Due Date #3


Nine pounds, five ounces, 21 inches long and ALL the hair

Four days overdue, we went to the hospital for our scheduled birth. There wasn’t any rushing — we woke up early, made breakfast, loaded the car and left.

hospital bag for dad

My room wasn’t quite clean when we got there so we got a later start than we thought, but, in the end, that wouldn’t matter.

Thirteen hours of pitocin and (medicated) back labor later, I was wheeled into the operating room for a C-section to remove surgically the stubborn mule that is my son.

He didn’t want to come out, you see.

My birth plan had one thing on it: I don’t want a C-section.

Turns out, he was a little too big for me to birth him conventionally — nine pounds, five ounces with me measuring normal the entire pregnancy. Too big and face-up — hence, back labor.

So I had a C-section.

I didn’t get the birth I wanted, but that didn’t matter in the end either because I got something a hell of a lot better than the birth that I wanted.





I got Henry.


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