? Awhile…)

Journal Stories: Secrets of a bored girl
Entry # 7
Look 10 Years Younger

Do you ever feel like you look old, tired and worn out? Or are you just looking older than you want to look? Your face, skin and hair are not quite as young as they used to be, and it’s depressing.

While I am not at an age where my skin and hair are wrinkling and thinning (I still have zit farms cropping up on my forehead), I know many women who would rather look about 10 years younger.

Thanks to my inability to do useful things throughout the day, I found an article to help women look 10 years younger (piece by piece) in just 10 minutes and felt the need to share.

Eyebrows: All hair thins with age, and that includes your eyebrows. The brow itself may also sit lower on your face –making you look tired –because of the loss of collagen and elastin, which causes sagging.

Upper lids: Decreased circulation and loss of elasticity causes your eyes to be puffy long after you’ve woken up.

Under eyes: Dark circles get darker with time. Thinning skin and missing fat pads (which sit below the eyes) are to blame.

Lashes: Become thinner, too. Sorry girls!

Skin: Wrinkles, dry skin and sun exposure leave you with dead skin cells and duller, rougher texture.

Lips: Lips lose definition due to sun damage and loss of elasticity. Some women develop vertical lines around their mouths, which I have always called the parentheses, and, yes, I have them.

Jaw and neck: Gravity plus the loss of collagen and elastin contribute to the epic loss of definition along the contours of the face. (I highly doubt that chin exerciser works.)

That is not the only news! Of course not!

Now, I, and LHJ, will tell you how to look 10 years younger in what they claim will only take 10 minutes. (I’d set aside a half hour just in case.)

For your facial skin…

  • Primer – Mature skin doesn’t hold on to color long, making primer an essential makeup step. The newest formulas create a smooth surface and have light-reflecting particles. Spread it all over your face and let it set for maximum effectiveness.
  • Light foundation – Heavy makeup will only make deeper the lines and wrinkles you want to hide. Instead, use a synthetic-bristle brush to concentrate coverage around key areas, such as on your nose, forehead and chin. This will give you a natural look.

For your eyes…

  • Concealer – Apply from the inner corner to mid-pupil to brighten up the eyes like nothing else. Start with three dots right near your tear duct and blend with your rig finger or a brush. Do not layer concealer over the lines near the corners of your eyes.
  • Eyeliner – Line your upper lash line with a richly colored liner, but not black, which is too harsh; and don’t line the lower lash line, which will make you look tired.
  • Eye shadow – Light-colored shadows attract light and dark-colored shadows absorb light. For example, pink or beige shadows on the lids direct attention to and brighten the eyes. Following with a brown or gray along the crease will firm up a saggy lid.
  • Defined brows – A well-groomed brow is essential. Fill in gaps with feathery strokes with a pencil one shade lighter than your brow. And, to lift the eyes, define along the top part of the brow, starting a bit in from the inner edge and concentrating on the peak.

For your cheeks and jaw…

  • Cream blush – Step One: Start with a cream blush in a shade that matches your skin’s natural flush; a creamy texture is ideal for older, drier skin. Blend it with your fingers, keeping the color just on the apples of the cheeks.
  • Powder blush – Step Two: Go for a shade that is brighter than you usually wear for that extra pop of color that mature skin needs. Dust it over the cream blush to make the look last for hours.
  • Darker foundation – Take a darker foundation or powder and rub it along your neck and right underneath your jaw. The goal is to have the color emulate the natural shadow that’s already there.

For your lips…

  • Lip liner – As the lip liner becomes less defined and tiny lines start to appear, lip liner can redefine the edges. To avoid the ugly ring look, use a lip pencil in a sheer gloss texture.
  • Lipstick – (Completely unnecessary. Sorry.) Brighter shades like cranberry and cherry complement fading skin tones. Go for the sheerest texture you can find and dab it on with your finger for a pouty look.

Maybe the makeup routine really only takes 10 minutes… but I would have to redo the lips at least four times because I hate lipstick so much… so I would set aside an extra 10 just for them.

Go luck girls! Women… Ladies… I don’t know. Just get your young on.

A grad student’s guide to getting fit

Soooo… I’ve been thinking. I’ve been thinking a lot particularly about my blog.

(No worries, though, skinnyshae is not going anywhere. It just might change…)

When I first began blogging, I began with a focus on “diet,” “fitness” and “beauty” because those three topics so directly related to my healthfulness, happiness and self-esteem. I made this blog as a… well, as an experience in finding not only skinnyness, but also happiness.

I think it has been working, which is great!

Unfortunately, graduate school takes up about 90 percent of my time (not only literally, also figuratively) -with the other 10 percent composed of cleaning my house, taking care of my dog, spending time with Husband, cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner, sleeping, remembering to brush my teeth (and shower) and forgetting to shave my legs.

Oh! And blogging!

