How do you stop at just one cookie?

Sohee Lee of Sohee Fit wrote an article about the very subject, republished by Greatist.

Lee said stopping at just one cookie has nothing to do with discipline. She eats what she wants, when she wants (I also do that), but she balances her sweets with protein (I don’t do that). Lee also delays her sweets and treats if she knows she’s going to indulge later in the day or the week.

balance + planning > willpower

Usually, I have no problem stopping at just one cookie. Except for doughnuts, I’m not big on sweets. I do, however, have a huge problem stopping at just one taco. I don’t think it’s which food you overeat but that you overeat.

For example, I like to eat – let’s say multiple – tacos and at least two doughnuts (I’m obsessed). There’s a good chance I’ll eat more than two…

Wichita Kansas Donut Whole Donut Hole

A sedentary office job and eating more than one doughnut put weight on me. Obviously, a more active lifestyle and eating no doughnuts will help take the weight off me.

But we all know I’m not going to stop eating doughnuts (again, I’m obsessed).

Wichita Kansas Donut Whole Donut Hole

And Lee doesn’t want me to stop eating doughnuts. Good woman.

“Ban no foods. Otherwise, it doesn’t end well. The point is to not obsess over what you’re eating.” – Sohee Lee

I honestly haven’t obsessed about my food in ages – unless, it’s a positive obsession about the glorious-ness that is the doughnut – which is probably why I’ve put on as much weight as I have. Sneaky hidden weight that doesn’t show up until I sit down or try to put on old pants.

Instead, Lee promotes allowing yourself to eat food when you want – even food you fear to eat because you might binge nosh until you hate yourself.

She also encourages you to keep your “cheat” foods in your house. If you want to EAT ALL THE COOKIES, you should keep cookies in your house. That way, the urgent desire to consume them isn’t as overwhelming.  I’m not sure about this one – I almost never have cheat foods in my house – but I might not have identified any cheat foods to keep out of my house, which is probably more accurate.

I already allow myself to eat what I want, when I want. Now, I just have to add Lee’s delayed gratification tactics by planning my treats in advance and balancing the sugar (or, in my case, salt) with sugar fighters (or salt fighters).

With planning, balancing and a little will power (I’m going to need it), in January, I am going to have just one:

  • Doughnut (Heaven, help me.)
  • Beer
  • Glass of wine
  • Taco
  • Cookie, cake pop, dark chocolate square, etc.
  • (I’ll think of more when I come to a situation.)

The “just one” attempt does not apply to the following:

  • Fruits and veggies
  • Triscuits
  • Tortilla chips
  • French fries
  • Meat balls
  • Other tiny foods meant to be eaten in multiples like those cute sandwiches and ridiculous small tacos

I will document #justonejanuary on Facebook and Instagram. Let’s see how well I do!

Eat food, lose weight

Sensa, a scent-based weight loss product, is inhaled to reduce appetite before meals, or, in this case, during the meal.

According to the commercials, a person can sprinkle his or her food with Sensa and lose weight.

I think that the commercial a tad misleading.

I mean… she’s eating an ice cream cone… with Sensa on it. Is that healthy ice cream? Probably not, friends.

You have to do more than eat the food you sprinkle with Sensa to lose weight. And, technically, eating Sensa will not help you lose weight. You have to… smell it… I don’t know. It doesn’t make any sense to me.

My vote: A healthy diet and regular exercise win again! Smelling won’t make you lose weight unless you’re very sensitive to smells and you vomit a lot. You’ll most likely lose weight if you vomit a lot, but then you’ll have another problem.

POINT BEING. (Sorry.) You can totally lose weight by eating, but not by eating Sensa. You have to eat the right kind of food, and ice cream is generally not the right kind of food.

For example, high fiber foods help with weight loss. Apples, sweet potatoes and chickpeas are nutrient-rich and loaded with fiber. Fiber fills you up and nutrients keep you healthy.

