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Labor Day Food

My husband and I don’t usually get the three-day weekend holidays off together, and Labor Day 2016 was no exception. He had to work — I didn’t. So we didn’t go to the lake or spend a weekend camping or have a backyard party with friends, but we did make a bunch of delicious food.

We were both off work Monday so my husband pulled out his smoker and tossed 10 pounds of pig on the grate. Ten(ish) hours later, we had slice-able, delectable pork (cooked to the appropriate internal temperature) for sandwiches covered in homemade pickled red onions and a vinegar barbecue sauce.

The Heritage Oven by The Good One

This photo is from April when I got my husband this smoker for his birthday — had to hide it in my vehicle for two days after arranging its pickup and delivery all the way from Kansas City (thanks to my aunt) to surprise the crap out of him ON HIS ACTUAL BIRTHDAY.

Point of the story: I’m awesome.

Smoked pork sliced for sandwiches

Smoked pork sandwich with pickled onion and vinegar barbecue sauce

Just look at how pretty.

One unfortunate part of pregnancy is that I have to nuke that meat to near radioactivity to eat any more of it, which might make it tough, but which will also kill any possible bits of bacteria allowed to grow during its chill in the fridge. No cold sandwiches for Shae :(

Otherwise, YAY BABY!

My husband did all of this work. I literally did nothing to help with the pork — it’s hot outside, and I don’t want to.

So instead I made a tart.

Strawberry tart by Popsugar

This is a rare example of me baking something successfully. Even the easy stuff I burn.

Three ingredients to heaven, folks: sugar, puff pastry and strawberries. Decorate with powdered sugar and a delicious vanilla cream sauce. (Recipe based on this one by Popsugar — who are waaaaaay better at the sprinkling of the powdered sugar than I am.)

We gobbled the tart up so quickly that this is really the only good picture I got. However, we had leftover strawberries and cream sauce and that was like bonus dessert.

Strawberry slices with vanilla cream sauce

zomg so good.

I’m going to write a post like this the day after my next “labor” day so I can complain wildly about not getting fed and be overly annoying about the nugget that I do get to take home.