Get even skin tone and other skin tips

Since I am on a quest to discover the perfect foundation, I thought I should explain why.

(Hint: It’s not just because I have a zit farm on my face.)

When I went through puberty (ew. gross.), I did not suffer from some of the same follies many girls and guys suffered from, such as crazy skin problems.

No. I did not truly run into crazy skin problems until graduate school.

Stress. It’s a killer.

Now, I am sure my face is a hot mess because karma is… well, you know. My skin is violently rebelling against any treatment I try.

Proactiv didn’t work.

Apparently, graduate school stress is also making my face change colors. Not occasional colors like sun-burnt-red or oops-I-popped-a-pimple-purple, but regularly occurring colors like rosy-rosacea and dry-skin-scratched-red.

OK. So all of those colors are reddish, but I want my face to be one color. Preferably a peachy pink color! (I use peach-colored blush to pull it off in the meantime.) I do not want bright red blotches on normally pale skin.

Not my thing.

Even tone is my goal! Sun damage and scarring are two culprits of permanently uneven skin tone. (Otherwise, I’d just have the occasional summer sun burn and a few acne scars.)

Assistant Professor of Dermatology at New York University’s Medical Center Doris Day, for Women’s Health Magazine, recommends using an over-the-counter lightening cream with Sepiwhite, which fade existing blotchy-ness and prevents new spots. Day recommends Olay Professional Pro-X Discoloration Fighting Concentrate for which I have a coupon. Bonus.

If you prefer a natural approach to evening skin tone, which I usually would, but I haven’t got the time, you can try lemon juice, oatmeal, honey and milk.

We will discuss dark circles on another day. (Those I definitely got from graduate school.)

Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam foundation review

Lately, I’ve been using Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam foundation.

I switched foundations last month hoping a lighter (weight, not shade) foundation would cure my acne ails.

Not so much. Still pretty zitty.

So the acne didn’t clear up. Whatever. It’s probably hormones. The foundation, though, isn’t really doing its job.

I do not like Dream Nude Airfoam foundation. I am still using the Dream Nude Airfoam foundation. Keep that in mind while I tell you how much it sucks.

First, the foundation does not cover the blemishes I hoped it would not cause. (I have a few new ones, too.)

Second, it’s supposed to feel lightweight. Barely there. I suppose it does in a way. However, it also feels like my face has a film on it.

Third, the directions are impossible. I try to apply the product with my fingertips, but the foundation won’t absorb or spread on my skin. It just stays in its foamy poof!

I’m not a fan. I’m still using it because the can is mostly full, and I can’t just toss it! That’s wasteful.

However, when the can is mostly empty, I plan on finding the proper foundation.

Ladies’ Home Journal (and yes I still read that) said the perfect foundation will blend with my complexion so it practically disappears. My hope is that is only practically disappears while evening out my bonkers skin tone.

The Rules of Foundation were rather enlightening: Choose a shade with yellow undertones, not pink… My face is pinkish so I pick the ivory-pink shade. Good job, Shae…

Almay is on the list. I’ve tried some products in the past, and I plan to try Almay Clear Complexion Makeup the next time I run out of cruddy foundation.

(The only problem with Ladies’ Home Journal’s perfect foundations? Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam is on the list.)

What’s your favorite foundation?

Curly hair without the heat

My thin, fine hair must be washed and heat dried in order to achieve any manner of volume. The volumizer and volumizing hair spray I use also help. My hair is also naturally wavy and frizzes at the first sign of moisture so I also have to use a shine serum to tame the snap, crackle, pop!


However, daily washing, heat drying and chemicals can damage hair. I use natural shampoo and condition (as often as possible) and organic volumizer and hair spray to prevent as much damage as possible, but my blow dryer really has it out for my ends.

Split ends. Get it?

Less than one month after a trim, my hair begins the never-ending splitting and breaking process so that I have to return to the salon and pay way too much money for a simple trim and style.

Plus, I’m lazy so I don’t actually make it to the salon that often. Remember the last time I got my hair cut? Yeah, that was the LAST time I got my hair cut.

It’s been a while.

As for second day hair, the tattoo on my head has to be covered for work so I have to wear my hair down or cover it with makeup. I don’t get up early enough to put work into covering my tattoo, and I have not had much luck with dry shampoo.

All that means is that I have to style my hair with heat and chemicals every day so I look like a clean civilized human being.

At least, I did until I discovered the amazingness that are Pinterest and Kayla Aimee’s blog.

Kayla Aimee is a twenty-something southern girl blogging about motherhood, scrapbooking and good-fitting jeans. If I were crafty… and a mom… we would totes have more in common than jeans. We do, however, appreciate good hair without the heat.

Source: via Anna on Pinterest


Heat-free and pretty curls!

Beauty Scars: The bane of my existence

In case you didn’t know, stretch marks are the bane of my existence. Well, stretch marks and cellulite.

Of course, I  know that stretch marks are impossible to destroy without TONS of money and a lot of patience. I have neither, and I have given up all hope on getting rid of mine.

It’s whatever.

Unfortunately, my under-the-skin scars from puberty are not the only scars on my body. My newest scars are of the atrophic variety

Yes. Acne has damaged the collagen on my forehead, cheeks and chin, and now my once flawless skin has reddened and wrinkled.

