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Climbing floors to sit down + WSU basketball

To get the most out of your Fitbit Charge, you have to enter certain information manually, such as your calories consumed and burned and how much water you drink and whether or not you slept when you weren’t wearing it.

I did really well at tracking my water and my workouts for the first few weeks. I’d happily drink 64 ounces of water just to tap those little blue cups! I honestly don’t know why it was so satisfying.

Fitbit Charge Activity Tracker
I’m not doing too well now…

Unfortunately, I’m terrible at keeping records of calories consumed and calories burned.

Fitbit Charge Activity Tracker
-11,626 calories… NEGATIVE 11,626 calories. Not sure if you caught that.

I’m especially terrible at keeping track of calories consumed when I eat food that I make.

You know.

Because I made it.

Barcode free.

I’m not a nutritionist. I’m not good at calculating these things, but I am trying.

Well, I’m going to try.

Next week. (No one starts things on Fridays.)


Luckily, Fitbit Charge does track steps, floors and sleep automatically. (If it didn’t, no one would buy it.) From what Charge records of my daily activity, I climb a lot of floors just to sit down for hours.

Fitbit Activity Tracker Floor
Nearly always more than 10 (after I figured out that little “wind” problem).

Look at all those floors!

My office is on the third floor in my building, and I climb the stairs at home often enough to make this reality. Today, especially, because the water in my building has been shut off for maintenance and I had to go to a different building to… use water services… and then climb back up to my office.

So. Many. Stairs.


Fitbit Charge Tracker

Look at none of those steps… I have only hit 10,000 steps twice in the last 28 days. TWENTY-EIGHT DAYS. Face-to-palm, that’s depressing!

I vaguely recall thinking this would be easy. (Not so vague, actually, I said it.)

Now, I’m swallowing my words.

Getting 10,000 steps a day should not be this difficult, but then I remember that I have an office job, and my office job happily plants me in front of a computer for eight hours a day. I might be a wind storm of picking up, doing chores, cleaning and cooking when I get home, but after it’s all said and done, I sit back down.

One day, I walked around my house at 9 p.m. picking things up one at a time and putting them away just to hit 5,000 steps that day.

What’s worse? My sleeping.

Lately, I’ve had just the worst time falling asleep and getting up in the morning. When once a 5 a.m. wake-up call was doable (still really awful), now a 6 a.m. wake-up call is IMPOSSIBLE.

I hit snooze for days.

Fitbit Sleep Tracker
See the red? That’s me hitting snooze every five minutes until I’m forcibly removed from bed by my sleepy husband.

Sometimes I do fall asleep quickly. For instance, last night I went to bed at 12:07 a.m. — stayed up too late, I know — but it took me exactly zero minutes to fall asleep.

Sleep tracker

And I actually remember this! I put my phone down, turned off the light, and then nothing… Usually, I have thoughts roaming around in my brain distracting me from sleeping.

Not last night.

Last night? Done.

Not even a dream (that I can remember).

Now, I also see that I only got five hours and 37 minutes of actual sleep. Red littered throughout the blue timeline noted as restless is just me getting hot, kicking off the covers, getting cold, going to find the covers, getting hot, repeat — all in a fog of still pretty much asleep.

Why was I so tired? Not only because I stayed up too late, but also because of LIVE ACTION BASKETBALL!!!

My dear, sweet, lovely, amazing friends took me to the very first Shocker basketball game I’ve been to since my undergrad at Wichita State University.

Koch Arena Roundhouse Wichita State University
Dunk counter at 10 and winning 99-68… it was a pretty amazing game! And I’m so, so, so happy I got to go!!!

So I was a tad wired.

I’ll do better, starting Monday ;)


Other happenings?

shorts in february
It’s sunny and 75, and I’m in shorts and flip-flops in February.



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