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For a beauty blog! I yap too much about diet and exercise that I forget that feeling pretty is most of the equation for women. (And when was the last time I put together a journal blog? Awhile…)

Journal Stories: Secrets of a bored girl
Entry # 7
Look 10 Years Younger

Do you ever feel like you look old, tired and worn out? Or are you just looking older than you want to look? Your face, skin and hair are not quite as young as they used to be, and it’s depressing.

While I am not at an age where my skin and hair are wrinkling and thinning (I still have zit farms cropping up on my forehead), I know many women who would rather look about 10 years younger.

Thanks to my inability to do useful things throughout the day, I found an article to help women look 10 years younger (piece by piece) in just 10 minutes and felt the need to share.

Eyebrows: All hair thins with age, and that includes your eyebrows. The brow itself may also sit lower on your face –making you look tired –because of the loss of collagen and elastin, which causes sagging.

Upper lids: Decreased circulation and loss of elasticity causes your eyes to be puffy long after you’ve woken up.

Under eyes: Dark circles get darker with time. Thinning skin and missing fat pads (which sit below the eyes) are to blame.

Lashes: Become thinner, too. Sorry girls!

Skin: Wrinkles, dry skin and sun exposure leave you with dead skin cells and duller, rougher texture.

Lips: Lips lose definition due to sun damage and loss of elasticity. Some women develop vertical lines around their mouths, which I have always called the parentheses, and, yes, I have them.

Jaw and neck: Gravity plus the loss of collagen and elastin contribute to the epic loss of definition along the contours of the face. (I highly doubt that chin exerciser works.)

That is not the only news! Of course not!

Now, I, and LHJ, will tell you how to look 10 years younger in what they claim will only take 10 minutes. (I’d set aside a half hour just in case.)

For your facial skin…

  • Primer – Mature skin doesn’t hold on to color long, making primer an essential makeup step. The newest formulas create a smooth surface and have light-reflecting particles. Spread it all over your face and let it set for maximum effectiveness.
  • Light foundation – Heavy makeup will only make deeper the lines and wrinkles you want to hide. Instead, use a synthetic-bristle brush to concentrate coverage around key areas, such as on your nose, forehead and chin. This will give you a natural look.

For your eyes…

  • Concealer – Apply from the inner corner to mid-pupil to brighten up the eyes like nothing else. Start with three dots right near your tear duct and blend with your rig finger or a brush. Do not layer concealer over the lines near the corners of your eyes.
  • Eyeliner – Line your upper lash line with a richly colored liner, but not black, which is too harsh; and don’t line the lower lash line, which will make you look tired.
  • Eye shadow – Light-colored shadows attract light and dark-colored shadows absorb light. For example, pink or beige shadows on the lids direct attention to and brighten the eyes. Following with a brown or gray along the crease will firm up a saggy lid.
  • Defined brows – A well-groomed brow is essential. Fill in gaps with feathery strokes with a pencil one shade lighter than your brow. And, to lift the eyes, define along the top part of the brow, starting a bit in from the inner edge and concentrating on the peak.

For your cheeks and jaw…

  • Cream blush – Step One: Start with a cream blush in a shade that matches your skin’s natural flush; a creamy texture is ideal for older, drier skin. Blend it with your fingers, keeping the color just on the apples of the cheeks.
  • Powder blush – Step Two: Go for a shade that is brighter than you usually wear for that extra pop of color that mature skin needs. Dust it over the cream blush to make the look last for hours.
  • Darker foundation – Take a darker foundation or powder and rub it along your neck and right underneath your jaw. The goal is to have the color emulate the natural shadow that’s already there.

For your lips…

  • Lip liner – As the lip liner becomes less defined and tiny lines start to appear, lip liner can redefine the edges. To avoid the ugly ring look, use a lip pencil in a sheer gloss texture.
  • Lipstick – (Completely unnecessary. Sorry.) Brighter shades like cranberry and cherry complement fading skin tones. Go for the sheerest texture you can find and dab it on with your finger for a pouty look.

Maybe the makeup routine really only takes 10 minutes… but I would have to redo the lips at least four times because I hate lipstick so much… so I would set aside an extra 10 just for them.

Go luck girls! Women… Ladies… I don’t know. Just get your young on.

Bridal Week: Brows that Wow!

