Christmas Coffee by Reverie Coffee Roasters Wichita KS

No Christmas baby

My little one doesn’t look like he’s planning to show up early — Thank goodness!

What is it about the holiday season (and having less than three weeks before the baby joins us) that makes me feel so far behind?

Christmas presents for the family

All the family gifts are wrapped, but I still have so much to do.

  • Install. The. Forsaken. Car seat.
  • Schedule a house cleaning
  • Hang shelves and artwork in the nursery — it’s almost done!
  • Fix the upstairs shower
  • Prep freezer meals and smoothies
  • …I’m sure there’s more

Since we had a warm but gloomy, rainy, windy, potentially tornado-y Christmas in Kansas, I stayed in and got to cross one of these these to-do’s off my list.

Prepping freezer meals and smoothies for non-fast food fast.

I braved the grocery store on Christmas Eve to pick up the ingredients for the 15 freezer meals I planned so the husband and I aren’t ordering takeout every night when we’re both too tired to remember how the oven works.

I say “braved” because it was absolute chaos. Nonsense-making chaos. I’m never doing it again.

I also went to Costco. I am bad at Costco. I can’t figure out how to make the price per carrot worth it to buy food I’ll never be able to eat before it goes bad…

I just want to buy less food.

freezer meal prep ingredients

Anyway, a separate blog will detail this adventure. I might never do this again, either… One ingredient not found killed one of my freezer meals; and another ingredient forgotten killed a second. Instead of 15, I only have 13.

Plus, I’ve never touched so much raw chicken in my life… hork.

And my feet are kiiiiiiiling me.

Like, they’re so mad.

Fingers crossed each of these freezer meals are edible. After meal prepping for seven hours today (including tonight’s dinner!), I do not care if they taste good.

I’ll care tomorrow.

When my feet don’t hurt.

If I did my math correctly, and if I don’t cook anything to go with any of these freezer meals (though I plan to), each serving costs approximately $2.60 — assuming each freezer meal yields four servings. I’m going to keep track of costs as best I can because I want to know if freezer meals are worth more than time.

To plan and prep these meals, I used a bunch of plans and recipes I found on Pinterest. Because Pinterest. Find them –>>

I hope you all had a Happy Christmas! We’re celebrating next week (pending fetus).

Ivan the German Shepherd with his Christmas toy
Ivan says “Happy Christmas!” (as he demolishes a stuffed animal, leaving its entrails all around my once clean house)



Motherhood, Christmas, 2017… Crap

If you attach the words “maternity,” “motherhood” or “nursing” to an article of clothing, such as a maternity shirt or a nursing tank top, then said article of clothing is automatically 50 percent more expensive.

I don’t have actual math of this, but I did spend $60 on four tank tops at Target that — were they not nursing tank tops — would have cost me half as much. Target has great deals on tank tops, unless the tank tops have two special clips for easy baby access. The same goes for nursing bras, which are — unfortunately — very necessary for, you know, nursing. I also bought a “sports” nursing bra — in which I will NEVER do vigorous exercise — that was ridiculously expensive. I might be able to do yoga in it. (It’s super comfy so I’m not too mad about it’s near uselessness.)

Motherhood. It’s a racket.

I have made it through the majority of my pregnancy without having to buy too many articles of maternity clothing thanks to the generous donations of friends and family. Four pairs of leggings, several T-shirts and sweaters. Plus, many of my clothes are drapey, long or stretchy enough to fit over top of my bump.

But I do have to buy after-pregnancy clothing because, apparently, I won’t fit into my super pregnant clothes or my regular, not pregnant clothes. Women still look and feel pretty pregnant sans fetus.


Bah! I’d rather spend money on Christmas!


I don’t know why I thought it’d be a good idea to have a baby this close to the holidays.

Sure, I have the pregnant lady super power of never being cold, even when it’s below freezing; and, sure, I don’t have to deal with the humid heat of the Kansas summer nine months pregnant.

