Like ripping off a Band-Aid

I woke late Thursday morning. Too late to take a shower, style my hair and make myself more presentable for my first day back at work.

To make up for it, I put lipstick on.

Going back to work last Thursday was a lot like ripping off a Band-Aid. For the first few moments, it hurt; but the pain faded, and I didn’t feel it again — not that I couldn’t wait to go home to squeeze my baby and hold him until bed (which is exactly what I did).

My husband walked me to the door with my son still snoozy in his arms. Walking out the door hurt, but the hurt faded as I drove, and it was gone once I sat down to check my email for the first time in six weeks.

I felt OK.

And  I didn’t feel guilty for feeling OK.


Over the weekend, my boss and coworkers hung curtains over the large, inward-facing window in my office so I can close up shop when I need to pump, and I taped printer paper on the two small windows that face out into the parking lot. An “Open/Closed” sign and a lock on my door round out the perfect “Mother’s Room.”

curtains for pumping room at work breastfeeding
Curtains for the big window. And yes… that elephant is wearing a super hero mask. And yes… I have a stuffed elephant in my office.

I love not needing to leave my desk. Pumping is boring enough without the added hassle of setting up in some other room without anything else to do.

You know, like when I pump at 2 a.m.

breast pump at work
Opened the side drawer on my desk for the best pump placement ever. And yes… I was on the phone, and she knew what I was doing.

That Thursday, I think I pumped nearly 30 ounces <– Not an overstatement. It’s like my boobs knew I was leaving him.

breast milk storage
Three times I filled these buggers that day…

My coworkers took me out Friday, too, to welcome me back. I, of course, selected my favorite place to grab lunch — Public Old Town.

fish and chips public old town wichita ks
Fish ‘n Chips with Homemade Tartar Sauce (also AH-mazing!)

I also got new head shots taken Friday during Pink Portrait Day with corporate photographer Kacy Meinecke.

Kacy Meinecke Corporate Photography Wichita Kansas

Kacy Meinecke head shot photographer wichita ks

All proceeds went to benefit ICT SOS, an organization founded to fight human trafficking. Not only a fabulous photographer, also a fabulous person.

I didn’t just go back to work last week. I think I went back to “Shae” a little, too.

Emails, voicemails, proposals and projects? Check.

Lunch at a foodie hot spot? Check.

Sassy face photos with bright red lipstick? Check.

This new mom felt like her old self again.





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