September in review


My baby is the size of a rutabaga, which is like the same thing as a turnip, but not. Looks like a big radish.

The vegetable isn’t the point.

The point is… I think a cuter fruit and/or vegetable could have been used to describe the size of the baby.

Who says “That’s about the size of a rutabaga,” or “I need about a rutabaga’s worth of [insert smaller thing here]?”

No one.

I’m 25 weeks, and my stomach is the size of a soccer ball – probably not regulation – and I constantly look like I’ve eaten a large burrito for breakfast.

Or a rutabaga.

It seemed fitting that if we must describe the size of the baby in fruits and vegetables, we should also describe the size of the mommy in fruits and vegetables.

Or gourds.

Pregnant Shae dressed like a pumpkin
Hiding in plain sight #itsapregnantjoke

Let’s work backwards through the month because I have pregnancy brain and the associations are easier working backwards.

No judgement.

September ended with good fun at Walter’s Pumpkin Patch in Burns, Kansas, which has fields of pumpkins, picnic areas, jungle gyms and slides, bouncy pillows, sandboxes and all sorts of fun for kids.

Even though mine couldn’t play with any of the bigger kids (Ha.), I had fun. Hot dogs, s’mores and… me getting my picture taken awkwardly with pumpkins.

Hot dogs and brats grilling
Dogs on the grill! (Don’t worry. They burned one for me, and I covered it in mustard and ketchup for flavor.)
First s’more of fall!

Husband and I celebrated fall weather, which FINALLY showed up, the week before at the Wichita Wagonmaster’s Downtown Chili Cookoff.

skinnyshae and husband


I ate chili. A LOT of chili.

Husband’s chili could have blown them all out of the water, though, and I can’t wait until it’s cold enough to make it. Freezing temps outside or the house gets really hot…

I made it to one of four concerts as part of the Carnegie Concert Series, which was a fun stop during my #shaecation last year.

gooding in the park
Music by Gooding.
uno mas tacos food truck wichita ks
Tacos by Uno Mas.

(I asked the guy for spicy sauce, and he warned me that it was really spicy like little ole me wouldn’t be able to handle it. Ha! Silly mortals. I’m pregnant. I could eat fire. It was pretty spicy, tbh, but man was it good.)

And I celebrated #nationalcoffeeday – pregnant or not, I’m not missing this – with a delightful latte from Reverie.

Reverie coffee roasters latte

Because September WAS the start of fall, I PSL’d Sept. 1.

Like three times in a row.


grande pumpkin spice latte

And I haven’t given up on my need for decluttering the house before baby arrives. I just realized I don’t have a lot of the things the list recommends I should toss.

Day #9-13: No dried flowers or magazines to toss. I couldn’t find a CD that had music on it… Lots of back-up drives. No music. #shorthairdontcare tossed all useless hair accessories a year ago.

Day #14-20: I was able to clean out the closet, including donating four pairs of Husband’s old shoes and one more pair of mine. I’ll spare you a photo of the “tired bras” I tossed. I also reorganized the kitchen cabinets to get rid of appliances I don’t use and kitchen things I have extras of. I gathered up decorative items I haven’t found a home for since moving into this house

…but I’m not getting rid of even one of my scarves that I never wear.


how to wear six scarves at once
I’m wearing six scarves in this photo.

I refuse. I love them all.

Next month, Husband and I will actually do something in the baby’s room so you’ll get pictures for sure of HOW CUTE IT WILL BE OMG.

Live action latte art at Reverie Coffee Roasters

Reverie Coffee Roasters in Wichita hosted a latte art competition for area baristas last night, the fourth of its kind at Reverie.

I have never attended a latte art competition. Before last week, I didn’t even know about latte art competitions.

Owner Andrew Gough said, historically, there haven’t been many organized events for the coffee community in Wichita.

