#WRW16 skinnyshae Preview

Wichita Restaurant Week starts today!

I already have lunch plans with a friend next week to eat for the first time at one of the participating restaurants downtown — you’ll have to wait and see!

Unfortunately, I will not be able to make it to every restaurant. Full-time job, full-time house, full-time not leaving my house very often…

(Some day I’ll write a blog about how much I love being in my house and not in public.)

Since I can’t eat at every restaurant this week, I have a preview of restaurants I’ve eaten at in the past and can say  for certain that I love the food and support them with all my food-loving self.

Delano Barbeque Company

If you know the Midwest, you know about our barbeque. If you know about me, you know I love barbeque.

Evidence (again): This bucket of ribs.


One of my favorite places to get barbeque and my absolute favorite place in Wichita is Delano Barbeque Company.

It’s on my list for Wichita Restaurant Week — I’ve never met the pit master, and it’s about time I had another Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich. During #WRW16, at lunch, it comes with two onion rings and choice of side. (Hint: I’m getting cole slaw.)

Jon and Michelle Suddeth, owners
Jon and Michelle Suddeth, owners

Here’s hoping I can find some BBQ-loving friends to go with me!

The Monarch

Not the butterfly, but I love those, too.

The Monarch is chill, has a great patio, great sandwiches made with smoked meat and cheese THAT THEY SMOKE THEMSELVES and a fantastic beer selection.

They have Gutch on tap. I love Gutch.

They also have this giant cheese ball — not on tap, on the menu.

Monarch Cheese Ball

While the cheese ball isn’t on the #WRW16 menu, all of the other greats are:

  • Peppadew Hummus (recommend)
  • Fried Green Beans (seriously recommend)
  • ANY OF THE SANDWICHES — My favorite is The Roundabout.

And, apparently, on Monday, it’s $2.75 Mystery Beer, and that sounds like the most fun game in the world.

It’s $30 for two people, excluding drinks (get the Gutch), tip and tax.

Public at the Brickyard

Oh, Public, I love you — as a restaurant.

Public at the Brickyard
…because without beer, things do not seem to go as well…
I have about 3,000 pictures of this drink. You know, about.
I have about 3,000 pictures of this Bloody Mary. You know, about.
Salmon Benedict at Public at the Brickyard
I have eaten this dish approximately 3,000 time. Pretty sure on this number…
And I've read "user comments" in their ticket books too many times to count :)
And I’ve read “user comments” in their ticket books too many times to count :)

I. LOVE. Public.

It’s my favorite public place. Hah!

My husband and I are deciding where we want to go together to dinner, and Public is at the top of the list. It’s always on the list. Every day.


You should. (They’re not on the special menu, but just remember that you need to go during #WRW16 AND again just for the pickles.)

Wine Dive

Wine Dive is in my neighborhood. So, of course, I’ve eaten there. Often.

For #WRW16, they’re featuring an Italian tasting menu with wild mushrooms, arugula salad and tiramisu with a choice of one of two entrees — and the Tuscan Grilled Strip Steak sounds like a little piece of food heaven.

I’ve also eaten at The Hungry Heart, The Hill Bar & Grill, AVI, Chester’s Chophouse, Playa Azul and River City Brewing Co.  (another favorite).

There are 25 participating restaurants on the list, and I think I’m going to get to five.

Ugh. Decisions…

I am taking non-biased recommendations.

Wichita Restaurant Week #WRW16 #ictdining

Last night, I attended the launch party for Wichita Restaurant Week 2016 by Visit Wichita to benefit Boys & Girls Club of South Central Kansas.




During Wichita Restaurant Week, local chefs and restaurants serve a special menu – for example, a three-course dinner for two for $24 – and 10 percent of the meal goes to Boys & Girls Club of South Central Kansas.

Boys & Girls Clubs across the country “nurture young people’s self-esteem by instilling in them a sense of belonging, competence, power and influence, and usefulness.” They do this “by providing young people with one-on-one relationships with caring adult professionals and fun, age-appropriate, well-rounded programming.”

