Coconut oil for winter beauty

Winter weather destroys my hair and skin.

My hair is dry and stringy, but also oily at the same time, so I look like I stuck my finger in a light socket.

My skin is dry and bumpy and just plain gross.

My scalp itches like crazy.

My lips are cracked and peeled, and I’m OCD about biting them (and my nails) until lip balm is just a hopeless stick of lies.

This happens every year so I should be prepared, but I’m not.

I found a coconut oil solution for almost every skin condition on Pinterest. Yes, of course, Pinterest.

I have every intention of fixing my horrid hair by dragging the frizzy, icky mess to the hair salon. It needs to be cut… badly. And it could use another coating of clear.

My skin is a different issue.

I cannot just run down to the skin salon and get it fixed for the next three months. It’s an organ. It needs like… constant care and maintenance.

So the pinner of the Pinterest pin I found uses a mixture of a pinch baking soda and dab of coconut oil to wash his or her face (assuming woman) to prevent breakouts and provide glowing skin. He/She applies the mixture every few days and uses just the coconut oil on off days.

Preventing acne and blackheads by rubbing oil all over my face sounds too good to be true, but, with this dry, red, blackhead-ridden skin…

Well, I might as well try!

Tell me: Have you rubbed oil all over your face and ended up with a result that wasn’t totally gross? Should I bother?

Another Pinterest pin highlighted a coconut oil eye cream mixed with vitamin E from a capsule. Both ingredients promote skin health and repair.

Women’s Health Magazine also have a few DIY recipes for health skin!

2013 New Year’s resolutions

I make New Year’s resolutions every year.

Resolutions to eat better, to exercise more, to wake up earlier, to pluck my eyebrows… regularly.

Blah, blah, blah…

I have yet to keep and/or accomplish a New Year’s resolution. I doubt 2013 is my year to change my ways, but let’s be hopeful.

Here are my New Year’s resolutions… (Notice how I’m not doing crap about my eyebrows.)

Resolution #1: Commit to better health and hygiene habits

No. I am not resolving to brush my teeth. I do that anyway. I should probably floss more…

But I am resolving to take better care of my hair, skin and nails…Yes. I want to stop biting my nails. I did it once! I can do it again.

To consider this resolution a success, I will have used lotion at least every other day. I should also probably get a haircut… split ends… they exist.

Resolution #2: Eat better, exercise more, yada yada yada…

Well. Of course, I want to lose weight.

Goal: Fit. In. My. Jeans. I miss denim.

Here’s a break down with helpful links…

I’m not going for triathlete in 2013, but I would settle for regular old athlete. Settle = celebrate.

Resolution #3: Stop boredom eating

I will give up having relatively decent looking fingernails (let’s face it, they’ll never be pretty) if I can stop stop stop eating when I’m bored.

I would really like that a bunch.

Resolution #4: Master the art of preparing dried beans, lentils and rice

I cannot cook dried beans, dried lentils or, most recently, rice. Regular old rice. Messed that noise up.

I know these things are healthy and inexpensive so I should eat them, but to eat them means they must taste good. The “taste good” is where I get a little backwards.

Resolution #5: The financial resolution

Save more money. Spend less money. Use a real budget that makes sense and whatnot…, people.

Five resolutions for 2013. Just five.

If I stop biting my nails and/or stop boredom eating, and if I use lotion so my skin doesn’t suck, and if I make ONE lentil dish that doesn’t taste awful, I will consider these resolutions successful. Also if I pay off some debt… for the financial resolution I threw in to make it seem like I’m responsible.

What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2013? Tackling any big ones this year?

New stylist, new hair

I have been on the hunt for a new hair stylist since my usual hair stylist moved. Many Twitter friends and friends from college made their recommendations, and I did a little research, but it was the advice of my best friend, Ashley (who I’ve known for approximately 14 years), that I followed.

On Friday, July 13, I went to an art show at JK ART CO featuring Ashley’s hair stylist, Jen. (She makes the J. K. in JK ART CO).

I talked to Jen about my blah hair, and she said she’d give me sassy hair. I was hooked. No one had ever offered to cut my hair sassy.

jk art co wichita kansasBefore. Please excuse my weird-looking face sans make up.

jk art co wichita kansas

jk art co wichita kansas I’m classy. I read ARTnews while sitting under the hair dryer. Jen put “clear” in my hair, which is like hair dye without the dye. I like my natural hair color, but I could use the body and shine hair dye provides.

jk art co wichita kansasSassy! I have bangs… kinda… and textured layers hidden under my longer top layers for surprise volume!

jk art co wichita kansasI can still wear my hair up in my bobbins if I get too hot.

jk art co wichita kansas I’m still working on my waves… My first attempt just looked a little messy. Maybe edgy is a better word?

I like edgy.

Do you have a favorite? Should I wear my hair blown out, in waves or up?

Summer Series: Glowing skin

My skin glows!

…like the white moon.

…like a neon sign in a crappy bar.

…like the pale, pasty little person that I am.

I love the sunshine. I hate UV rays.

When sunlight touches my skin, I do not tan. I do not obtain any glorious golden glow. Oh, no. I’m a lobster.

I do not need a golden tan to enjoy my summer skin. However, I do want a flawless complexion so my paleness isn’t as noticeable.

Women’s Health Magazine sites luminosity, small pores, even tone, smoothness and suppleness as qualities of healthy, glowing skin.

If I have smooth, supple skin, I’m sure to feel confident showing off my legs and arms free of color. I might add some shimmer to ward off the neon glow.

And, lucky me, I found the perfect foundation! FITMe by Maybelline. Unlike Maybelline’s Dream Foam Mousse junk, FITMe covers my skin completely and flawlessly.

(And, of course, my foundation is in the palest, lightest shade available. Oh, to be tan!)