But, seriously, Thanksgiving… Christmas… New Year’s… my anniversary… my due date… What. Was. I. Thinking.

I didn’t even decorate :(

I don’t think I will decorate, either. What happens if I go into labor before taking Christmas decorations down? Well, then it’s just Christmas in my house for… like… weeks.

The most Christmas decor I’ll get this year is a little white tree at work decked out in Starbucks ornaments (which is super cute).

Look at the tiny French press!

The baby’s room is almost done! That’s as good as Christmas decorations, right?

My husband and my father-in-law put together his crib Friday night, and I layered a quilted mattress pad, waterproof pad, crib sheet, another water proof pad and another crib sheet on this afternoon. If baby has a blowout in the middle of the night, I’ll just tear off a layer and put him back to bed. (I can’t find where I read this advice.)

I just need to install shelves and get command strips to hang wall art, and then we will be DONE, people!

I’m also prepping bedside diaper and snack stations for middle-of-the-night wake-up cries and nursing sessions. (I also can’t find where I read this advice.)


Baby’s hospital bag is packed; my hospital bag is packed; my pump is in a separate tote bag; and my husband still needs to pack his hospital bag.

That’s four hospital bags.

That’s too many bags.

I might have to consolidate…

There’s a lot of advice out there about what should and should not be taken to the hospital on D-Day. Check out my mama shae Pinterest board for all the advice I’ve been reading.

Forewarning, there’s boobs on it.

In my effort to de-clutter my house before giving birth, I did make the mistake of throwing away excess travel size shampoos and conditioners. So… now I have to get new ones.

I threw them all away… Years old containers. Still probably perfectly good.


We’re almost ready for the final countdown, folks. Baby in T minus four weeks.

Let’s do this.

35 weeks pregnant the final countdown

PT for pregnancy

I was putting clothes away in our dresser when my husband asked me: “Does your back hurt just all the time?”

From the profile view of my body, not only is my large pregnant belly sticking out in front a major feature — but so is the concave curve of my spine over-exaggerated when I lean.

Pregnancy is not kind on the back.

Around 28 weeks, I complained to my doctor about a pain in my butt and how much of a pain-in-the-butt it was to sit and stand, roll and flip. The only thing that didn’t hurt was walking. She sent me to Palmer Physical Therapy where I got checked out. I was told I had bad posture — not surprising — and that the pregnancy was putting new weight on a poorly cared for spine. Ouch. The weight put pressure on the sciatic nerve — that giant one in the spine, butt and legs — which caused all sorts of nasty pain.

Had I kept up with my weight-lifting workouts and yoga practice — like my doctor told me to — my back might have been strong enough to withstand the extra strain on my spine.

Beachbody Master's Hammer and Chisel workout program
Master’s Hammer and Chisel (because I’m going to get beefy!)

But I didn’t.

So it wasn’t.

Now, here we are.

Guess which exercises I’m allowed to do…


Guess which exercises I’m not allowed to do…


Why can’t I do yoga? Yoga sounds like a practice that should, in fairness, help with back pain. But forward bends, Downward Dog, sitting without support… the physical therapist said all these poses were just making the pinch in my spine worse. Even prenatal yoga is bad for my back.

No more yoga while the baby is in the belly.

It’s the suckiest thing ever :(

I went to Palmer’s four times in two weeks to get my spine checked. The left side was worse than the right side so all my PT exercises focused on fixing that pinch — using a towel roll under my left side while rotating my spine to the right, miniature back bends while standing, press ups (which are just going up and down in Cobra Pose).

homemade lumbar support towel roll
My homemade towel roll held together with twine.

I did a really good job doing the rotations three times a day and the back bends once an hour. My Fitbit goes off hourly to remind me. I also did a really good job remembering to ice my lower back three times a day — no lie, the ice pack was the best part. I even switched out chairs with a coworker so I could take the arms off and get as close as possible to my computer station as my belly would allow <– This is no longer possible.

The only thing I couldn’t do were the press ups because I can’t successfully lay on my stomach without the special pregnant lady pillow pad <– This thing is awesome.