Not only do children have a safe, secure place to go after school and during the summer, they also get a meal at the end of the day, help with homework  and experience in performing arts, computer training and sports.

An amazing cause supported locally by some seriously amazing restaurants.

See the complete list of participating restaurants and pricing >>

Wichita is the foodiest, eats-loving city in the world – OK, at least in Kansas – and, starting Friday, Jan. 22, I cannot wait to blog about all the food I’m about to consume – with no kitchen effort on my part. I will select a handful of restaurants to visit during Wichita Restaurant Week 2016 and post my reviews on skinnyshae. Media and other Wichita foodies will also be posting to social so follow along with #WRW16 and #ictdining!


L-R: Guy Bower and Beth Bower of The Good Life; Paul Freimuth, executive chef at Hyatt Regency Wichita; Denise Neil, reporter and columnist at the Wichita Eagle; and then me… (and I make this same face in every photo).


Debra Fraser and Sarah Jane Crespo of my favorite public radio station KMUW 89.1
L-R: Debra Fraser and Sarah Jane Crespo of my favorite public radio station, KMUW 89.1


L-R: Me, Cindy Kelly of Two Olives and Phillip Warren of Chain Free Eating
L-R: Me, grad school bud Cindy Kelly of Two Olives and Phillip Warren of Chain Free Eating


Brook Russell, co-owner and the woman behind the Public Pickles at Public at the Brickyard
Brook Russell, co-owner and the woman behind the Public Pickles at Public at the Brickyard


Stacy Ward Lattin and Torrey Lattin, co-owners of Hopping Gnome Brewery
Stacy Ward Lattin and Torrey Lattin, co-owners of Hopping Gnome Brewery

I failed #justonejanuary last night with these crafty brews…

Hopping Gnome Saison
Steampunk Saison was my favorite.


John David Payne, the chef behind the Ahi Tuna Nachos at The Hungry Heart


Delano Barbecue Co.
Jon Suddeth and Michelle Suddeth, owners of Delano Barbeque Company


Andrew Gough of Reverie Coffee Roasters
Andrew Gough of Reverie Coffee Roasters


Tia. She's a SAINT.
AND TIA – the woman who saved my sanity once when I was in grad school – she found and returned my lost wedding ring – and now she’s supporting Boys & Girls Club of South Central Kansas as a member of the board. Saint.


J.D. from Visit Wichita, Dena from Foodie Wichita and me
J.D. from Visit Wichita and Dena from Foodie Wichita

Finally, I would like to say thank you thank you thank you to J.D. and Jamie (not pictured) from Visit Wichita for inviting me to the event!

If you want to review a Wichita Restaurant Week participating restaurant for skinnyshae, contact me!


Post-run beers from Runner’s World

When I am wrong, I admit I am wrong (unless I’m wrong about something Husband was right about, then I’m still right).

Well, folks, I was wrong about drinking alcohol after a workout.

I said that I preferred a cold glass of water and a shower, not grabbing a light beer or meeting the girls for cosmos. But I might have to have a beer after my next long run.


Runner’s World posted a slide show featuring 7 Tasty Post-Run Beers that can boost your energy and rehydrate your body.

And I trust Runner’s World as a source of information for runners… and drinkers, apparently.

Now, I plan on hunting down the Smuttynose Old Brown Dog and drinking it when I’m dog-tired after a good long run this summer.

Wish me luck.

Confession Time: The weekend binge

Ugh. Here goes.


Chicken wings.

Another beer.

Ice cream. Cheesecake ice cream.

On Saturday night, Husband and I met up with a bunch of my friends from when I worked as a bartender and went to a hockey game. The Thunder slaughtered the Oilers. The last three goals were so awesome.

We binged on beer, chicken wings and ice cream after the game. And by “binge” I mean I had two (not light) beers, eight or nine chicken wings and a 1/3 cup of ice cream.

(Before the game I had done nothing but eat all day so I was pretty full up before the binging, but the added binging did not help.)

I am re-committing to my resolutions on Monday.

Commitment five.

*hand slap*

Remedies to the Rescue!

