Organization nation

Clutter upsets me.

Always has.

I don’t like knickknacks. Knickknacks remind me of clutter.

Everything needs a home, and each home needs to be organized. Drawers, closets, desks, cabinets. I prefer when they’re all organized… or empty.

organized cabinets

It’s only a little obsessive.

However, since pregnancy, my hate of clutter and my desire to organize everything increased tenfold. (Well, since the second trimester started-ish. Nausea and exhaustion really prevented me from doing anything in my first trimester.)

Now, I hate everything I own, and I want it GONE.

Who knew pregnancy could not only mess with your body, but it could also make you a giant crazy person hell-bent on hauling the entire contents of your home to the dump.


I’m trying to control myself by limiting the sudden and unhealthy need to throw things away by using a list.

I found this one –>> One a Day: Throw These 116 Things Away via PopSugar

lost earring pairs

De-clutter Day #1: Throw away earrings without pairs

One of these — the pearl flower looking stud — missed the trash can so I’ve decided to keep it. I can probably find its mate. Probably. These were my favorite :(


My unnecessary obsessiveness threw away the wrapping paper weeks ago.


De-clutter Day #3: Throw away cards without sentimental value. Um, sure. Meanwhile, I’m over here crying about the card my grandparents gave me for my high school graduation.

ALL cards are sentimental. Who are you people?


Days #5 and#6 were a miss for me to share. I don’t have any ticket stubs to throw away because I don’t go places, and none of my socks had holes! Yay! (I did not check Husband’s socks…

Today is De-Clutter Day #7 during which I am supposed to throw away old T-shirts. Well, I’ve already cleared out my T-shirt drawer for donation, and my husband turned the majority of his old T-shirts into cleaning rags last week so we’ve got nothing to do tonight.

The list isn’t perfect, of course. I do not believe I have enough change to turn in for paper money, but I have no intention of throwing away the 47 cents I have in my wallet — and the only old “prom” dress I have is a cocktail dress I still look super cute in.

It’s stretchy.

Waiting to donate or toss shoes that don’t get worn might actually drive me insane. I’ve already given away two pairs of heels I can’t walk in and tossed the oldest, full-of-holes boots I’ve had for like a decade.

Alas, I won’t see those shoes until Day #14. Until then, here is a cat loaf for you to enjoy.

cat loaf

“B” is for blue and also for boy

Yes, my friends, it’s a boy.

Gender reveal pregnancy annoucement

I was told this looks like an engagement announcement, and, now that I think about it, it totally does.

My goal was to show off my fingernails, which are painted blue (for boy!)…

…which were painted during a manicure…

…which I’m able to get for the first time ever…

…because I stopped biting my nails AND PRENATAL VITAMINS.

Prenatal vitamins are no joke. While I don’t have the thick, luxurious hair some women speak of or whatever the “pregnancy glow” is supposed to be, my fingernails are stronger than they’ve ever been. Unless I break one, I can’t bite through them any more.

So I stopped biting my nails successfully for the first time since I’ve had teeth.

Cheers to me!

(Not that I’m any good at having nails. I messed up that pretty polish approximately 10 seconds after I left the salon.)

Prenatal vitamins are important for the baby so he can get the nutrients he needs to grow to baby proportions, and, while they’re super good for me, too, it doesn’t mean they’re pleasant.

Not only are they the biggest vitamins ever, they smell and taste terrible — making all poor pregnant ladies gag.

We’re already nauseous. This is cruel.

Plus, if they’ve got DHA or if you take a separate DHA supplement, you’ll immediately barf.

Like immediately.

I don’t take the DHA anymore…

I’ve had problems with multivitamins in the past so I switched to gummy vitamins, which do not make me gag or vomit.

natures bounty womens multivatimin

Also pictured are Co Q-10, Omega-3/6/9 oil and vitamin C. Pre-pregnancy, I took two of each of these a day.

Just… I’d feel a little silly buying gummy prenatal vitamins OTC when I have a prescription for the pharmacy stuff with extra folic acid for his tiny brain and spine.

Which reminds me… I need to call the pharmacy :/


Pregnancy Advice: Sleep now, you never will again

When you get pregnant, you get advice.

“Don’t lift more than 40 pounds.”

“You can lift as much as you want.”

“Don’t eat soft cheese.”

“Most cheese in the U.S. is safe.”

And this gem from my doctor’s office: “Don’t drink alcohol or do illegal drugs.”

Hey, thanks!

I’m a first-time pregnant person so I appreciate advice because I have no idea what I’m doing.

The topic of today’s advice: “Sleep now because you’ll never sleep again.”