And, as I have said before, apples are the cracker of the fruit family. I eat an apple every day. Sometimes with peanut butter, sometimes with cheese.

Eat apples. Smoked Gouda tastes really awesome with apples.

In addition, cooking with canola oil, eating whole grains and beans and drinking low-fat milk can shrink your waistline.

What apples, canola oil and low-fat milk have in common is the fact that they’re full of nutrients that promote health.

Certain nutrients, such as calcium, protein and omega-3 fatty acids, have been proven to burn fat if eaten in the correct portions and manners of cooking. (Fried meat might have protein, but it’s still fried meat.)


The body needs calcium, protein and omega-3 fatty acids to run efficiently. An efficient body is a healthy body. A healthy body more readily burns fat and leads to weight loss. (You need to exercise, too.)


Eat an apple every day.

Try these delicious baked chick peas.

And don’t eat, or smell, weight-loss products that are not known as “healthy eating” and “regular exercise.”

Fitness hiatus: Graduate school takes over my world

On February 17, when I was worried about what bra I should wear while working out, I received my comprehensive exam questions.

In order to obtain my Master’s of Communication from Wichita State University, I must take and pass comprehensive exams, a four-hour essay during which I will answer six of the 20 questions I received to practice.

Since February 17, I have not attended Muscle Pump or Power Yoga at the YMCA. I have not gone running in my neighborhood, even though the weather has been perfect for it. I have not done much of anything for my fitness, except for the occasional spring walk with my dog.

In addition, I have not done much of anything for my body internally. Excessive indulgence and stress eating are terms to describe my consumption habits. Too much chocolate. Too much fried food. Too much fast food. (Luckily, I enjoy Subway enough to soften the blow of my take-out habits.)

I may have lost 10 pounds last year, but I am not on track to lose another 10 pounds. In fact, I’m not on track to lose the five pounds I have gained since February 17.

Five pounds.

I’m not joking.

My clothing is not too tight yet, and perhaps that’s why I haven’t noticed the five-pound weight gain. (I have avoided the scale.) Perhaps I haven’t noticed it because the muscle I used to have has been replaced by squishy fat.

I am actually not too bothered by how much I weigh right now. I’m not overweight. But I feel unhealthy.

Feeling a way is a better indicator for health than looking a way, and I don’t feel well.

Graduate school and comprehensive exams have been my life. Every night. Every week. I have studied and studied and read and read, and I am prepared.

Hope for health comes in the form of a deadline.

Tomorrow, Saturday, March 31, I will take my comprehensive exams and end the torrential cycle of sitting on my butt and stuffing my face full of French fries and Ramen noodles.

After Saturday, I will pass my comprehensive exams. After Saturday, I will be free from my laptop, my notes and my books. After Saturday, I will be on track to losing the weight I gained, replacing it with muscle and training for a few 5K’s I want to race.

I am prepared, but I am nervous to take my exams. I am nervous I will choke or fail or fall apart, but I am also excited. I am excited to be done with them, to be free of them, to go back to the gym again, to cook and eat well again.

Lisa Johnson Fitness described how to get back to the gym in Getting Back on Track: How to Return After a Fitness Hiatus:

  • Acknowledge that you slacked off. Pretty sure I just did that.
  • Don’t try to make up for lost time. Thank goodness! I do not have to double my efforts to fall back into fitness.
  • You didn’t lose as much ground as you think. According to Lisa, I should feel healthier and better able to work out by my third or fourth effort. (I didn’t take that long of a break.)
  • Set a fitness goal. My goal is to go to Muscle Pump and Power Yoga twice a week and cook and eat real food again. (No more couch. No more Ramen.)
  • Bribe yourself. I plan on bribing myself with a professional massage. My back will appreciate it.

Wish me luck! (For my exams and my fitness freedom.) See you Sunday friends!

Food storage tips and tricks

If you want to eat a healthy, nutritious menu, you have to purchase and prepare fresh fruits and vegetables and fresh meat.

