Not just pregnant

I say “not just pregnant” like it’s not the biggest deal in the world… but I did not just get pregnant in my blogging absence.

I also got a new job!

In March, I joined the Digital Media Team at Copp Media, an advertising and media agency. I do the Google and the websites and the optimizing.

I also make the funny faces, drink the coffee and wear the lipstick — so the job has changed, but the me has not.

skinnyshae (13)

Riding the bus with a coworker! (I didn’t get permission to put her face up here so I cut her out of the photo/her photo :/ )


Best Cold Brew Coffee

Had a shot of cold brew at Winefest this year — Nitro Joe’s — also known as the best damn cold brewed coffee in the entire world omg buy it drink it.

skinnyshae (12)

Katy Kat Matte by Covergirl in my new office!


I also joined the Junior League, which works with local organizations to help children in the community. During my first year in the League, I don’t really get involved. Instead, I learn about the League and the work we do in the community, and I tour the organizations we’ve supported in the past and sustain support to.

Including the zoo!

Lions and gorillas at the zoo

There’s a new baby gorilla!!! That’s mommy holding her and daddy in the corner (I think he got in trouble with the gals). Pretty much the cutest thing ever.

And the Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum!

Bell tower at the historical museum

This is the bell tower… original from like 1890 or something… and I think people regularly climb these stairs.

No. Thank. You.

But we go to ring the bell!

Both the Sedgwick County Zoo and the Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical MuseumΒ have educational programs for children in the community, and both are two of my favorite places to go.

And I can’t wait to take my kiddo!Β Babies like museums, yeah?

So pregnant, new job, getting involved in the community… I should be blogging more regularly soon.

Happy Labor Day!

(We’re smoking a pork shoulder, pickling red onions and making strawberry tart today so maybe I’ll have an actual blog post for you — not just an update.)