Journal Stories: Secrets of a bored girl
Entry #8
Food Remedies

The first entry in the Flowers Journal is called “Remedies to the Rescue,” but I haven’t got the slightest idea where it came from… probably Yoga Journal or Women’s Health Magazine.

“Remedies to the Rescue” has natural healing remedies for things like sensitive, dry skin and damaged hair. These remedies are not meant for health healing, but for beauty healing. Sometimes, you have to use an au natural remedy in order to get the fix you want.

Oatmeal: for calm, soft skin

Oatmeal contains beta glucan, a soluble fiber that create a thin, moisturizing film of the surface of the skin. Place a handful of whole oats in a clean washcloth and secure it with a rubber band (hair ties also work). Place it in a sink-full of warm water and squeeze the bag four to five times. Once the water is cloudy, splash it on your face and air dry.

Eating oatmeal? Also good for your skin! (And the rest of  you.)

Walnuts: for exfoliating hands and feet

Blend 1/4 cup shelled walnuts, 1/2 cup olive oil and one tablespoon of honey in a food processor set on a slow speed to create a fine particle scrub. Work over hands and feet and rinse with warm water.

Since I’m a poor grad student, I refused to grind expensive walnuts and rub them on my feet. If you have the extra cash, I hear this is more relaxing than one of those Pedi Scrapers.

Avocado Oil: for repair to dry, sensitive skin

Avocado oil’s abundant fatty acids help balance skin’s moisture levels, and vitamins A, C and E protect skin from further damage. Prevention is key! Combine equal parts avocado and evening primrose oils in a bottle and shake to blend. Massage five to six drops into clean skin, and then cover your face (or the area you treated) with a clean, warm wet cloth to help the oils sink in.

Eggs: for strengthening damaged hair

High protein count helps improves hair’s resilience and luster. Whisk one egg, two tablespoons coconut oil and two tablespoons sesame oil together. Apply mixture to dry hair and wrap with a hot, moist towel. Relax for 5-10 minutes. Without wetting hair first, work in shampoo, rinse and condition your hair.

It is never good to leave the eggs in… You might scramble on a hot day. And it’s been hot in Kansas.

Oranges: for sloughing dry skin off heels, knees and elbows

Fruit acids loosen dead cells. Halve a fresh orange and squeeze the juice of one half into a bowl. Add 1/4 cup granulated sugar and 1/4 cup olive oil, and then blend into a moisture-rich scrub. Rub exposed orange half over dry, rough patches on skin, and then rub in the sugar mix. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

Remedies like this often ask you to pat or air dry, and that is because it is bad for your skin and hair to be rubbed vigorously with a dry towel. Don’t do that. It’s no good.

Milk: for soothing and softening skin

Lactic acid is a gentle skin exfoliant, and natural fats act as a body moisturizer. Add one gallon of whole milk to a tubful of warm water and soak.

This may be a little expensive. I know I don’t like spending money on a half-gallon, but if you think about it… How expensive are those bath salts and creams you can only use once anyway?

Apple-Cider Vinegar: for fighting breakouts

A cure! High acid content makes skin inhospitable to blemish-causing bacteria. Place a handful of parsley into a French press and cover it with 1/2 cup boiling water. Steep for 10 minutes, and then plunge and let liquid cool. Transfer to a spray bottle along with a splash of apple-cider vinegar and four drops of tea tree oil (this stuff rocks). Shake well and spritz on a freshly cleaned face. Store in fridge.

I have to do this soon. My hormonal breakouts are making my face look like I’m 14 again. Gross.

Beer: for plumping flat, dull hair

YES! Everybody loves beer. Yeast and hops help to swell the hair shaft and plump the cuticle (I think it does the same for your waistline), adding volume. The acidity of the beer helps remove built up product residue, which is what weighs your hair down. After you shampoo, pour a bottle of beer over your hair (it’s best if it’s cold –sorry). Rinse briefly with fresh water. A rich beer high in yeast and calories works best. None of that light stuff.

Stop using chemicals! Use food! Plus, after you scrubbed away with oatmeal, you can use the rest to make breakfast!

Happy Wednesday!

I’m in a good mood! …Why doesn’t anyone believe me? ;)

Husband and I did not do yoga. Boo.