In my opinion, “never” and “always” are hyperbole words that don’t have any real meaning. You can’t use them realistically unless you use them statistically. (Ha!) If I never sleep again, I’ll die, which is not hyperbole. The body needs sleep or it dies.

So you can’t say “never.”

I will sleep again. Stop saying I won’t.

I’ll just sleep less. The baby will sleep more than me. You will sleep more than me.

I’ll hate both of you.

It’s fine.

However, the advice to sleep now is actually really good advice, and I’m taking it to heart.

Fitbit sleep tracking

Look at all those green stars!

Maxing eight hours on the regular, except Wednesday… Made up for it Saturday, though! (I was also icky sicky so no one shall look down on me for sleeping a half a day.)

I’m like a cat.

Except I can’t fit in the stroller.

Cat in the stroller

If you bring it home, and it has a slightly concave section, and he’s not supposed to be in it, the cat will sleep in it.


Labor Day Food blog header

Labor Day Food

My husband and I don’t usually get the three-day weekend holidays off together, and Labor Day 2016 was no exception. He had to work — I didn’t. So we didn’t go to the lake or spend a weekend camping or have a backyard party with friends, but we did make a bunch of delicious food.

We were both off work Monday so my husband pulled out his smoker and tossed 10 pounds of pig on the grate. Ten(ish) hours later, we had slice-able, delectable pork (cooked to the appropriate internal temperature) for sandwiches covered in homemade pickled red onions and a vinegar barbecue sauce.

The Heritage Oven by The Good One

This photo is from April when I got my husband this smoker for his birthday — had to hide it in my vehicle for two days after arranging its pickup and delivery all the way from Kansas City (thanks to my aunt) to surprise the crap out of him ON HIS ACTUAL BIRTHDAY.

Point of the story: I’m awesome.

Smoked pork sliced for sandwiches

Smoked pork sandwich with pickled onion and vinegar barbecue sauce

Just look at how pretty.

One unfortunate part of pregnancy is that I have to nuke that meat to near radioactivity to eat any more of it, which might make it tough, but which will also kill any possible bits of bacteria allowed to grow during its chill in the fridge. No cold sandwiches for Shae :(

Otherwise, YAY BABY!

My husband did all of this work. I literally did nothing to help with the pork — it’s hot outside, and I don’t want to.

So instead I made a tart.

Strawberry tart by Popsugar

This is a rare example of me baking something successfully. Even the easy stuff I burn.

Three ingredients to heaven, folks: sugar, puff pastry and strawberries. Decorate with powdered sugar and a delicious vanilla cream sauce. (Recipe based on this one by Popsugar — who are waaaaaay better at the sprinkling of the powdered sugar than I am.)

We gobbled the tart up so quickly that this is really the only good picture I got. However, we had leftover strawberries and cream sauce and that was like bonus dessert.

Strawberry slices with vanilla cream sauce

zomg so good.

I’m going to write a post like this the day after my next “labor” day so I can complain wildly about not getting fed and be overly annoying about the nugget that I do get to take home.


Not just pregnant

I say “not just pregnant” like it’s not the biggest deal in the world… but I did not just get pregnant in my blogging absence.

I also got a new job!

In March, I joined the Digital Media Team at Copp Media, an advertising and media agency. I do the Google and the websites and the optimizing.

I also make the funny faces, drink the coffee and wear the lipstick — so the job has changed, but the me has not.

skinnyshae (13)

Riding the bus with a coworker! (I didn’t get permission to put her face up here so I cut her out of the photo/her photo :/ )


Best Cold Brew Coffee

Had a shot of cold brew at Winefest this year — Nitro Joe’s — also known as the best damn cold brewed coffee in the entire world omg buy it drink it.

skinnyshae (12)

Katy Kat Matte by Covergirl in my new office!


I also joined the Junior League, which works with local organizations to help children in the community. During my first year in the League, I don’t really get involved. Instead, I learn about the League and the work we do in the community, and I tour the organizations we’ve supported in the past and sustain support to.

Including the zoo!

Lions and gorillas at the zoo

There’s a new baby gorilla!!! That’s mommy holding her and daddy in the corner (I think he got in trouble with the gals). Pretty much the cutest thing ever.

And the Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum!

Bell tower at the historical museum

This is the bell tower… original from like 1890 or something… and I think people regularly climb these stairs.

No. Thank. You.

But we go to ring the bell!

Both the Sedgwick County Zoo and the Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum have educational programs for children in the community, and both are two of my favorite places to go.

And I can’t wait to take my kiddo! Babies like museums, yeah?

So pregnant, new job, getting involved in the community… I should be blogging more regularly soon.

Happy Labor Day!

(We’re smoking a pork shoulder, pickling red onions and making strawberry tart today so maybe I’ll have an actual blog post for you — not just an update.)