four week old baby

Four weeks

Today is a wonderful and sad day.

Today is wonderful because Henry is four weeks old (shut up, no he’s not) and growing well. He’s a healthy, squishy, little nugget.

Today is sad because Henry is four weeks old, and you canΒ tell.

Please excuse me while I sob.

He’s bigger, taller — er, longer? — and chubbier, and his head isn’t cone-shaped anymore. Little rolls are forming on his arms and legs, and he’s growing another chin without a neck in sight.

Infant one week old
One week.
one month old baby photo
One month.

His hair is getting lighter, and it’s patchy — falling out — from sleeping with his head turned one way or the other or not at all. His eyebrows and eyelashes, however, are still thin and almost too light to see.

mom and baby
The hair near the ears is going fast on my soon-to-be-bald baby boy. (Explaining my face: We cried and cried so we got picked up for nursing during which we promptly fell asleep.)

His mouth doesn’t pull inward anymore, and he has a defined lower lip that seemed to be missing when he was born.

newborn baby
No lip.
sleeping baby
Bam! There it is.

His eyes are still blue, but they’re open a lot more often, especially at night… when he’s not sleeping.

baby monthly photo ideas

He’s still a newborn, falling in the 0-3 months category, but he grew out of all of his newborn clothes (except his lamb-y jammies) and is rocking 3-month onesies like a champ.

newborn baby
Four days old in his lamb-y jammies, which he technically doesn’t fit in… just when buttoned as a gown and when his legs are all tucked up. I’m going to lose it when he outgrows this.

Today is wonderful because Henry is four weeks old. Today is sad —Β forΒ mom — because Henry is four weeks old.

One month.

Again, please excuse me while I sob.

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