…sorry… I got busy cleaning… and studying… and cleaning… Here’s the article’s information, though, today on how to sculpt perfect eyebrows for your wedding day. (Again, I don’t think I plucked anything… :)

You’ve really got two choices when it comes to eyebrow-grooming: waxing or tweezing. (We won’t get into threading because you’re still yanking hair out and that’s just like tweezing.)

Below are a few tips for getting that perfect arch!

Tweeze Whiz
You need the right tool, one that grabs hair securely.

Before tweezing, apply some ice to the brow to numb nerve-endings and nix pain. (All this did for me was make my face cold…)

To determine where to tweeze, use an eyebrow pencil to fill in the shape you want and tweeze anything outside the lines.

If you’re unsure of where brows should begin and end, hold an eyeliner pencil straight along the side of your nose and tweeze any hairs that extend inward between the brows. Next, angle the pencil outward from the bottom of your nose toward the outside corner of your eyes and tweeze any hairs that extend outward toward your ear.

Remember to tweeze stray hairs creeping up your forehead and down toward you eye lids. Form the arch to peak over the outside corner of the iris, not the pupil… you’ll look really asymmetrical and bizarre.

Match Game
Now that you’ve cleaned up your brows, make them match (ish). Start with the arch: adjust by tweezing out unwanted hairs and filling in gaps with a pencil or powder. If you have a round face, you can add angularity with sharply-arched, defined brows. If your face is more angular, go for a soft, less dramatic arch. Remember to go slowly, or you might risk overtweezing.

Hue Review
Color is critical when using artificial eyebrow enhancers. Your brows should match the color of hair on your head. Brows should not be darker (unless your brunette went platinum) than the darkest shade of hair on your head.

Sorry about the delay. I meant to get to blogging yesterday, but a messy house mixed with school stress really turned me off to doing anything near a computer screen.

Tomorrow… Bridal Beauty: Eye Do’s and Don’t’s

Bridal Week: Your Wedding Day Beauty Kit

Emergencies and crises occur every day. Chances are, one of them will happen on your wedding day. Instead of panicking last minute as you watch your entire world fall apart, plan ahead.

We will just discuss my Evil Journal entry on beauty and what you should pack for the day of your wedding.

Wedding Day Beauty Kit

Note: Do not try to redo or overhaul your makeup between the ceremony and reception. If you have to touch up, go ahead, but changing your face will do you no good.

Find a midsized makeup or beauty bag and pack as many of the following items as you deem necessary. Dispatch one of your bridesmaids to the pharmacy a few days in advance to find travel-size products of as many of the items you might need. As for makeup, do not waver from the products you use on the big day.

  • tissues, cotton balls and cotton swabs
  • bobby pins (for more than just hair ladies…)
  • breath mints
  • concealer/coverup
  • dental floss (You have cake in your teeth!)
  • deodorant (Pack some for your man, too.)
  • eye drops
  • hair brush/comb
  • hair spray… lots and lots of hair spray
  • hand cream
  • lip gloss or balm
  • lip liner
  • lip stick
  • mascara (waterproof is usually necessary for this kind of event)
  • nail polish
  • perfume
  • toothbrush and toothpaste

This is NOT an exhaustive list.

During the day of my wedding, we got copious amounts of double-sided tape, lotion, Velcro stickies and many other things for just-in-case-ies.

Liquor and shot glasses might also be necessary! :)

Good luck ladies! Planning ahead is the best idea for any crisis-ready event, especially a wedding.

Tomorrow… Bridal Beauty: Brows that WOW!

Bridal Week: Countdown

When should you begin a beautifying routine? What else should be included? Evil Journal had a brilliant entry from before my wedding…

5 to 6 Months Before…

  • Begin a stress-relief regimen; and reserve one night a week for some non-wedding fun or quiet time.
  • Start experimenting with different hair (styles, colors, cuts, etc.) now. (I cut my hair around this time and really enjoyed the length it grew out to.)
  • Start a good cleansing and moisturizing regimen and consider consulting a dermatologist or making appointments for monthly facials.
  • If you don’t already, start exercising. You’ll look great, feel better and be less stressed out.
  • If you want to lose weight, consult your doctor or nutritionist to develop a nutrition and fitness plan. Set a weight loss goal and meet it before dress fittings begin. Once fittings are underway, you’ll need to stay the same size. (Or reconsider weight loss. Your guy thinks you look fab. Remember, my dress couldn’t be altered – I didn’t lose any weight for my wedding and still felt fabulous.)
  • Start paying attention to your nutrition. Bad food habits and too much caffeine mixed with wedding stress can transform you into “Bridezilla.” (Honestly, I think a number of things can turn you into a Bridezilla and coffee is not one of those things…)