Fresh groceries must be stored until preparation or you will have a refrigerator full of moldy fruit, wilty veggies and rancid meat… all of which are highly inedible, in case you were curious.

I feel horribly guilty when I’m wasteful with food, especially since I’ve been doing research as to how many people in the United States don’t have food to waste. I’m convinced the purchasable portions are too large for a normal married couple to consume in proper time.

My guilt (and my budget) will thank me: How to store fresh produce and meat.

The girls at Healthy Diaries keep greens, such as Romaine lettuce and kale, fresh by washing and drying them thoroughly, and then wrapping them in a paper towel and storing in a plastic bag.

The blog also features carrots, celery, tomatoes and herbs as well as what produce will do just fine outside the refrigerator.

As for storing and freezing meat, Runner’s World nutrition expert Leslie Bonci explained that nothing lasts forever.

Refrigerated meat should be consumed within four days of purchase, but if frozen properly meat can last much longer.

Just not forever.

You can freeze meat for a certain amount of months

The largest portion of my grocery budget wasted goes to fresh strawberries, chicken and spinach. All three are stored improperly in my refrigerator and freezer. The chicken is probably OK.

Better get to the kitchen and start storing food properly.

Whole wheat leads to weight gain

How do you lose weight? Filling up on whole grains? Good for you for paying attention to what is apparently just another health fad.

According to author and preventative cardiologist William Davis, the wheat we eat today has been so genetically messed up that it isn’t even wheat! Crossbreeding of the plants has permanently changed the amino acids in wheat’s protein causing it to stimulate appetite.

Excuse me?!

So the healthy bread I buy and the whole wheat hamburger buns and the whole wheat English muffins and tortillas are all a lie?

Can I eat anything anymore? What next? Is yogurt bad for me, too?

What do you think? To wheat or not to wheat?

clean green eats and poor capitalization

I discovered eats clean greens through My Little Celebrationboth of which have been added to the list of my favorite blogs to read since I started blogging.

Michelle Marie of eats clean greens is a distance runner and spinach muncher. Her blog is a daily recounting of her fitness and her food through the use of poor capitalization and swearing.

I love it.

She is accidentally inspirational. I do not know if she means to be inspiring, but she is succeeding in my book, especially when it comes to her nutritional food creations.

She admits to being an OK cook, but her boyfriend is a better chef. (Does that sound familiar? Husband?)

While I cannot condone the eating of tofu, I understand that some people enjoy it… for some reason… I really do enjoy her blog and her attitude. If you’re not a fan of colorful language, don’t stop by, but if you’ve got a strong (and grumbling) stomach, give her a look-see.

See? I told you she liked spinach.

What’s your favorite green? Spinach. Every day. We already have so much in common!

A day of healthy eating

For breakfast: Greek Yogurt

I tried Chobani and liked it so I thought I’d give Fage a try, but only because it was on sale.

I bought one Strawberry Goji- refraining from purchasing 10 just because it was a 10-4-10. (That’s how they get you.)

Greek Yogurt ReviewGreek Yogurt with JamBerries and Greek YogurtThe instructions said not to stir.

Yeah, right. I stirred and dipped my granola bar in it.

So good. Five stars. High fives. Many kudos. Eat this.

For lunch: Leftovers

I took leftover tomato soup, spinach salad with cheddar cheese and celery leaf and a Yoplait Lemon Tort Parfait (100 calories) to work for lunch.

Homade Tomato SoupFor dinner: Turkey Burgers and Berries

I convinced Husband to make turkey burgers for dinner because I didn’t want the peppers to go bad.

Sneaky me!

We do turkey burgers right in this house. Wheat buns, turkey burgers, romaine, peppers and onions, pepperoncini and SAUCES. (Shredded cheddar, too, if you really want to eat cheese.)

Berries, too! But this is not where dessert ended… Unfortunately.


Ruined a whole day of healthy eating with Ben & Jerry’s Cheesecake Brownie Ice Cream. I say “ruined,” but I mean “made completely more awesome.”

What did you eat today?