The perfect running partner

…is not my dog.

Power Yoga was canceled this morning for a fitness expo so, to get in my daily fitness, I took my dog for a run/walk to the park.

German Shepherd Dog

We walked the four or five blocks to the park. I wanted to start with walking to test my allergies. I didn’t do too badly! Breathed fine, nose was a little stuffy and sneezy, but I wasn’t nearly as bad off as I was the first time running outside.

I waited in the field next to the park for my dog to “get busy.” “Get busy” is his order to go potty. He begrudgingly did so, and then we took off.

We sprinted through the park, up and down the slopes and across the sidewalks.

My dog does not stay with me when he runs. He wants to run ahead of me because he thinks he’s faster than I am.

So we had to have a race…

…he won.


I was pooped! We jogged back home and sprinted the final block so he could get good and worn out.

My precious dog is the reason I can never live in a carpeted house. His drool drops covered my kitchen and hall floors. I had to lay a towel down.

Do you run with your dog? Is he/she faster than you, too?

Update + My motivator

One week of classes left in the semester…

Two final exams scheduled for the final week of classes…

One group project and presentation…

One research paper (complete with data I have yet to finish analyzing)…

I am DONE with my fall classes on Thursday, December 8.

I am DONE with my students’ classes on Tuesday, December 13, and then I have to turn in grades.

I am DONE soon.

Very soon.

I feel like I need another week :)

I am too busy to go to Shocker Fitness :(

However, I am making time to get some form of workout in every day because I cannot be stationary. My legs get mad at me if I sit for too long, which is awesome.

At least three or four mornings each week, I go for a quick run around my neighborhood or do a light circuit workout in my house.

However, because it is very cold in the morning, I do not really want to go outside and exercise. Luckily, I have this dog…

My motivator, Ivan, wants to go outside all the time, and if we’re running around the block, he’s a happy camper (probably because he has a built-in winter coat and loves running like his mommy).

I also take the stairs at work from the lobby to the FOURTH floor. Oh, yeah. I climb those babies. In heels.

I am lacking in the healthy eating department. Sigh.

Ramen noodles, sweets, fast food, pizza… it’s been happening. And I hate it.

However, instead of fighting it, which will not work, I am incorporating salads, vegetables and proteins (Greek yogurt review coming soon) into the unhealthy eating regimen.

When I have more time and less stress, I believe it will be easier for me to switch back to healthy food if I’m still eating healthy food.

I have not given up! I am not taking a break! I am getting as much in as I can right now, and I am happy with myself.

I am not happy about gaining two pounds. Ugh. (I think dry skin is going to be my biggest annoyance, though.)

Tell me if you’re in school, how’s school?

What do you do when you’ve got NO time?

Today, I…

A blog about being domestic… and loving it. (I wish my mommy still picked up after me.)

Today, I…

…finished Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (and cried, no BAWLED)…

…cut coupons. Lots and lots and lots of coupons…

…went grocery shopping! Spent $130(ish) and saved more than $30 with coupons and store deals. I have so many ideas for recipes! :)

…picked up the house and cleaned the kitchen… (I am wife-lady! Here me ROAR!)

…made lunch (recipe below)…

… read 20 pages of A Rhetoric of Motives, and then promptly patched up my brain bleed…

…showered and styled my new hair!

New Hair and I might hit the town later… it’s whatev. We’re that cool.

Pasta Primavera

  • 8 ounces fpenne
  • frozen vegetables, such as broccoli florets, sliced carrots, red bell pepper strips and peas (and you’ll need a steam bag)
  • 1⁄2 cup chicken broth
  • 1 teaspoon dill
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1⁄4 teaspoon thyme
  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 1⁄2 cup grated Parmesan
  • 2 tablespoons butter

First, cook pasta in large saucepan as directed on package. Drain well. Meanwhile, steam frozen veggies in a steam bag in the microwave. A full bag is usually 6 min. for frozen vegetables.

Next, put broth, dill, garlic powder, thyme, cream, Parmesan and butter in same saucepan. Bring to boil, stirring constantly with wire whisk. Reduce heat to low; simmer 5 minutes. Add pasta and vegetables; toss gently to coat well. Serve with additional grated Parmesan cheese, if desired.

What did you do today? Oh, you know, the usual… The dog wanted to take a bath.

Impromptu Chicken Noodle Soup + “To do”

Guess what!


I love fall, but that is for another blog post.

However, because it is fall…

The campus is covered in students walking around in hoodies, the Twitterverse is raving about hot cocoa and space heaters, and I am craving soup.

When I crave soup, I know it is finally fall (or at least almost)!

Unfortunately, following a recipe of any sort is near impossible because Husband and I have reached the back of our cabinets. So…

Impromptu Chicken Noodle Soup

  • 2 russet potatoes, cubed
  • 2 carrots, sliced
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 1 Tbs. butter
  • 32 oz. chicken broth
  • 2 cups water
  • 2 chicken breasts, cut in bits
  • 1 Tbs. olive oil
  • 1 clove garlic, minced
  • 1 pkg. whole wheat egg noodles
  • 4 quarts water
  • salt & pepper
  • basil, thyme, parsley and red pepper flakes (in any amount you please)

First, raid your cabinets. Do you have several soup-like ingredients, such as those mentioned above? Good. You can make soup!