3 to 4 Months Before…

  • If you don’t plan on using your regular hairdresser, make consultation appointments with potential candidates. Bring along pictures of styles you like, even a picture of your veil and headpiece. If you want to wear an up-do, discuss how long it will take to grow out your hair so it’s the proper length. (I had my friend -who is a fashionista! -do my hair and make-up in my mother’s bathroom. Cheap and awesome!”

    skinnyshae wedding hairstyle long curls and makeup
    She did a fantastic job!
  • Make consultation appointments with potential makeup artists. Be sure to take pictures and analyze them. Do your features stand out? Do you look like you’re wearing a mask?
  • Decide on a makeup artist and hairdresser and book them for the day of your wedding. Set a wedding day schedule at this point as well, including the hair and makeup times.
  • Now is the time to experiment with self-tanners. Consider the neckline of your gown and whether you have existing tan lines you’ll need to cover. (I went pasty as an uncooked pancake -never heard that one before have you? -my skin was no wear near tan. And I don’t believe in fake-bakers.)

1 to 2 Months Before…

  • Meet with your makeup artist for a trail run. If you don’t hire a pro, like I didn’t, then go get a makeover at a department store and buy anything you might need.
  • Bring your veil to your hairstylist for a trial style.
  • Now is the time to have you eyebrows professionally shaped. (I don’t actually know if I plucked my eyebrows…)


Those are my eyebrows the night before, and I have no recollection of plucking them... Also the white stuff is pimple cream.


  • Use an at-home face mask or get a facial. Don’t risk an allergic reaction any close to the wedding day.
  • Cut down on tea, coffee and red wine. Try a teeth-whitening system.

2 Weeks Before…

  • Get your final trim -just split ends -and stick with the look you love.
  • Remember to eat right: fruits, vegetables and fiber! No salt. No fat.
  • Exfoliate and moisturize. Soft and silky elbows, hands and feet are musts.
  • Drink lots of water to stay hydrated (body, skin, hair, etc.).
  • Keep up the exercise!
  • Touch up hair color.
  • Confirm all your big day beauty appointments, as well as all of those annoying things we have to do that day…
  • Remind your man to get his final trim, too… They’re so messy.

1 Week Before…

  • Avoid overindulging in salty snacks and alcohol.
  • Get a bikini wax (OUCH!), a final eyebrow shaping and shave your legs.
  • Get a massage -from a professional or from your fiancee. You deserve it.

1 Day Before…

  • Drink lots of water.
  • Pack your emergency beauty kit. (For tomorrow!)
  • Deep condition your hair.
  • Exfoliate your skin with a familiar product.
  • Have a professional pedicure and manicure.
  • Take a long relaxing bath. You definitely deserve this.

Day of…

  • Be sure to eat something. This is not a day to operate on an empty stomach.
  • Get your hair or makeup done. Wear a robe or button-down shirt, a color that matches your gown to get the makeup right.
  • Take a few minutes to reflect on the day before giving yourself one last look over. And remember… you’re beautiful. Get going!

Tomorrow… Bridal Beauty: Your Wedding Day Toolkit

Valentines Day and Bridal Week

In honor of the day of love and in honor of my many friends who are preparing for their weddings, I have decided to dedicate today’s post and the rest of the week to brides-to-be!

Before I was getting married, I did a lot of research on what to do with my body, hair and makeup, as well as fitness and diet plans for being the most beautiful bride ever.

I think I pulled it off…


skinnyshae marriage wedding dress bouquet
Sorry boys, I'm taken!


While I didn’t take some of my own advice (I bought my dress on the cheap, and it couldn’t be altered meaning I couldn’t lose any weight or it wouldn’t fit), I think it is still relevant to future brides.

