About Shae

My name is Shae, and I am not skinny. I’m just north of 5′ and weigh just north of 150 pounds — so I’m short and curvy.

That’s called spin!

skinnyshae pink portrait headshot

By day, I’m a Digital Manager at Copp Media Services, Inc., but by night… dun dun duun!

Eh, I’m a little boring. (Da-dun!) I spend too much time binge watching Netflix series (GIRLBOSS) and reading book series’ inspired by J. R. R. Tolkien — THE WHEEL OF TIME, PEOPLE.

I’m married, and that’s great. I’m also a mom, which is OK I guess. (Cue awesome mom jokes.)


We have a couple of fur kids, too — Ivan and Zuzu. (Pictures coming.)

I’m also a writer, and I do that during the day and during the night. No need for Batman music.

Mostly, I write about food and how much I love it and beer and how much I love it and cooking and… how I’m kinda bad at it. I love to cook. I have a problem with flavor creation and maturation so my husband does most of the cooking. I do a lot of taking pictures of it!


On occasion, I will write about all the DIY projects that I want to do in my house — like all the stupid cute things I’d love to do in my son’s room — but I’m only slightly domestic (Cleaning? Oh, fundeath.) and I don’t have a lot of drive to paint or build things.

What I truly want to do with my blog is the same thing I think I always wanted to do: Get healthy, share some cool stuff, complain about my eyebrows.

So there you go.

13 thoughts on “About Shae

  1. serialtrainer

    I love this blog :) Real people who hate working out!

    Why do I love this? Because it’s reality. And seeing struggle but a will to get motivated makes me happy.

    Keep it up Shae!


I know I talk to myself, but...

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