Melt butter in heavy stock pot with vegetables over medium-high heat. Cook, stirring often-ish, until vegetables start to stick to the bottom of the pan.

When the veggies are good and sticking, add the chicken broth, 2 cups water and spices of your choice. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer, covered for 15 to 20 minutes.

Note: Basil and red pepper flakes in large amounts can make a dish very spicy. I added only a dash of both for spice with a kick! Thyme… it’s awesome. Use as much as you want.

Meanwhile, saute garlic in olive oil in a separate pan over medium-high heat. After the oil heats, add chicken and cook until the outside is just cooked. DO NOT COOK THROUGH! Add the chicken to the stock pot of veggies, bring to a boil again, and then simmer until veggies are cooked through.

In addition, bring 4 quarts of water to a rapid boil in another pot, add the egg noodles and cook until al dente, or whatever texture you prefer.

If timing is right, the egg noodles should be done around the same time as the veggies.

Combine egg noodles and soup in a bowl, not in each other’s pots, and enjoy fall.

Why shouldn’t we simply dump the noodles in the stock pot? We just made A LOT of noodles. Excess noodles are unnecessary in soup. However, leftover plain noodles with a few different ingredients, such as eggs or marinara sauce, provide lunch for many days.

Chicken Noodle Soup RecipePantry Soup Recipechicken noodle soup recipe

Now, what is this “to do” nonsense?

My “to do” list is long, and I need to make a bit of headway this weekend or I’ll start falling behind. For example, since I still have yet to receive one of my textbooks from Amazon (jerks), I am behind on reading.

In the meantime, I need to get housework done.

Shae’s Laundry List

  • ceiling fans and light fixtures
  • cobwebs…
  • dusting
  • scrubbing
  • VACUUMING (Dog. Hair. Everywhere.)
  • mopping
  • grocery shopping

And Ivan has finally grown too large for his collar. He needs a big boy collar! My little baby is getting so big :(

Gorgeous animal My baby

I love, tolerate and hate about life…

I have lived in wedded bliss for one year, eight month and 12 days. (Yes. I counted.)

From the experiences my husband and I have shared together, I have learned to love, tolerate and downright despise certain aspects of being a grownup.

First, things that I love.

The nights Husband and I get to go to bed together. He usually only lies down with me for a bit before he gets up because he works nights so he’s awake at night. But, for a few minutes or a couple hours, it is the greatest feeling. Plus I sleep so well.

Mornings I wake up to Husband coming home from work. I’m ridiculously delirious in the morning, and I barely function without coffee, so Husband has a good time watching me zombie-walk around the house. Apparently, I’m “cute.” :)

Cooking. I do love cooking. Nailing a recipe or failing an experiment. Find more of my better experiments and some of my failures here.

Husband’s cooking. I L.O.V.E. love when my husband makes dinner. Husband can make some of the most amazing dishes: roast whole duck, fried chicken, pork tenderloin, twice-baked potatoes, and he is the official taco-maker at our house because he’s patient, and I am NOT.

Alton Brown Pork Tenderloin Chile Lime CilantroHusband’s Chile Lime Grilled Pork Tenderloin waiting for me when I get home from laundry. He is such a great guy.

Taking Ivan the German Shepherd for evening walks (more like night walks) through our neighborhood with Husband. So peaceful, and I’m the only reason it isn’t quiet. ;)

Spending quiet evenings together, which doesn’t last because I like to talk, but when I’m quiet and studying or blogging and when he’s reading, I just feel so peaceful.

While I love SO many more things, I cannot yammer on about my blessings for an entire blog post. Blessing are not nearly as funny as the things I tolerate.

Cleaning. Cleaning I tolerate. While I am not the biggest fan of dusting, I feel a sense of accomplishment when I get the entire house mostly clean.

I might hate scrubbing white cabinets.

Want a few cleaning tricks? Check them out here, and then read these beauties:

  • Swiffer Sweeper Cloths work better than Swiffer Sweeper Dusters at dusting
  • sweep crumbs from the toaster into the dishwasher for an easy clean counter (I’m lazy, and it is the same as stuck on food and grease.)
  • the stairs do NOT need to be vacuumed
  • Scrubbing Bubbles is the shit
  • Dryer Sheets and Fabric Softener are for rich people
  • vacuum the couch to remove dog hair (I’ll get pictures for you.)
  • make your significant other clean the litter box

Litter Box CleanerGrocery shopping is only mildly tolerable. Sometimes I have fun (read here), and other times I am just on a mission (read here).

Recipe hunting. No I do not get a twisted feeling of euphoria when hunting for recipes and meal plans for the week. Recipe hunting is tolerable because I have to buy groceries for all that cooking I love to do.

Working. I know that you know that everyone hates going to work. Why? Because there are probably a thousand things we would all rather be doing than working. Even if you love your job, no one wants to go to work. However, I do not hate work. Work is tolerable because most of the time I mostly enjoy what I do.

Finally, thing that I hate.

