The best food for runners: Eggs!

Husband recently discovered the deliciousness of runny egg yolks.

I swear he’s behind on the times. I’ve known runny egg yolks were delicious since the beginning of time.

Not only are runny egg yolks amazing, especially on toast or bagels and YUM, but egg yolks are also good for you!


Luckily, they (whoever they are) changed the rules about eggs.

In fact, because of the easy-absorbing egg protein, the egg is one of the best foods for runners.

According to Runner’s World, eggs are good for losing weight, protecting your heart, fighting inflammation, maintaining bone strength and maintaining vision.

Sounds good to me!

Since February 17, when I received my comprehensive exam questions, I have gained four pounds. I plan to eat eggs every morning to improve weight loss and protein-muscle repair, and, of course, to enjoy eggs. (I also plan to go to the gym again… after comps.)

Plus, my heart is under constant stress. I am such a paranoid hypochondriac hot mess that I’m surprised the poor thing just hasn’t quit on me. Keep goin’, baby! I will feed you egg!

I’m already blind as a bat so I doubt eggs will really help me vision. I already eat tons of carrots! (Or are those just good for eye health?)

Husband and I have eaten commercial and cage-free eggs and found the taste is about the same. As it turns out, the nutritional value is the same, too. When I can, I’ll buy cage-free because it’s good for the chickens, but no way until I can afford that extra $1.20. (I know. It’s only $1.20.)

The article on Runner’s World features four recipes, but I only liked the sound of the 20-minute skillet dinner. I love eggs and greens, and tomatoes make my soul happy. I think I’ll have to make some tomato soup soon…

What’s your favorite egg dishI made a frittata once, and it was amazing. Like an egg cake!

Unhealthy health food

Occasionally, I eat a Larabar for a midday snack, especially if I’m on the run or planning an evening workout.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is my favorite Larabar, which contains 4 grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber and 11 grams of fat. It is 220 calories (and it. is. del. icio. us.). The Apple Pie or Banana Nut Larabars are probably better for me, but I cannot get enough of that cookie dough.

I like Larabars because they’re made from all-natural ingredients that I can pronounce. I do not eat Larabars because I think they’ll help me lose weight.

However, Larabars are one of the six healthy-sounding foods that aren’t really healthy. According to EatingWell, energy bars, like the Larabar, are about as healthy as a Snickers.

I disagree.

Snickers do not have fruit. Snickers do not contain only ingredients I can pronounce. Snickers are way worse for your teeth.

Larabars win.

Granola is also a non-healthy health food because it’s loaded with sugar, which is probably contributing in part to my weight loss plateau. (Note: I am never giving up granola. I put less than a 1/4 cup in my Greek yogurt every day. I love it. Screw the facts.)

And guess what! Yogurt, even Greek yogurt, is a non-healthy health food.


Whatever. I get lots of calcium.

Salads, smoothies and sushi rolls made the EatingWell list, too. It never crossed my mind that sushi would be healthy except for the fact that I get omega-3 fatty acids from the fish.

Here is how I make my non-healthy health foods healthy again.

  • I do not load my yogurt and smoothies with sugar.
  • I do not cover my salad in salad dressing.
  • I do not eat refined carbohydrates and sugar on a regular basis.
Tada. Have a Larabar. Eat some granola and yogurt. Have a salad.

Post-run beers from Runner’s World

When I am wrong, I admit I am wrong (unless I’m wrong about something Husband was right about, then I’m still right).

Well, folks, I was wrong about drinking alcohol after a workout.

I said that I preferred a cold glass of water and a shower, not grabbing a light beer or meeting the girls for cosmos. But I might have to have a beer after my next long run.


Runner’s World posted a slide show featuring 7 Tasty Post-Run Beers that can boost your energy and rehydrate your body.

And I trust Runner’s World as a source of information for runners… and drinkers, apparently.

Now, I plan on hunting down the Smuttynose Old Brown Dog and drinking it when I’m dog-tired after a good long run this summer.

Wish me luck.

Yoga heals shin splints

The reason I love yoga: It fixes everything.

Remember when I ran like a crazy person with the Shocker Fitness crew? Remember my epic complaining about shin splints?

Shin splints are the result of strain on the shin and muscle surrounding it and usually occur when a runner (or athlete) pushes his or herself too hard too soon. The only way for shin splints to heal is to rest. Forget heat. Forget ice. Forget Advil (doesn’t work). Shin splints need to be rested. Without rest, a runner risks greater injury.

You know… for example, if a runner doesn’t rest her shins, she can pull her butt muscle so bad I couldn’t walk…

SHE. She couldn’t walk. She.

And, believe me, I know! When a girl is on a weight loss mission, resting isn’t really on her mind. (And my shin splints still didn’t go away!)

Little did I know that yoga could cure my ails…

…I should really know that by now, right?

According to Livestrong, if your shins are giving you a hard time, you should rest them and stretch them with yoga.

Ten minutes of Legs Up the Wall pose, Hero pose for 30 seconds to one minute and Tree pose for five to 10 breaths a leg will help loosen, stretch and relax the muscle surrounding the shin so it can heal.

Legs Up the Wall pose is also good for backaches, which I currently have, so… See ya!

Workout on your lunch break

When I got a full-time job, I lost my late morning and afternoon workout times. I try to make up for that lost time by going to the YMCA’s Muscle Pump and Power Yoga three nights a week and on Saturday mornings. I also go for a walk every afternoon and try to take the stairs at work as often as possible.

Let me tell you how climbing stairs goes in heels.

Not well.

Some weeks in fitness are better than others, but I want to do as much as I can when I don’t make it to the gym.

Hence, Lunch-Hour Fit by Runner’s World, short workouts to do on your lunch break. I’m turning my cubicle into a gym! I will need to get a nice pair of shoes for climbing stairs and going on more hardcore walks. Our dress code prohibits running and athletic shoes.

Pinterest is full of workout love, too.

Source: via Shae on Pinterest

Yeah, I’m on Pinterest now :)

Sweating alcohol: Heavy drinkers exercise more

Heavy drinkers are also serious sweaters, and they exercise more often than moderate drinkers and nondrinkers, according to a study conducted by the University of Miami featured in Women’s Health Magazine.


The first actions I take after a long run or sweat session are to drink as much ice-cold water as I can get into my face and to take a shower because I smell and am covered in sweat.

Grabbing a light beer or meeting the girls for cosmos?

Not so much.

Apparently, I am an exception. According to the article, the alcohol-after-exercise trend is more pronounced in active, education women, and I like to think of myself as both active and educated.

Don’t get me wrong! Several daily activities include drinking – cleaning the house, cooking, (attempting) baking, raking the yard, playing fetch with the dog, eating… you get the idea.

Just not running.

Last year, I wrote a post about my love of Blue Moon, which is still my brew of choice, and how moderate daily drinkers are less likely to gain weight than occasional boozers.

Are heavy drinkers more likely to exercise than others because of the excess calorie intake, or have heavy drinkers’ metabolism changed so those extra calories don’t matter?

I have been known to drink, but I am not a heavy drinker. Usually, I don’t overdo it. Usually.

What’s your boozing-running agenda? Do you run hard after a night of heavy drinking or do you drink hard after a day of heavy running?

The Geico diet

Gym memberships and diet meal plans are expensive. Counting calories and working out at home is hard.

Need an easier solution? Try the Geico diet.

Here’s a weight loss plan I can support: Peer pressure.

Well I’ve had fun this week. Just remember: There is nothing a diet can do that healthy eating can’t do better.

That is my belief.