I did do Pure Cardio (like I was supposed to). Yay!

It sucked.

But I did it!

I’m proud of me. Whatever.

A day of exercising, cleaning, baking and weddings!

Well, one wedding. Not many.

I drank beer and ate cake and danced to “Party in the USA” by the smaller, female Cyrus.

Less country. More teenager. It’s cool.

It was fun.

I’m in a good mood. :)

(But I really really want a turkey pita with fries from Spangles. Crap. Cravings.)

Tomorrow is laundry day!

And Father’s Day! Husband and I will be celebrating at Sister-in-Law and Brother-in-Law’s house. Nephew is afraid of Husband.

It’s cute!

This must be a post of pointless announcements.

Here’s a photo of me being a rock star.

skinnyshae being a rock starI hope you enjoyed that.

(If you couldn’t tell, I am in the middle of rocking an air guitar. Just so we’re clear.)

I miss that jacket…

Have a lovely night!

Alcohol and bikinis

I love beer.

I turned 21 and tried whisky, rum, tequila and many other kinds of liquor or alcohol varieties, including really girly crap. (I still enjoy Cosmos.)

Beer is my favorite, I think. Maybe behind vodka… or they are tied. I can’t decide.

And I don’t just drink any crappy, low-quality, gross, low-calorie lager like some beers we all know and drink because they’re there but not because they taste even remotely good. I drink the good stuff, which happens to be tasty, high-definition, amazing, full o’ calories ales.

I love my Blue Moon, of which one 12 oz. bottle has 171 calories. Boo.

Another beverage I enjoy is a Vodka Soda with Lime, which is pretty much bottom shelf vodka with soda water (or water, I’m not picky) with lime slices (enough to make it taste like lime juice).

Blue Moon tastes good and equals about a daily snack of calories. Vodka has fewer calories, but is not nearly as tasty.

Calories v. Taste… Who will win?

We all know booze makes us fat because of scientific processes in our bodies doing digestion stuff and using metabolism. However, there’s some good news (that I totally do not agree with because I do not promote being drunk a lot).

Now that I think about it… I don’t like being drunk ever. It’s just not fun.

…Back to the point…

An article from Women’s Health Magazine said:

“Earlier this year, the Archives of Internal Medicine published what may be the best news for booze since the 21st Amendment. Researchers found that women who had one or two alcoholic drinks a day were actually less likely to gain weight than those who shunned the sauce. And they did it while consuming more calories overall (from food and drink) than both heavy drinkers and teetotalers.” –WHM, Karen Ansel, R.D.

Fantastic! That means when I have two Blue Moons (two vodkas, two wines, two etc.), I won’t gain excess booze-y poundage. No girl needs a beer gut. But it really only works if you drink daily. Meaning in an alcoholic-type way.

Explained… “Researchers believe that the bodies of long-term moderate drinkers somehow adapt to metabolize alcohol differently than heavy or occasional drinkers. They use more energy, burning the calories in the drink—or even more than that—while digesting it, says Lu Wang, M.D., Ph.D., the lead researcher of the study and an instructor in medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.” –WHM, Karen Ansel, R.D.

I guess you just have to make the decision for yourself. Turn into a regular boozer or practice moderation and run an extra mile the next day so your binge doesn’t turn into a beer belly.

I’m torn. But, I think, definitely if it’s tequila, moderation is best!

And, since I’m trying to lose weight, not gain or maintain, and get healthy, I am cutting back, and cutting out the Blue Moon.

I just got a little sad…

In addition, alcohol drains the bank account, and Husband and I need to save money, not spend it. So… no more Blue Moon.

I’m still sad. But this is best for my body (and my checking account) in the long run. Wish me luck! It’s water (and coffee – I’m never giving that up) for me from now on!

Fantastic note: I’m all signed up for Bikini Boot Camp (which is totally two words… sorry). This might work!

Please work… I really want to wear my bathing suit without feeling silly in it.

For our “homework” this week, Casey Jo, the trainer (she rocks), wants us to get in three hours of cardio. So far I’ve gotten 45 minutes! Go me!