September in review


My baby is the size of a rutabaga, which is like the same thing as a turnip, but not. Looks like a big radish.

The vegetable isn’t the point.

The point is… I think a cuter fruit and/or vegetable could have been used to describe the size of the baby.

Who says “That’s about the size of a rutabaga,” or “I need about a rutabaga’s worth of [insert smaller thing here]?”

No one.

I’m 25 weeks, and my stomach is the size of a soccer ball – probably not regulation – and I constantly look like I’ve eaten a large burrito for breakfast.

Or a rutabaga.

It seemed fitting that if we must describe the size of the baby in fruits and vegetables, we should also describe the size of the mommy in fruits and vegetables.

Or gourds.

Pregnant Shae dressed like a pumpkin
Hiding in plain sight #itsapregnantjoke

Let’s work backwards through the month because I have pregnancy brain and the associations are easier working backwards.

No judgement.

September ended with good fun at Walter’s Pumpkin Patch in Burns, Kansas, which has fields of pumpkins, picnic areas, jungle gyms and slides, bouncy pillows, sandboxes and all sorts of fun for kids.

Even though mine couldn’t play with any of the bigger kids (Ha.), I had fun. Hot dogs, s’mores and… me getting my picture taken awkwardly with pumpkins.

Hot dogs and brats grilling
Dogs on the grill! (Don’t worry. They burned one for me, and I covered it in mustard and ketchup for flavor.)
First s’more of fall!

Husband and I celebrated fall weather, which FINALLY showed up, the week before at the Wichita Wagonmaster’s Downtown Chili Cookoff.

skinnyshae and husband


I ate chili. A LOT of chili.

Husband’s chili could have blown them all out of the water, though, and I can’t wait until it’s cold enough to make it. Freezing temps outside or the house gets really hot…

I made it to one of four concerts as part of the Carnegie Concert Series, which was a fun stop during my #shaecation last year.

gooding in the park
Music by Gooding.
uno mas tacos food truck wichita ks
Tacos by Uno Mas.

(I asked the guy for spicy sauce, and he warned me that it was really spicy like little ole me wouldn’t be able to handle it. Ha! Silly mortals. I’m pregnant. I could eat fire. It was pretty spicy, tbh, but man was it good.)

And I celebrated #nationalcoffeeday – pregnant or not, I’m not missing this – with a delightful latte from Reverie.

Reverie coffee roasters latte

Because September WAS the start of fall, I PSL’d Sept. 1.

Like three times in a row.


grande pumpkin spice latte

And I haven’t given up on my need for decluttering the house before baby arrives. I just realized I don’t have a lot of the things the list recommends I should toss.

Day #9-13: No dried flowers or magazines to toss. I couldn’t find a CD that had music on it… Lots of back-up drives. No music. #shorthairdontcare tossed all useless hair accessories a year ago.

Day #14-20: I was able to clean out the closet, including donating four pairs of Husband’s old shoes and one more pair of mine. I’ll spare you a photo of the “tired bras” I tossed. I also reorganized the kitchen cabinets to get rid of appliances I don’t use and kitchen things I have extras of. I gathered up decorative items I haven’t found a home for since moving into this house

…but I’m not getting rid of even one of my scarves that I never wear.


how to wear six scarves at once
I’m wearing six scarves in this photo.

I refuse. I love them all.

Next month, Husband and I will actually do something in the baby’s room so you’ll get pictures for sure of HOW CUTE IT WILL BE OMG.