To begin…

Head to Toe: Prep Guide
Start repairing hair from the inside out. A diet filled with vitamin B helps bring out hair’s natural shine; eat foods like fish, nuts and eggs. On the outside, a scalp massage and deep conditioning treatment (four weeks before the wedding) stimulates follicles and adds body. There is NO way to repair damaged ends. Once your hair breaks, it’s time for a trim! (which will also add to shine)

Start seeing a dermatologist six weeks before the wedding – your skin will need to adjust to a new regimen and your body to new medications (if needed). If you want to bring life to a dull complexion, an aesthetician at your local spa can provide a series of facials to clear blackheads, slough off dead cells and improve circulation. Start these facials six months before the wedding and don’t dare get one 10 days before or after.

The real secret to great skin: Water. Drink tons of H2O before and on your wedding day to make your face dewy and radiant.

Since the skin around the eyes is sensitive, be gentle. Take off makeup with a water-soluble remover and don’t scrub or scratch. Pat dry; don’t rub. A nightly application of eye cream with adequate sleep will improve the appearance of dark circles, and a cold compress once or twice a week keeps puffiness at bay. During the days before the wedding, steer clear of salty foods, which can make the eyes look bloated.

A vitamin E stick (totally bought one) can combat cracks and creases causes by weather and biting. Also, exfoliate lips once a week to clear away dead skin. Wet a toothbrush with warm water and brush lips gently. (I’m still not sure if this totally works…) Protect with sunscreen because the sun can leave lips feeling and looking parched.

Neck and Decollete
This skin is thinner with less oil glands, and it requires special care to keep it smooth and supple. Exfoliate with a gentle face scrub every other day, apply a light moisturizer daily and use sunscreen. (I started using deep wrinkle cream on my neck and chest creases – cause by excessive amounts of side-sleeping – and it really worked.)

A daily multivitamin can work wonders on a range of ills. Also, they up your energy levels. On the outside, exfoliate because it makes you feel softer and look more toned. Use a loofah or gentle body scrub.

Shave only after you’ve softened your skin with warm (not hot, which dries) water and using a moisturizing shower cream. Apply a rich moisturizer while legs are still damp to keep them smooth post-shower.

Good foot care starts with a little tough love! Scrub with a pumice stone daily to get rid of dry, cracked skin on heels and toes. Feet should be damp, not wet. Slather on a thick moisturizer and slip on cotton socks before bed, which will retain body heat and seal in moisture overnight.

We will go into more detail in posts to come. However, now, I want to wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day! Husband and I don’t really celebrate; we don’t need a special day to love each other when we love each other every day (plus we just had Christmas, our anniversary and my birthday in the time span of about three months and that’s a lot of celebrating).

One of my sweet coworkers Ashley – not Ashley R., but a different one (I know so many) – brought me a flower and box of chocolates today to celebrate our friendship. She really is a great friend.

Instead of being sullen on Valentine’s Day this year, go find someone you love and give them a hug. Who ever said the day of love was only dedicated to romantic love? Well, if they did, they’re wrong!

I wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day with buckets of hugs from me! Unless you’re a creeper, and, if so, you get no hug! :)

Tomorrow… Bridal Beauty: The 411 on Facials

It’s my birthday! (and some results)

Yes. It is, in fact, my birthday. I am officially 23.

And I had to get up early, teach this morning and study this afternoon (lots of research). Then, I have to go back to school early tonight to study even more and take a quiz and sit through a three-hour class in which I will be paying attention.

On my birthday…

I has a sad.

What would I rather be doing instead? Oh, lots of thing… Cake might be involved. I miss cake… NO CAKE, SHAE! Sorry!

Husband said he bought me a present -even though I told him not to buy me a present because we’re broke -but I am super excited about it. (I haven’t snooped or anything!) He said he didn’t spend a whole lot of money on it so that’s at least a plus. Maybe he’ll clean the kitchen, too… Hum? That’s free!

I suppose I should tell you the reason I am posting about my birthday instead of something substantial -because there is an actual reason other than me being 23 and how popular that makes me on Facebook. By the way… I’m super popular today.

A looooong time ago, I set out a few goals for myself and revealed to you some very personal information… like my weight.