Laundry. As you know, I’m sure from here, Husband and I do not own a washer/dryer set. Every Sunday (or another day depending on my schedule), I travel to my mother’s house north of Wichita to do laundry. It’s nice because I get to see my mom, brother and grandparents while I’m in town, but it sucks because I have to load, unload, wash, dry, fold (four times), reload, reunload and put away.

What do I hate most about laundry? Socks. I hate socks.

Vacuuming. Like cellulite and stretch marks, vacuuming is the bane of my existence. Everything about vacuuming is terrible. Nothing is enjoyable. I hate it. It is quite unfortunate that my darling puppy sheds… excessively.

Paying bills. Bills are not fun. Amenities, however, are the bomb-diggity. I still hate bills.

Driving. No joke. When I was a teenager begging my mom to drive, I could not have been more stupid. Driving is just crap.

Oh, how many more things do I hate: animal fur, gas prices, grocery prices, early mornings, late nights, cram sessions and studying for the GRE.

I could go on.

Fortunately, the things that I love about being a grownup really outweigh the things that I tolerate and hate.

I have an amazing husband and an amazing family (in-laws, too) so all of the parts of life that are difficult or annoying or only mildly tolerable are made… easy, simple, nothing to worry over.

What do you love, tolerate and hate about growing up?

What makes it all the more tolerable? My husband.

Hills with Ivan

I am feeling slightly better than yesterday.

When I got home from work, I was so exhausted. I wanted to crawl into bed and sleep! I had no desire to workout.

I changed into PJs and immediately ate a bowl of cereal… make that two bowls. Hey. I was hungry. I forgot to eat my yogurt at lunch.

And then I watched Ghost Whisperer and some Gone Without a Trace and read some blogs and laid on the couch.

General laziness…

But I had to get up.

The dog needed food and that meant a trip to Petsmart… and real clothes. PJs abandoned for sweats (not much better, but more coverage), and to the store I went!

While driving along in the car, bee-bopping to some music, I felt re-energized. I decided I should probably workout.

…but I wasn’t about to do it alone.

Instead of going to the gym by myself and running hills on the incline treadmill, I went to the park with this guy…

Workout with your petHe looks small in this picture. Be advised: My doggie is huge!

We ran up and down the hill at the park in our neighborhood for 10 minutes… well, 12 minutes total because we did run back to the car.

We were pooped. I know it was ONLY 12 minutes, but it was mostly up a hill, which is exhausting.

During our 12-minute workout, I burned 234 calories and maintained a heart rate of 150. I would have liked it to be higher, but I was trying to be conscious of my partner.

Ivan isn’t worried about burning calories or raising his heart rate so he didn’t monitor. :)

For once it wasn’t 1,000 degrees outside, so it was at least a little cool, but my poor dog is covered in thick fur and absorbs light because of his dark coat. He got hot pretty quickly.

I should have brought a water bowl for him…

Mommy FAIL.

He’s helping Daddy cook tacos now… and by helping I mean he’s probably laying in the middle of the kitchen. :)

Good dog.

Who is your favorite workout buddy? Ashley R./T. because my dog tried to trip me four times. He thinks zig-zagging in front of me up the hill is fun.

What do you do right after your workout? Water and a COLD shower :)

Dinner tonight? Tacos!

A better workout

It’s true.

I did not have workout anxiety today.

In fact, I had workout excitement.

MOSTLY because I had to sit on my butt all day, and didn’t have quite as many opportunities to get up and move around.

I was stuck there.

Don’t get excited for me! It’s not that much of an accomplishment. I still did not really enjoy the workout much or at all.

Cardio Power and Resistance is HARD. Why? Because it feels like you’re running and doing a squat at the same time for 30 minutes, which is not a feeling I enjoy.

Who knew? Ha!

I have to be careful, I’ve noticed, on my left leg/foot/ankle. During hard landings, I feel like I’m pinching something that makes my leg spasm. Uncomfortable. (Hard landings as in stomping the floor during High Knees or Hurdle Jumps. I’m trying to land softly.)

Good news: I discovered an “enjoy your workout” trick.

“Oh, do tell!”

Yell at the TV.

I yelled at the television like 50 times in my 42-minute workout DVD. (The first 10-12 minutes are warm up, and then stretch, and then about 25 minutes total of working out.)

So, if you hate working out in your living room to Insanity DVDs like I do, yell at the TV. Scream at it.

It pretty much worked.

More good news: I’m doing well with eating this week!

Next thing!

I thought I’d show you my “gym.”  :)

Working Out in Living Room
My program/trainer/DVD!
Need a Yoga Mat for Insanity Workout DVD at Home
My mat! I do not technically need to use a mat, but there is dog hair all over my floor, so...
Keep Cool with a Fan during Workout at Home
A fan to keep me cool because it gets hot. And a dog bone for my suddenly missing workout partner.
skinnyshae ready to workout to Insanity DVD
And THAT is my stellar headband. :)

So that’s me getting ready for my workout. I’m dead right now. No. You don’t get a picture. It’s time for a shower.

Is this positive? Is this a positive attitude? I’m trying!

Here’s something positive: Husband is cooking dinner tonight! :)