I did a really good job.

…for about four weeks.

Then, well, waking up earlier in the morning to do my exercises was sacrificed for sleep, and getting up and down off the floor at work to do the rotations became really hard — I’m the size of a whale — and every time I try to do the standing back bends, I have to pee.

baby laundry
Pre-washed baby clothes successfully stored in his closet or just built dresser!

Plus, we’re so busy all weekend every weekend getting ready for the baby that taking care of myself is becoming less and less of a priority.

So backwards, right?

Now is the best time to be taking care of myself because, in five short weeks, I’ll be taking care of a newborn. (Did you see the cover photo? Five weeks, y’all. And, yes, that’s a cup of cereal sitting on my stomach like a TABLE. Follow me on Instagram for more.) He’s going to take up all sorts of attention! And my back? Well, it’s definitely going to suffer from neglect.

Once I recover from delivery, my goal is to get back in to yoga. Gentle, stretching yoga, with full support — that means sitting in a chair with my towel roll instead of on the floor — to alleviate tight muscles and start building up the strength in my spine.

High hopes I have for postpartum, huh? :)

I also renew my commitment to my PT exercises every day. You know, as soon as I have the crib built, the house cleaned and the Christmas decorations up. (What if he shows up around Christmas, and I don’t have a tree up? Or an ornament? Crap.)

The Internet, in its infinite knowledge, has a bunch of recommendations to relieve pregnancy pain, including sciatic nerve pain:

  • What to Expect has several recommendations (The only one I don’t really agree with is the “warm compress.” I was told to stay away from heat as it can worsen inflammation. Physical therapist’s orders!)
  • Diary of a Fit Mommy — a new favorite blog of mine — has information about kinesiology tape, which can be used for a number of annoying ailments
  • You can also take your chances with WebMD, but I’m not allowed to look at that site anymore because… well, we won’t get in to that…


34 weeks pregnant photo shoot

Thankful(ly) November (is over)

Why am I thankful November is over? The third trimester is pretty awful. I’d like it to be done soon.

His favorite thing to do is press on my bladder and kick me viciously in the right rib cage. Like really hard. He also spends a lot of his precious time in my right lung.


Super awesome.

The second-to-last-month of pregnancy is a lot like the second month of pregnancy. I’m starving. My food aversions are back (and so are my cravings). I’m exhausted. I have insomnia. I have to pee every seven minutes.

The only difference?

The size of the belly.

Second month of pregnancy belly is non-existent. Second-to-last-month of pregnancy belly is so. so. so. much larger.

29 weeks pregnant dress
This is 29 weeks of baby.

Four weeks later, we took maternity photos with the wonderful Kacy Meinecke.

33 weeks pregnant dress
This is 33 weeks of baby (and pampas grass, for kicks). 

Same dress from Halloween, but the ‘Mama Short’ Spanx underneath are working overtime. My belly button can no longer be contained, y’all.

I’m a nearly-done turkey so, for Thanksgiving, I didn’t have any. Instead, my husband and I munched Chex mix, ate apple crisp and decorated a Christmas tree with his parents.

christmas tree decorating

I am so excited for Christmas, you have no idea, but I can’t decorate until the baby’s things are in the baby’s room… instead of in my living room.

We have some made progress on the nursery this month, though.

prairie sage paint color
toy organization for baby
Toys hanging in the closet.
baby boy nursery
A changing table from my sister-in-law (stuffed full of the tiniest diapers I have ever seen) and a rocking chair handed down through my husband’s family where little one and I will spend some adorable snuggle time during which I may or may not be awake.

Half the nursery is complete.

His dresser is in pieces in the middle of his room. My husband is putting it together this weekend, and I’m prewashing all his clothes — in Dreft, of course — so that will get his clothes out of my living room…

We’re also installing car seat bases this weekend and loading up the strollers so they’re not in my living room any more…


His crib, also from my sister-in-law, is on its way — traveling in the trunk of a friend’s car. When it gets here, we’ll finish the nursery.