“So I think, first and foremost, it was really for the baristas to get together and spend a little time hanging out,” he said. “We want to raise the overall appreciation for the art and the craft that goes into making coffee.”

Gough said baristas and their supporters came from Garden City, Kansas City, Manhattan, McPherson, Hutchinson and Wichita to participate.

“We got people who drove three and half hours,” he said. “That’s pretty cool.”

The reason so many baristas from out of town come to Reverie for these competitions is because Reverie baristas travel out of town to compete, too.

“Some of our employees went a couple nights ago to Oklahoma City and just blew their minds that we went there,” he said.

Reverie baristas also go to Tulsa, Kansas City, Lawrence and Manhattan for throw downs like these. According to Gough, coffee shops and baristas support each other.

“And they hang out and have fun.”

With enough room for elbows, a crowded shop of friends, family and fans watched more than 30 competitors show off their skills at Reverie’s newly renovated bar.

Latte Art (33)

In a picture, latte art is…

Latte Art (4)

Baristas poured steamed milk into espresso (to make a latte) in such a way to make a design. The design had to be poured, not drawn, so competitors had one shot — ha! like espresso — to make it.

Judges determined which latte would move on to the next round in bracket-like style, and all the lattes were handed out to the crowd.

Latte Art (5)

With standing room only and me not being taller than 75 percent of the room, I hopped on the bench with a friend to get a better view.

Latte Art (36)

View from the bench.

But I did have to get a few close-ups.

Latte Art (19)
The pour.


Latte Art (20)
The presentation.


The judgement.
The judgement.

Reverie also had a live action camera hanging over the judging station so the entire shop could see the art before it was judged and consumed by the crowd.

I had two…

I also had this delicious little ice cream nugget by Little Lion Ice Cream. Two scoops of stout ice cream and a shot of espresso — called an affogato. Holy… so good.

Complete with my lipstick on the spoon. Couldn't wait to take a bite!
Complete with my lipstick on the spoon. Couldn’t wait to take a bite!

So I was appropriately caffeinated with some of the most delicious, delightfully smooth espresso I’ve ever had.

I consume a ton of coffee daily, and, most of the time, I’m not too concerned with the taste — I happen to like the bitter bite and sludgy consistency of what I brew at home — but this espresso was unreal it was so good.

Take it from me, I get coffee wherever I go — Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, gas stations, the break room, etc. — and Reverie’s espresso tops the list in flavor and texture.

It was straight up velvet in a cup.

Latte Art (35)
Even after being poured out of the coffee cup and into a to-go cup it still looks pretty.

I got the final round on video! Tom and Ian went shot to shot.

And the winner is…

Latte Art (30)

Tom and Ian, second and first place, at Reverie’s latte art competition

I’m happy I got to see this show of skill and learn a little more about the coffee community in Wichita. I will be partaking in a cup or two at Reverie in the future — you can count on it.

I need coffee. All. The. Time.

My every Monday…

“Warning: Coffee has given me unrealistic expectations of productivity.”

Pin from Lost Bumblebee

More coffee for your Monday:

Eat more than 300 calories for breakfast

Have you seen Jimmy Dean’s “Eat Like a Bird” commercial?

Sun is just amazed by her “under 300 calories” breakfast. She’s eating bird food!

Quick question: Why in the world would anyone eat less than 300 calories for breakfast?

If I don’t eat at least 350 calories for breakfast, I am starving by 10 a.m.! Starving. (And I still have a giant apple at 11 a.m. to keep myself from pigging out at lunch and dinner.)

That apple was the size of my coffee cup…

Additional question: Why would anyone who wants to lose weight eat less than 300 calories  for breakfast?

According to a study conducted at Virginia Commonwealth University, a person will feel less hungry throughout the day, even at lunch and dinner, if he or she eats a larger breakfast.

In my experience, I will over eat at lunch and dinner if I do not get enough breakfast. (See above. Not kidding.)

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Sleeping is fasting, and the body needs fuel when it wakes to get going again.

