End of October

First things first…

Best October News: I don’t have gestational diabetes! (As of right now!)

I’ve been worried about getting gestational diabetes since the nausea stopped at the beginning of my second trimester because of the sweet tooth I’ve developed since getting pregnant. Where it came from… I’m blaming the baby. I miss my salty snacks and ability to say “no” to ice cream!

My doctor mentioned my weight gain and my activity level… and I started to panic.

Yes, I’ve gained weight, and it’s not all baby. (He’s the size of a small cabbage now, if you were curious. That’s three pounds and 17 INCHES LONG OMG HOW WHY.)

No, I’m not super active. I have a desk job for cryin’ out loud! Plus, prenatal yoga is almost a joke compared to the yoga I’m used to, and walking around outside with all the blood-sucking mosquito monsters is not my cup of tea. (It’s been an uncomfortably warm October, and they’re all still alive.)

So, yeah, activity was a bit low in my second trimester.

Now, it’s my sciatic nerve preventing me from or causing me pain doing anything involving the following movements: bending, squating, lunging, standing, sitting or changing positions using my lower body.

Rolling, people. Even rolling out of bed hurts.

It’s a fun complaint to lodge with your doctor…

Shae: “So this sounds like not a big deal, but my butt hurts. Like, really bad.”

Doctor: “Yeah, that happens. It’s called sciatica.”


My hips feel like they’re in a vice grip so I’m going to physical therapy for pregnant ladies to get them feeling like they’ll work before the baby gets to be the size of a… well, a baby.

Because, apparently, it’s just going to get worse.

Hopefully, the same doesn’t go for my cold. Yes, I’ve got a cold. Want to know what pregnant women can do for colds?

Whole lotta nothing effective.

I want NyQuil so bad…

Here’s the rest of October:

shae opening gifts at the baby shower
The lovely ladies at Copp Media threw me a baby shower!
baby shower cake
My mom and aunt also threw me a baby shower — look at the adorable woodland critters!
Holiday Galleria 2016 Wichita Kansas
I attended and worked Holiday Galleria 2016, which is Junior League of Wichita’s premier fundraising event — with a whole lotta food and shopping!
Nibbles, the Book Monster
I might have purchased more baby books (because I don’t have enough from the baby showers…) at Holiday Galleria. This is Nibbles, the Book Monster, who runs amok in other stories and messes them up. I’m in love.
skinnyshae and husband at Wicked in Century II in Wichita Kansas
Husband and I went to “Wicked.”
Beef Nehari from Zaytun
And then, we went to Zaytun, which serves the best Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food I’ve ever eaten ever. This is Beef Nehari. I order it every. single. time.
skinnyshae as Winnie the Pooh
We celebrated Halloween at Copp Media in full costume. I was Winnie the Pooh. Why? Because I’m 29 weeks pregnant, that’s why.
Copp Media Halloween 2016
The ladies of Copp Media (minus one who was on vacation!) for Halloween 2016! You can almost see my giant belly in this photo.
pumpkin carving contest
We also did a pumpkin carving contest! (I did Pi.)
curtains drawn for Halloween 2016
And, on actual Halloween, I did the thing I’m most want to do during this time of year — turn off all the lights, close the curtains and hope no one upsets the dog — for the LAST TIME. I’m having a baby. I can’t get away with this ever again.

I promised in September that I’d have done something with the baby’s room and show everyone… but I haven’t done anything with the baby’s room…

I was so busy in October! Trying to get to and through Junior League of Wichita appointments, work responsibilities, life responsibilities, other baby responsibilities…

…that getting the nursery painted and “set up” didn’t get to the top of the list.

In fairness, the busyness that will be November isn’t much better than the busyness that was October, but my deadline is quickly approaching. I’m almost 30 weeks pregnant, which — if you can math — means I’ve got maybe 10 baby-free weeks left to get anything done.

Did it just get uncomfortably quiet…?

I have nine doctor’s appointments left before this baby arrives, and they’ve all been scheduled. My husband has put in for time off in January, and my mother is prepped and ready to put in for time off when I tell her.

We still have to schedule the Birth Care Center and take a hospital tour.

We still have to find a pediatrician.

We still have to stock up on essentials like diapers and wipes and laundry detergent and shampoo (although, why, I’m not sure… my hair probably is not getting washed).

We still have to decide on a middle name.

We have a lot to do, and we have 10 weeks to do it. Ten weeks left, and every weekend in November is chock full of non-baby activities.

The panic? It’s real.