Fingers crossed we get all this done before he decides to enter the world!

The doctor asked me if the baby planned on joining the outside world this year or next. She thinks she’s funny.

Will I have a Christmas baby?

Will I have a New Year’s baby?

Who knows! I just hope he keeps cooking past our anniversary.


End of October

First things first…

Best October News: I don’t have gestational diabetes! (As of right now!)

I’ve been worried about getting gestational diabetes since the nausea stopped at the beginning of my second trimester because of the sweet tooth I’ve developed since getting pregnant. Where it came from… I’m blaming the baby. I miss my salty snacks and ability to say “no” to ice cream!

My doctor mentioned my weight gain and my activity level… and I started to panic.

Yes, I’ve gained weight, and it’s not all baby. (He’s the size of a small cabbage now, if you were curious. That’s three pounds and 17 INCHES LONG OMG HOW WHY.)

No, I’m not super active. I have a desk job for cryin’ out loud! Plus, prenatal yoga is almost a joke compared to the yoga I’m used to, and walking around outside with all the blood-sucking mosquito monsters is not my cup of tea. (It’s been an uncomfortably warm October, and they’re all still alive.)

So, yeah, activity was a bit low in my second trimester.

Now, it’s my sciatic nerve preventing me from or causing me pain doing anything involving the following movements: bending, squating, lunging, standing, sitting or changing positions using my lower body.

Rolling, people. Even rolling out of bed hurts.

It’s a fun complaint to lodge with your doctor…

Shae: “So this sounds like not a big deal, but my butt hurts. Like, really bad.”

Doctor: “Yeah, that happens. It’s called sciatica.”


My hips feel like they’re in a vice grip so I’m going to physical therapy for pregnant ladies to get them feeling like they’ll work before the baby gets to be the size of a… well, a baby.

Because, apparently, it’s just going to get worse.

Hopefully, the same doesn’t go for my cold. Yes, I’ve got a cold. Want to know what pregnant women can do for colds?

Whole lotta nothing effective.

I want NyQuil so bad…

Here’s the rest of October:

shae opening gifts at the baby shower
The lovely ladies at Copp Media threw me a baby shower!
baby shower cake
My mom and aunt also threw me a baby shower — look at the adorable woodland critters!
Holiday Galleria 2016 Wichita Kansas
I attended and worked Holiday Galleria 2016, which is Junior League of Wichita’s premier fundraising event — with a whole lotta food and shopping!
Nibbles, the Book Monster
I might have purchased more baby books (because I don’t have enough from the baby showers…) at Holiday Galleria. This is Nibbles, the Book Monster, who runs amok in other stories and messes them up. I’m in love.
skinnyshae and husband at Wicked in Century II in Wichita Kansas
Husband and I went to “Wicked.”
Beef Nehari from Zaytun
And then, we went to Zaytun, which serves the best Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food I’ve ever eaten ever. This is Beef Nehari. I order it every. single. time.
skinnyshae as Winnie the Pooh
We celebrated Halloween at Copp Media in full costume. I was Winnie the Pooh. Why? Because I’m 29 weeks pregnant, that’s why.
Copp Media Halloween 2016
The ladies of Copp Media (minus one who was on vacation!) for Halloween 2016! You can almost see my giant belly in this photo.
pumpkin carving contest
We also did a pumpkin carving contest! (I did Pi.)
curtains drawn for Halloween 2016
And, on actual Halloween, I did the thing I’m most want to do during this time of year — turn off all the lights, close the curtains and hope no one upsets the dog — for the LAST TIME. I’m having a baby. I can’t get away with this ever again.

I promised in September that I’d have done something with the baby’s room and show everyone… but I haven’t done anything with the baby’s room…

I was so busy in October! Trying to get to and through Junior League of Wichita appointments, work responsibilities, life responsibilities, other baby responsibilities…

…that getting the nursery painted and “set up” didn’t get to the top of the list.