And my measurements were:

  1. Chest: 35″
  2. Under Bust: 30″
  3. Natural Waist: 29.5″
  4. Low Waist (along the pooch as I say): 35″
  5. Hips: 40″ (and they will be forever… I don’t see this number going down… ever)
  6. Left/Right Bicep: 12″ each
  7. Left/Right Thigh-Quad: 22.7″ each (B00.)
  8. Left/Right Calf: 14.5″ each (these will get bigger)
  9. Weight: 140 (ish)

What are my measurement goals? I don’t actually know about the numbers, but I want more muscles in my arms and abs, less jiggle in my thighs and less visible cellulite on my butt. Whatever number those are -that’s what I want.

That’s what I was. And, while I didn’t measure everything -mostly because I don’t want to know, here are my current measurements.

  1. Pooch: 1″ lost; currently 34″
  2. Hips: TOTALLY though I lost an inch; still 40″
  3. Biceps: Gained 0.5″ per arm
  4. Weight: 137 (ish)

Did I meet my goals? Well, I wanted to jiggle less – I don’t jiggle less. My butt? Haven’t checked in a while… Nevermind. It’s still pretty bad. I guess I also wanted to have a regular gym schedule – I have that!

So how far have I really come? Let me tell you how I feel.

I have more energy even when I’m exhausted. I drink less coffee, eat less sugar and sodium, drink less alcoholic beverages and munch more fresh and homemade foods.

I feel better about myself. I’m wearing clothes I would usually feel uncomfortable in, like dress pants and blouses and heels. I put make up on more often and do my hair again (when I have time and patience).

When people compliment me, I let them -especially if that person happens to be Husband. I don’t put myself down (unless I’m really bloated, but that’s just because I like sharing that with everyone). (By the way – I’m bloated.)

I don’t hate my body.

It’s weird. After being mad about the way I look for so long, changing that perception is really difficult.

I still get mad at my hair. I still hate lipstick and nail polish and plucking my eyebrows. I still bite my nails ’til they bleed. Don’t worry! I haven’t changed much! But I don’t hate the whole mock-up, the whole Shae. I guess she’s growing on me.

…took long enough, huh?

Happy Measurement’s Day! (I just grew one year!)

Challenge Day 6: Work clothes and working clothes

It’s Day 6 of my Challenge Week to dress (and be) well. However, it is Saturday, and Husband is sleeping… I’m back in my pj’s, but I’m okay with it. I wore jeans and cute tennis shoes while SHOPPING today soooo I feel good about myself.

My shopping trip consisted of a hunt for black pants to wear to the event I’m working at tonight  (working clothes). I found some! And they fit better, lower and shorter than my other black pants, which is a total plus because, now, I can wear them to my real work.

Today, I have no photo of myself because I’ll be in all black behind a bar top blending in to the background. Poo. However, I have some extra awesome photos of the clothes I bought for work (work clothes). I’ll be teaching next semester in these numbers…


Gray (grey) shirt dress from Forever 21
I love this shirt-dress from Forever 21. Everyone keeps telling me to buy one because of my curves. It does look good.
Blue pencil skirt, black work pants, white wrap blouse, black swish skirt
A pencil skirt, which I thought would be too short, turned out to be perfect! My black pants for tonight and a nice white wrap blouse are also there.
Red marroon lace back long-sleeve shirt
It's a pretty color! I think is pink or red or something. But the back is a lace mesh thing ending just above the bra-line.


That was pretty much it. I did get a lot of stuff (including Christmas presents), but I still hate spending that much money on clothes, which is probably why I stopped wearing all my nice ones. Once the old stuff got worn out (like a certain favorite skirt of mine), I stopped replacing them or even fixing them. My argument was that jeans, yoga pants and sweats last much longer and can take more damage than dress pants (and also do not require dry-cleaning).

I’m happy with my purchases today. Husband did say that I should go buy pretty, nice clothes for work at the school anyway! He will conveniently forget this later… I’m sure ;)

P.S. My friend Dana, from mylittlecelebration, gave me some awesome lip tips from the day I hated lipstick.

“My lipstick trick is actually applying it to semi-dry lips so it sticks better. I moisturize my lips at night so they’re ready for lipstick in the morning.

To apply, I simply dab the lipstick onto my ring finger first, and THEN onto my lips. Then I apply a light layer of lip gloss in a similar shade on top for some shine.

Eh? Any help?”

What a good friend!