Every aspect of your life will be better if you eat a healthy filling breakfast. You’re body will work better, internally (metabolism) and externally (less lethargy). You’re brain will work better (more focus).

You will notice the difference in mental and physical performance almost immediately. I promise.

Unless you have been told by your doctor to eat less than 300 calories for breakfast, I believe you should aim for a 350- and 500-calorie bfreakfast broken out between fiber, fat and protein.

So whip up these EatingWell Waffles. Cover them with berries and bananas, and perhaps a bit of syrup or jam. Fry up a couple of eggs, salt and pepper to taste. Drink a glass of milk, a glass or orange juice or several cups a cup of coffee.

…probably skip the sausage links and ham…

Be full.

Feel fueled.

Have breakfast.

Both ends are lit…

Burning both ends of the candle. Both wicks are lit, steadily burning hour after hour, until the wax runs low and the flames go out.

Not the best way to go about life.

I am exhausted.

In an attempt to make up work I should have done on Friday and Saturday nights, when I was out with friends, I think I might have destroyed several brain cells reading Burke’s A Rhetoric of Motives and researching for my thesis today.

(Definite loss of brain power, for sure. Since beginning writing this blog, I have spelled four words incorrectly and used the incorrect word more times than I can count. Ex: “work” instead of “word.” Yes, I did it in this note.)

The Situation

Problem: Exhaustion.

Cause: School.

Secondary Cause(s): Bad diet, no workouts, going to be late and sleeping in.

Solution(s): Eat healthy fuds! Go to Shocker Fitness! Go to bed early! Get up on time!

Also, more than two cups of coffee? Yes.

I believe I am going to find a remedy for scheduling little mental breaks throughout my day, such as not thinking for five minutes, which is impossible, but I’ll try. If I can get a little baby break, maybe, just maybe, these uber horrendous study days will be less demanding and taxing on the blood supply to my brain.

Here’s hoping!

Mental break ideas… Go! And I’ll share! :)

Side Note: Watched my 8-year-old brother do homework today… I do not remember doing book reports in third grade. We had assigned reading that we talked about in class. I actually don’t remember having homework until fourth grade.

Dear Public Education System,

Seriously!? He’s 8!


Shae (Concerned citizen for youngin’s everywhere who do not get to make mud pies or play with pets and friends because of math homework)


Yogurt Obsession

Quick announcement…

I think I might be addicted to yogurt.

It’s getting bad.

I’ve had like three today: Chocolate, Strawberry and (I am about to break in to a) Vanilla.

Luckily, the Yoplait Whips! are only 140 calories each, or I would be so fat.

Next thing…

How do you put flavor in mostly flavorless soup?

Hot sauce :)

Final thing…

Yesterday, I posted that I would probably be on campus ALL DAY long, but I got real sick of sitting real quick.

After the staff meeting, I came home, showered! and ate more yogurt.

…zomg I freakin’ love this stuff…

Yogi? Um. Daily. Tri-daily…

Food: It’s a love-hate relationship

Are you in a love-hate relationship with food? I am. I love food. No, I loaf food. No, I loourve food. I love it so much I had to make up a new word (movie reference).

But food is a great big jerk. Food hates me AND enjoys torturing me.


According to the article Why We Love Food from Women’s Health Magazine, you can always walk away from a relationship.

Unless that relationship happens to be with food.

The author, Martha Brockenbrough, claimed that a woman’s relationship with food is the most complicated relationship in her life.

A poll of 6,000 Women’s Health Magazine readers found that approximately 30 percent felt stressed about food every day.

Wow. I am not one of those people. I only occasionally feel stressed about food.

Wait, what? Really?

OK, so even more women in that poll occasionally feel food anxiety.


(However, those women are Women’s Health Magazine readers who are influenced by articles such as this. Ho hum!)

More statistics: Approximately five percent of women suffer from an eating disorder in the United States, and 36 percent of women are obese.