I failed the healthy hair quiz

I found the Healthy Hair Quiz at Women’s Health Magazine. My professors would be disappointed in my grade…

Q: How long is your hair?

A: Long

Women with a wider distance between their roots and ends are more likely to have more damaged locks than those with shorter styles, said trichologist David H. Kingsley.

Q: How often do you cut your hair?

A: Every six months

Vow to maintain that mane with trims every four to six weeks. It’s the best way to keep split ends from traveling their way up your strands.

The article also advised women with long hair to use a rinse-out and leave-in conditioner to protect hair.

Q: How do you choose shampoo?

A: Sometimes I pick the good stuff. Other times I buy what’s on sale.

According to the article, you can shampoo your hair daily without suffering too much damage, but you have to use a formula that’s made for your hair. I need to use a shampoo meant for dry, damaged hair. I also need to use a shampoo that won’t weigh my hair down because it is so thin.

Q: How do you dry your hair?

A: Sweating under the high heat of my blow dryer

“An extremely hot blow dryer actually boils the water in your hair, causing little bubbles to  form along the hair shaft and weaken each strand,” Kingsley said.

Gross. Boiled hair. The solution is to hold the blow dryer farther away from the hair. If you feel your head burning, then it’s too close.

Q: Flat iron or curling iron?


The heat from these styling tools breaks down hair proteins, which leads to brittle hair. The article advised using a conditioning product to protect hair before using hot styling tools. (I totes already do that!)

Q: What’s your coloring sitch?

A: Never.

I may or may not be doing this one right. Coloring your hair doesn’t do the same damage as daily heat styling. I guess I just like my hair color!

Q: Wrap a strand around your finger two or three times. Pull your finger down gently but firmly. What happens?

A: Snap!

Point break is a barometer for the damage in your hair… A plant-based protein conditioner can reinforce your locks before they get any worse.

Q: Starting at the root of your strand, run your fingers down the shaft toward the end. How does it feel?

A: Silky for the most part and just a bit (more than the quiz will let me say) near the ends

Roughness along the strand will identify where the hair is damaged, and roughness close to the root is worse. Luckily, my ends are the only part of my hair damaged.

At least for now.

Q: What kinds of foods do you pile on your plate?

A: Mostly healthy and some sweets

Did you know you need to feed your hair? Five to six ounces of lean protein daily will keep your hair strong and shiny.

Q: Do you shield your hair from the sun?

A: Wait, you need SPF for your hair?

Oops. Apparently the sun is just as bad for your hair as it is for your skin. Instead of letting the sun lighten your hair in the summer time, just use hair dye.

Upon first impression, my results revealed that I have lovely locks. However, I have some seriously unhealthy hair habits that give me a bad grade in hair care.

Go figure.

How did you do?

Fall shopping for fall walking

First thing’s first… HOLY CRAP EARTHQUAKE!

And, now, on to real business…

Have you ever seen ‘What Not to Wear?’

All those people who cannot seem to shop or dress themselves properly.

Well, I think I might be one of them.

You see… I am not good at shopping. In fact, I am not so awesome at dressing myself.

Take my latest fall trip…

mall shoppingI absolutely love this poncho.

I do not have the guts to wear a poncho.

And Husband would make fun of me.

Burgandy knitI do not know how to wear a cowl-neck sweater.

And this one had wings…

Black knitOK – I found wings I liked.

I’m a bat, yo’!

Gray knitAnd I love this, but it’s not the professional look for which I am hunting.

Totes still bought it.

Career pants. Let me tell you about career pants.

I hate shopping for slacks more than I hate shopping for jeans. If it fits in the front, there is a gaping chasm in the back. If the waist fits perfectly, the legs are miles too long.

Out of five department and discount stores, I found one pair.

Gray women's slacksAnd I bought them.

Maroon knitThis sweater dress… and its horrid cowl neck… was a ‘no.’

And it was itchy.

Striped gray and black cowl neck sweaterI did find a great striped sweater with a cowl neck slightly more manageable than the others I tried that day.

I may not be good at shopping, but the retail therapy was helpful to my nerves, especially since I got everything for such a good deal.

The pants? Originally $60. Purchased at  T J Maxx for $16.99. And it’s true! They’re from ‘The Limited,’ which is a store at the mall, and I did not buy there. Too pricy!

Three sweaters, one pair of slacks and earrings…

New fall clothes and I took Ivan for a walk.

College Hill park is beautiful in the fall.

Wichita, KansasWichita KansasWichita, KansasWichita Kansas

Are you a fan of fall? It’s my favorite season! Crunchy leaves, brisk winds and apples.

What is your favorite fall look? Help a girl out. I’m stuck in slouchy sweater land.

Accomplished + Homemade fries

le (busy) day.

Workout: Four corners (stadium sprinting).

Work: Students.

School: Paper intro… check!

Groceries: Deals and peanuts.


School: Interview!

I’m going to be on the radio! Well, if they use my soundbites, who knows?!
My health seminar class was interviewed, well, three of us, by KFDI for the WSU Hunger Awareness Event! Yay! People care, people care!

this chick <——— ridiculously happy :)

When I finally get home, what do I do? Relax? Heck no.

First, PBC.

Second, wit.

New BelgiumThird, undead.

Dead Week The Dead Can't Dance Zombie WalkJo! (make up by Shae)

Fourth, Italian Turkey Sandwich and homemade potato fries.

HomefriesTake that Thomas Jefferson.

Homemade Potato Fries

  • 2 russet potatoes, cut into 1/4″ strips
  • olive oil
  • salt, pepper, garlic powder, paprika

Toss and bake at 450 degrees F for approximately 25 minutes, or until potatoes are tender crisp.

What did you make today? a midterm, cookies, sandwiches, fries… zombie? ;)