In fairness, the busyness that will be November isn’t much better than the busyness that was October, but my deadline is quickly approaching. I’m almost 30 weeks pregnant, which — if you can math — means I’ve got maybe 10 baby-free weeks left to get anything done.

Did it just get uncomfortably quiet…?

I have nine doctor’s appointments left before this baby arrives, and they’ve all been scheduled. My husband has put in for time off in January, and my mother is prepped and ready to put in for time off when I tell her.

We still have to schedule the Birth Care Center and take a hospital tour.

We still have to find a pediatrician.

We still have to stock up on essentials like diapers and wipes and laundry detergent and shampoo (although, why, I’m not sure… my hair probably is not getting washed).

We still have to decide on a middle name.

We have a lot to do, and we have 10 weeks to do it. Ten weeks left, and every weekend in November is chock full of non-baby activities.

The panic? It’s real.

September in review


My baby is the size of a rutabaga, which is like the same thing as a turnip, but not. Looks like a big radish.

The vegetable isn’t the point.

The point is… I think a cuter fruit and/or vegetable could have been used to describe the size of the baby.

Who says “That’s about the size of a rutabaga,” or “I need about a rutabaga’s worth of [insert smaller thing here]?”

No one.

I’m 25 weeks, and my stomach is the size of a soccer ball – probably not regulation – and I constantly look like I’ve eaten a large burrito for breakfast.

Or a rutabaga.

It seemed fitting that if we must describe the size of the baby in fruits and vegetables, we should also describe the size of the mommy in fruits and vegetables.

Or gourds.

Pregnant Shae dressed like a pumpkin
Hiding in plain sight #itsapregnantjoke

Let’s work backwards through the month because I have pregnancy brain and the associations are easier working backwards.

No judgement.

September ended with good fun at Walter’s Pumpkin Patch in Burns, Kansas, which has fields of pumpkins, picnic areas, jungle gyms and slides, bouncy pillows, sandboxes and all sorts of fun for kids.

Even though mine couldn’t play with any of the bigger kids (Ha.), I had fun. Hot dogs, s’mores and… me getting my picture taken awkwardly with pumpkins.

Hot dogs and brats grilling
Dogs on the grill! (Don’t worry. They burned one for me, and I covered it in mustard and ketchup for flavor.)
First s’more of fall!

Husband and I celebrated fall weather, which FINALLY showed up, the week before at the Wichita Wagonmaster’s Downtown Chili Cookoff.

skinnyshae and husband


I ate chili. A LOT of chili.

Husband’s chili could have blown them all out of the water, though, and I can’t wait until it’s cold enough to make it. Freezing temps outside or the house gets really hot…

I made it to one of four concerts as part of the Carnegie Concert Series, which was a fun stop during my #shaecation last year.

gooding in the park
Music by Gooding.
uno mas tacos food truck wichita ks
Tacos by Uno Mas.

(I asked the guy for spicy sauce, and he warned me that it was really spicy like little ole me wouldn’t be able to handle it. Ha! Silly mortals. I’m pregnant. I could eat fire. It was pretty spicy, tbh, but man was it good.)

And I celebrated #nationalcoffeeday – pregnant or not, I’m not missing this – with a delightful latte from Reverie.

Reverie coffee roasters latte

Because September WAS the start of fall, I PSL’d Sept. 1.

Like three times in a row.


grande pumpkin spice latte

And I haven’t given up on my need for decluttering the house before baby arrives. I just realized I don’t have a lot of the things the list recommends I should toss.

Day #9-13: No dried flowers or magazines to toss. I couldn’t find a CD that had music on it… Lots of back-up drives. No music. #shorthairdontcare tossed all useless hair accessories a year ago.

Day #14-20: I was able to clean out the closet, including donating four pairs of Husband’s old shoes and one more pair of mine. I’ll spare you a photo of the “tired bras” I tossed. I also reorganized the kitchen cabinets to get rid of appliances I don’t use and kitchen things I have extras of. I gathered up decorative items I haven’t found a home for since moving into this house

…but I’m not getting rid of even one of my scarves that I never wear.


how to wear six scarves at once
I’m wearing six scarves in this photo.