But I haven’t been much of a blogger -especially a blogger of diet, fitness and beauty. (I haven’t been much of a blogger friend either… :( )

Yes: I do occasionally put up recipes of… mostly healthy food items.

Yes: I do tell you all about MY workouts, but not so much workouts you can try, although no variety.

Yes: I still complain about how much it all sucks because we all know it does.

But instead of blogging (and mostly complaining) about how much I hate dieting (and failing at dieting), fitness (and missing the gym) and beauty (and when I FINALLY plucked my eyebrows), I am continuously apologizing for not blogging! That’s not a blog! And that’s not what you deserve. You, as readers and Googlers and friends, deserve more. I am not entirely sure when that will happen.

Boo. I know. But I have a possible solution!

I can change the contextual format of my blog. Not much else will change. I don’t have that much energy. However, I can change the diet, fitness and beauty stuff to match the grad school stress, torture and time stuff.

While the blog will probably not change that much, I will at least have an excuse! And as we, as dieters and exercisers who suffer so much together, know, a good excuse means we can eat a doughnut.


I really want a doughnut.

Announcement? Check.

Update? Not today. Soon, however, I will post some past recipes, new workouts, more beauty information and a picture of my freshly plucked eyebrows.

They look really awesome.

Bridal Week: Brows that Wow!

…sorry… I got busy cleaning… and studying… and cleaning… Here’s the article’s information, though, today on how to sculpt perfect eyebrows for your wedding day. (Again, I don’t think I plucked anything… :)

You’ve really got two choices when it comes to eyebrow-grooming: waxing or tweezing. (We won’t get into threading because you’re still yanking hair out and that’s just like tweezing.)

Below are a few tips for getting that perfect arch!

Tweeze Whiz
You need the right tool, one that grabs hair securely.

Before tweezing, apply some ice to the brow to numb nerve-endings and nix pain. (All this did for me was make my face cold…)

To determine where to tweeze, use an eyebrow pencil to fill in the shape you want and tweeze anything outside the lines.

If you’re unsure of where brows should begin and end, hold an eyeliner pencil straight along the side of your nose and tweeze any hairs that extend inward between the brows. Next, angle the pencil outward from the bottom of your nose toward the outside corner of your eyes and tweeze any hairs that extend outward toward your ear.

Remember to tweeze stray hairs creeping up your forehead and down toward you eye lids. Form the arch to peak over the outside corner of the iris, not the pupil… you’ll look really asymmetrical and bizarre.

Match Game
Now that you’ve cleaned up your brows, make them match (ish). Start with the arch: adjust by tweezing out unwanted hairs and filling in gaps with a pencil or powder. If you have a round face, you can add angularity with sharply-arched, defined brows. If your face is more angular, go for a soft, less dramatic arch. Remember to go slowly, or you might risk overtweezing.

Hue Review
Color is critical when using artificial eyebrow enhancers. Your brows should match the color of hair on your head. Brows should not be darker (unless your brunette went platinum) than the darkest shade of hair on your head.

Sorry about the delay. I meant to get to blogging yesterday, but a messy house mixed with school stress really turned me off to doing anything near a computer screen.

Tomorrow… Bridal Beauty: Eye Do’s and Don’t’s

Bridal Week: Your Wedding Day Beauty Kit

Emergencies and crises occur every day. Chances are, one of them will happen on your wedding day. Instead of panicking last minute as you watch your entire world fall apart, plan ahead.

We will just discuss my Evil Journal entry on beauty and what you should pack for the day of your wedding.

Wedding Day Beauty Kit

Note: Do not try to redo or overhaul your makeup between the ceremony and reception. If you have to touch up, go ahead, but changing your face will do you no good.

Find a midsized makeup or beauty bag and pack as many of the following items as you deem necessary. Dispatch one of your bridesmaids to the pharmacy a few days in advance to find travel-size products of as many of the items you might need. As for makeup, do not waver from the products you use on the big day.

  • tissues, cotton balls and cotton swabs
  • bobby pins (for more than just hair ladies…)
  • breath mints
  • concealer/coverup
  • dental floss (You have cake in your teeth!)
  • deodorant (Pack some for your man, too.)
  • eye drops
  • hair brush/comb
  • hair spray… lots and lots of hair spray
  • hand cream
  • lip gloss or balm
  • lip liner
  • lip stick
  • mascara (waterproof is usually necessary for this kind of event)
  • nail polish
  • perfume
  • toothbrush and toothpaste

This is NOT an exhaustive list.

During the day of my wedding, we got copious amounts of double-sided tape, lotion, Velcro stickies and many other things for just-in-case-ies.

Liquor and shot glasses might also be necessary! :)

Good luck ladies! Planning ahead is the best idea for any crisis-ready event, especially a wedding.

Tomorrow… Bridal Beauty: Brows that WOW!