#WRW16 A feast at Olive Tree

And on the last day of Wichita Restaurant Week, we feast…

Buffet Brunch

…on a chef-inspired buffet complete with traditional American breakfast items and authentic Mediterranean cuisine.

I ate ALL of the goat cheese.

Piccadilly, Wichita’s favorite holiday buffet spot, moved from its long-time Piccadilly Square location to a larger space in Comotara Plaza, where Olive Tree now serves its banquets and catering. The new space comes with a new name — Two Olives — and opens in February. Until then, Olive Tree continues to serve Sunday brunch and cater events across town.

The last time I ate buffet-style was at Piccadilly two Thanksgivings ago (and it was awesome), but that wasn’t the first time I’d eaten Piccadilly’s menu.

When I was in my undergrad at Wichita State University, I worked catering events at Hotel at Oldtown and the Wichita Art Museum with one of the chefs behind the Piccadilly cuisine — Joumana Toubia. While I mixed drinks behind a bar or served a three course meal to 250 event patrons or held an appetizer tray over my head during cocktail hour, Joumana was in the kitchen leading a team of chefs to produce some wonderful bites.

Of course, the staff got to taste them. How else would we be able to describe them appropriately to guests?

How else, I ask you.


At brunch on Sunday — the final day of #WRW16 — I wanted to try everything so I got little bits of as much as I could eat.

Piccadilly chefs
I call this a salad. That I made myself. By piling everything from the tapas-style table onto one plate.

I liked almost everything on this plate, but there are certain things I tried that I knew I wouldn’t like, such as the grape leaf wrap things — I don’t like grape leaves — and the eggplant — I don’t like eggplant.

But I wanted to try them.

I inhaled the beets and Brussels sprouts salad, which I didn’t expect, but an upcoming smoothie recipe will show you how I’ve suddenly taken to beets… They’re weirdly delicious.

Two Olives Piccadilly Wichita Kansas

The salmon was also delicious, and I think I could have eaten an entire plate of just that, but I saved room for as much of the rest of the buffet as I could.

Olive Tree Catering Wichita Kansas
Salmon — amazing — and charcuterie table with salad and veggies!


Two Olives Wichita Kansas
I do not know how I failed to grab anything off this table but get a picture of it.


Olive Tree Wichita Kansas
Butter Rum Coffee. zomg. yay.


Olive Tree Brunch Wichita Kansas
I had four desserts, but they were REALLY tiny so I think that equals only one piece of cake.

The buffet was delightful, and the food was great, but I wished the areas and items had been labeled more clearly. Some items, like the salmon, didn’t need to be labeled, but others would have helped direct my decisions. For example, my brunch friend and I did not realize there was a waffle station. That would have been dessert, if I had seen it. Some of the tapas-style foods were also unlabeled, and I couldn’t tell the difference between the baba ghanoush and hummus in the muted lighting.

Because Piccadilly recently moved and changed their name and the restaurant technically isn’t “live” yet, I think the look and feel of the location as well as the organization of the buffet will change.

I’m excited to see what they’ll do with the place! It’s massive!

Olive Tree will also now offer its menu on a carry-out basis. Girls’ night? Book club? Don’t want to cook? Get a pint of hummus, a couple pizzas and fattouch salads — my favorite — from the future Two Olives and chow down at home. It’s catering, carry-out style.

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