I refuse. I love them all.

Next month, Husband and I will actually do something in the baby’s room so you’ll get pictures for sure of HOW CUTE IT WILL BE OMG.

Organization nation

Clutter upsets me.

Always has.

I don’t like knickknacks. Knickknacks remind me of clutter.

Everything needs a home, and each home needs to be organized. Drawers, closets, desks, cabinets. I prefer when they’re all organized… or empty.

organized cabinets

It’s only a little obsessive.

However, since pregnancy, my hate of clutter and my desire to organize everything increased tenfold. (Well, since the second trimester started-ish. Nausea and exhaustion really prevented me from doing anything in my first trimester.)

Now, I hate everything I own, and I want it GONE.

Who knew pregnancy could not only mess with your body, but it could also make you a giant crazy person hell-bent on hauling the entire contents of your home to the dump.


I’m trying to control myself by limiting the sudden and unhealthy need to throw things away by using a list.

I found this one –>> One a Day: Throw These 116 Things Away via PopSugar

lost earring pairs

De-clutter Day #1: Throw away earrings without pairs

One of these — the pearl flower looking stud — missed the trash can so I’ve decided to keep it. I can probably find its mate. Probably. These were my favorite :(


My unnecessary obsessiveness threw away the wrapping paper weeks ago.


De-clutter Day #3: Throw away cards without sentimental value. Um, sure. Meanwhile, I’m over here crying about the card my grandparents gave me for my high school graduation.

ALL cards are sentimental. Who are you people?


Days #5 and#6 were a miss for me to share. I don’t have any ticket stubs to throw away because I don’t go places, and none of my socks had holes! Yay! (I did not check Husband’s socks…

Today is De-Clutter Day #7 during which I am supposed to throw away old T-shirts. Well, I’ve already cleared out my T-shirt drawer for donation, and my husband turned the majority of his old T-shirts into cleaning rags last week so we’ve got nothing to do tonight.

The list isn’t perfect, of course. I do not believe I have enough change to turn in for paper money, but I have no intention of throwing away the 47 cents I have in my wallet — and the only old “prom” dress I have is a cocktail dress I still look super cute in.

It’s stretchy.

Waiting to donate or toss shoes that don’t get worn might actually drive me insane. I’ve already given away two pairs of heels I can’t walk in and tossed the oldest, full-of-holes boots I’ve had for like a decade.

Alas, I won’t see those shoes until Day #14. Until then, here is a cat loaf for you to enjoy.

cat loaf

“B” is for blue and also for boy

Yes, my friends, it’s a boy.

Gender reveal pregnancy annoucement

I was told this looks like an engagement announcement, and, now that I think about it, it totally does.

My goal was to show off my fingernails, which are painted blue (for boy!)…

…which were painted during a manicure…

…which I’m able to get for the first time ever…

…because I stopped biting my nails AND PRENATAL VITAMINS.

Prenatal vitamins are no joke. While I don’t have the thick, luxurious hair some women speak of or whatever the “pregnancy glow” is supposed to be, my fingernails are stronger than they’ve ever been. Unless I break one, I can’t bite through them any more.

So I stopped biting my nails successfully for the first time since I’ve had teeth.

Cheers to me!

(Not that I’m any good at having nails. I messed up that pretty polish approximately 10 seconds after I left the salon.)

Prenatal vitamins are important for the baby so he can get the nutrients he needs to grow to baby proportions, and, while they’re super good for me, too, it doesn’t mean they’re pleasant.

Not only are they the biggest vitamins ever, they smell and taste terrible — making all poor pregnant ladies gag.

We’re already nauseous. This is cruel.

Plus, if they’ve got DHA or if you take a separate DHA supplement, you’ll immediately barf.

Like immediately.

