mother's day bouquet

My first Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a fantastic holiday. Flowers, photos, love — all for moms.

I say this without any bias, of course. Being a mom and all.

My first Mother’s Day was pretty fantastic — probably because it was my first Mother’s Day being a mom and all.

We didn’t have any plans. Henry is still eating and sleeping on demand — sleeping, ha — so I tend to stay at home with him, and it was my husband’s weekend at work.

My mother-in-law and I decided parents shouldn’t have to work on their respective holidays. It should be a rule.

Of course, so should maternity leave, BUT I DIGRESS.

So it was just Henry and I at home playing and singing and ordering groceries and squawking and sleeping — sleeping, ha — for most of the weekend. Just us two.

I celebrated Mother’s Day being a mother.

(No joke, I just teared up a little. Blargh. Hormones.)



My husband sent flowers — because he’s the best — and we enjoyed those.

mothers day bouquet

mothers day baby

mothers day baby with a flower

We did make it out to my grandparents’ house so they could see him and so I could give my mother and grandmother their Mother’s Day gifts… which I forgot… at my house… so baby brain.

Mother's Day (7)

Mother's Day (13)

Visiting family is super exhausting so we had a bath and snuggled for another good chunk of the day.

baby bath towel




Not the best part — the best part was my nugget — but another great part of my first Mother’s Day was all the happy Mother’s Day wishes I received from my tribe. Friends from work, friends from forever, family — all wished me a Happy Mother’s Day, even though I’m obviously not their mother. But I am a first-time mother, and it was my first Mother’s day, and these women were some of the most excited humans — especially my sister-in-law — when they found out I was pregnant. Their support and love is unwavering, and I’m so very thankful for that, for them.

I’m going to tie a string around my finger for next year so I can wish all the new moms out there a Happy First Mother’s Day — grow the tribe, you know?

I hope you all had a Happy (First or Fifth or 50th) Mother’s Day, too.