Goodbye 2015, hello New Year

2015 was a great year

Anniversary #5

We started the year celebrating our fifth anniversary, and we’re getting ready to celebrate No. 6 tomorrow!

Haircut (6)

I got a spif new haircut,

Newman University (1)

and new job!

With Friends (3)

With Friends (1)

With Friends (12)

With Friends (18)

Wingnuts (2)

Spent time with friends,

and time with family.

With Grandpa (3)

With Mom

With Mom (2)

#shaecation (37)

I also learned my secret power!

Soup That is Too Hot

(One time, I made Black Bean Soup so spicy it couldn’t be consumed…)

Husband and I (and the creatures) really enjoyed 2015.

With Husband (1)

Christmas 2015 (11)


(Although, Ivan and Zuzu were not into family picture time, and Moon Unit never comes out of the basement.)

2015 really was a great year

Here’s to another…

Happy New Year!

cheers to twenty sixteen