I don’t take the DHA anymore…

I’ve had problems with multivitamins in the past so I switched to gummy vitamins, which do not make me gag or vomit.

natures bounty womens multivatimin

Also pictured are Co Q-10, Omega-3/6/9 oil and vitamin C. Pre-pregnancy, I took two of each of these a day.

Just… I’d feel a little silly buying gummy prenatal vitamins OTC when I have a prescription for the pharmacy stuff with extra folic acid for his tiny brain and spine.

Which reminds me… I need to call the pharmacy :/


Pregnancy Advice: Sleep now, you never will again

When you get pregnant, you get advice.

“Don’t lift more than 40 pounds.”

“You can lift as much as you want.”

“Don’t eat soft cheese.”

“Most cheese in the U.S. is safe.”

And this gem from my doctor’s office: “Don’t drink alcohol or do illegal drugs.”

Hey, thanks!

I’m a first-time pregnant person so I appreciate advice because I have no idea what I’m doing.

The topic of today’s advice: “Sleep now because you’ll never sleep again.”

In my opinion, “never” and “always” are hyperbole words that don’t have any real meaning. You can’t use them realistically unless you use them statistically. (Ha!) If I never sleep again, I’ll die, which is not hyperbole. The body needs sleep or it dies.

So you can’t say “never.”

I will sleep again. Stop saying I won’t.

I’ll just sleep less. The baby will sleep more than me. You will sleep more than me.

I’ll hate both of you.

It’s fine.

However, the advice to sleep now is actually really good advice, and I’m taking it to heart.

Fitbit sleep tracking

Look at all those green stars!

Maxing eight hours on the regular, except Wednesday… Made up for it Saturday, though! (I was also icky sicky so no one shall look down on me for sleeping a half a day.)

I’m like a cat.

Except I can’t fit in the stroller.

Cat in the stroller

If you bring it home, and it has a slightly concave section, and he’s not supposed to be in it, the cat will sleep in it.


Labor Day Food blog header

Labor Day Food

My husband and I don’t usually get the three-day weekend holidays off together, and Labor Day 2016 was no exception. He had to work — I didn’t. So we didn’t go to the lake or spend a weekend camping or have a backyard party with friends, but we did make a bunch of delicious food.

We were both off work Monday so my husband pulled out his smoker and tossed 10 pounds of pig on the grate. Ten(ish) hours later, we had slice-able, delectable pork (cooked to the appropriate internal temperature) for sandwiches covered in homemade pickled red onions and a vinegar barbecue sauce.

The Heritage Oven by The Good One

This photo is from April when I got my husband this smoker for his birthday — had to hide it in my vehicle for two days after arranging its pickup and delivery all the way from Kansas City (thanks to my aunt) to surprise the crap out of him ON HIS ACTUAL BIRTHDAY.

Point of the story: I’m awesome.

Smoked pork sliced for sandwiches

Smoked pork sandwich with pickled onion and vinegar barbecue sauce

Just look at how pretty.

One unfortunate part of pregnancy is that I have to nuke that meat to near radioactivity to eat any more of it, which might make it tough, but which will also kill any possible bits of bacteria allowed to grow during its chill in the fridge. No cold sandwiches for Shae :(

Otherwise, YAY BABY!

My husband did all of this work. I literally did nothing to help with the pork — it’s hot outside, and I don’t want to.

So instead I made a tart.

Strawberry tart by Popsugar

This is a rare example of me baking something successfully. Even the easy stuff I burn.

Three ingredients to heaven, folks: sugar, puff pastry and strawberries. Decorate with powdered sugar and a delicious vanilla cream sauce. (Recipe based on this one by Popsugar — who are waaaaaay better at the sprinkling of the powdered sugar than I am.)

We gobbled the tart up so quickly that this is really the only good picture I got. However, we had leftover strawberries and cream sauce and that was like bonus dessert.

Strawberry slices with vanilla cream sauce

zomg so good.

I’m going to write a post like this the day after my next “labor” day so I can complain wildly about not getting fed and be overly annoying about the nugget that I do get to take home.