20 weeks and counting

Supposedly the size of an artichoke and the length of a small banana, the human I’m growing is turning my insides into what is probably a horrible tasting vegetable fruit salad my dog certainly won’t like.


Hopefully, he likes the human. (The husband was holding a treat above my head.)

Today, I’m 20 weeks, which is half-baked if you were curious.

Why did I wait so long to share my news? I did tell everyone I know — Facebook — at 13 weeks, but why wait until 20 to start blogging about pregnancy? I mean… just the food alone could keep me busy for weeks. Why, why, why have I missed out on so much?!

Well, nausea, for one.

Lots and lots and lots of nausea. Just constant nausea.

Number 2: Exhaustion.

Do you have any idea how physically exhausting and mentally draining the first trimester of pregnancy is? Making a human is legit hard.

I was monstrously tired. Too tired to cook, to move, to do… I slept often.

BUT only when I wasn’t getting up to pee every seven minutes — not a third trimester-only symptom.

AND when I wasn’t waking up at 3 a.m. like clockwork for no reason.

So, yeah, I missed out on a lot of good writing opportunities.

…but I’m makin’ a human so I give myself a break.