Flawless? Really? Am I that conceited?

No. I am not that conceited. I just… In high school, I never got zits. I assume the current peppering across my face is karma for having great skin at prom or something.

Hopefully, the creams I use now will fix the scars before I have to bring out the big guns. I am way too cheap and way too lazy to do my skin any good. I’m really banking on the acne prevention cream, zit-reducer and wrinkle cream I use now.

And do you remember this incident? (I shouldn’t be allowed to use a stove top.)

Burn on Wrist Arm Burn from Hot Oil

I hoped by using a mix of Neosporin, cocoa butter and vitamin E that I would have been able to prevent the burns from turning to scars.

I am just not that lucky. Ugh. I’m a hot mess.

Perhaps, scars are the bane of my existence. Do you have scars? Did you get rid of your scars? If so, tell me how. Do it.

Maybe I’ll try dermabrasion

Birthday Review + Link Blog

I turned 24 on Thursday, February 9, and it was totes the best birthday ever.

(Except for the fact that my hard drive is broken. I am attempting to fix the little bugger for freebies, but we have to validate the warranty first, and that’s kinda taking forever. Right now, I am hijacking my mother’s computer. Thanks, Mom!)

First, my boss sang me happy birthday and presented me with an awesome present.

Coffee and a travel mug from StarbucksDark Sumatra Coffee from Starbucks and a DISHWASHER SAFE travel mug. She already knows me so well.

The card she gave me said: “You have EXACTLY 30 seconds to present a &%$#&@# pony or this party is OVER.”

I love it.

She also bought me lunch because she is the bomb diggity. At lunch, a good friend of mine dropped off a mix CD for me. It’s the Yellow Crayon Mix. He asked me: “What’s your favorite smell?” I said: “Crayons,” but everyone says crayons, so I picked the YELLOW crayon. It’s a good mix :)

Then, a wonderful surprise arrived at the front desk.

A dozen red roses and a box of Russel Stovers chocolate trufflesGuess who sent a dozen red roses and a box of chocolate truffles to work for my birthday?

If you said: “Husband,” you would be correct.

I love that man.

He also made me turkey burgers for dinner! Best hubs evah.

On Friday, my husband’s family took me out to Thai Traditions for dinner. Thai Traditions is a great restaurant. Pad Thai? Yes, please. I got the Spicy Garlic Shrimp, and hung out with this sweet face.

My nephewThe picture is a tich dark, but you can totally tell he’s the sweetest little monster ever.

Google even wished me a happy birthday! How sweet is that?!

Google wishes a happy birthday to skinnyshaeOn Saturday, I dragged myself out of a Thai Traditions induced coma to go to Power Yoga. Power yoga is my…

Working out is my morning cup of coffeeAll-in-all: Best Birthday Ever. Happy camper.

Remember how I said my blog would change for a Web Writing class I’m taking this semester?

Well, that change is going to happen on Monday. Prepare yourself for some linky goodness. It’s going to be juicy, folks.

The truffles didn’t last long…

Empty box of chocolate trufflesI didn’t eat ALL of them… just most of them…

Shopping Trip #3: Conservative Fashion-Forward Work Clothes

My third attempt at shopping for work clothes ended about as well as the first and second shopping trips.

I didn’t buy much.

I probably would find great clothing if I was willing to spend a little more money: Gap, The Limited, Dillard’s – all great options! However, I limit my clothing options to Gordman’s, Kohl’s, TJMaxx and second-hand shops like Plato’s Closet.

I’m so cheap.

Charlotte Russe Blue-Green Sweater
The fit was perfect around my torso, but then there was WAY too much fabric roaming around my shoulders. Shirts have to stay on at work.

A pink sweater from Charlotte Russe at the East Mall in Wichita KSShirt download: 50% complete…

Shirts also have to be all there at work, but the pink was really pretty.

Gordman's Patterned Silky TopThe picture might not do justice to how ridiculous I looked in this shirt.

Green Cowl Neck Sweater from the East Gordman's Location in Wichita KSThis top was – for the most part – OK, except for the sleeves. I’m also pretty sure it wouldn’t look good with black pants, and that’s all I have. A no-go.

A black-and-white striped shirt from Charlotte Russe in the East Mall in Wichita KSI cannot wear this shirt to work. Three cutouts in the back don’t cover my shoulder art, and I don’t think I should be wearing shirts with cutouts to work.

I still bought it because it’s totally cute and comfortable.

Black shirt from Gordman's in Wichita KSIn my defense, I tried on shirts that were colors other than black. I bought this black shirt for work because it wasn’t too tight (one size larger than I wear), and it’s clean cut.

Two shirts. Seven stores. Epic fail.

I need a personal shopper. That’s all there is to it. I am now taking applications. Shoot me an email.

Where do conservative fashion-forward cheap women shop in Wichita? Is it always such an adventure?

Workout Cards

I should have done this months ago!

Index cards with workouts to take to the gym or on a runIndex cards with different workouts to take to the gym, stuff in your pocket during trail runs or keep at home for gym-free workouts.

I am a genius.

So smart it’s disgusting.

How do you keep track of your workouts?