Holy monkeys, why?

Lots of reasons, of course, but here’s the big one: Food isn’t just fuel like it was for our cave-dwelling ancestors. (And we don’t have to go kill it or grow it so it’s not even hard to get.)

The article said: “A piece of chocolate might be a sin, or a reward, or a comfort (or all three at different times).”

What does a piece of chocolate mean to you? If you don’t know, don’t worry! Every individual square of Dove chocolate will tell you what it means.

The article asked why do we love food, but hate it, too? Physiology, genetics and family and cultural baggage. (I find the term baggage to be a little extreme. Why not life experiences?)

However, we do not have to be in a love-hate relationship with our food. Once we have a clearer picture of what shapes our eating behavior, we can enjoy our food.

On the Tip of Your Tongue
Taste buds keep you alive.

Scientists (who knows what scientists – don’t ask me) hypothesize that toxic foods often taste bitter, and the ability to distinguish flavors is our evolutionary advantage. Go Team Human!

Also why babies don’t like green veggies.

Sweet teeth are the fault of genes. Taste preferences are coded in DNA. In a study published in the Journal of Physiology and Behavior, as much as 45 percent of our food preferences are determined by genetics so you can blame your mother.

In an article by Ladies’ Home Journal, Carol Ann Rinzler, the author of more than 20 health and nutrition books said: “What you eat says a great deal about you, whether you are adventurous, what allergies and conditions you may have and quite a bit about your genetic makeup.”

Both George H. W. Bush and Husband hate broccoli, and I’m pretty sure that is just because they’re crazy. Broccoli is awesome.

The number of taste buds and combination of genetic factors can determine whether we are extra sensitive to most foods, super tasters, and are more inclined to be picky (like Husband).

I wish. Oh, I wish I was picky. I’m not. I’ll eat ALMOST anything, except mushrooms.

Of course, we become accustomed to different food flavors. We’re like babies. Eventually, we will eat spinach, and love it. For example, I love coffee. When I was younger, coffee tasted like gross.

Now, coffee is amazing! I love that stuff, but I’m cutting back. I’m cutting back. I promised.

According to the same study, 55 percent of our food behavior is learned. Again, like babies, we pick up food preferences from our parents the same way we pick up language. We also pick up our parents’ attitudes about food.

So we learn to love and hate food in utero, as babies, as children, etc. The most complicated relationship we commit ourselves to as adult women is determined for us.


Our Food, Ourselves
The article said food can be who we are, what we remember, what we hope for and what we have lost. Can we really blame ourselves for getting emotional about it?

In addition, cultural and social expectations shape the way we feel about how and how much we eat. In the United States and many European countries, thinness is coveted. Look at this blog! Women feel guilty about food because society tells them to feel guilty.

Do men feel this way? Heh. Yes. Dodge Ball, anyone?

Befriending Food Again
Instead of letting food treat you like the red-headed step child, beat it first. (I’m sorry. That’s a terrible reference. I know I’m a horrible person.)

(Un)Fortunately, food and I are not enemies. We’re practically married. I love food, but I feel the guilt. I know what food anxiety feels like.

While we cannot change our DNA, we can enjoy our food. Food and you can be friends.

Focus on your food. It needs attention. Turn off the television, sit at the table and take pleasure in your meal.

Don’t be hyper vigilant. Obsessive compulsive disorder is an anxiety disorder. Eating disorders are anxiety disorders. Anxiety disorders are not fun.

Don’t tell yourself no. Dieting fails. Know how much of something you want. Eat it.

Listen to your gut. We have our own emotional issues with food, so why, if everyone else is ordering salad, should we take on their baggage as well? Order steak or a burger. Enjoy it.

On the workout front… I’m giving up anxiety. I had a revelation, and I’m prepared to make it real.

What do you do to battle food anxiety, confusion and guilt? I’m still learning. :)