How do you stop at just one cookie?

Sohee Lee of Sohee Fit wrote an article about the very subject, republished by Greatist.

Lee said stopping at just one cookie has nothing to do with discipline. She eats what she wants, when she wants (I also do that), but she balances her sweets with protein (I don’t do that). Lee also delays her sweets and treats if she knows she’s going to indulge later in the day or the week.

balance + planning > willpower

Usually, I have no problem stopping at just one cookie. Except for doughnuts, I’m not big on sweets. I do, however, have a huge problem stopping at just one taco. I don’t think it’s which food you overeat but that you overeat.

For example, I like to eat – let’s say multiple – tacos and at least two doughnuts (I’m obsessed). There’s a good chance I’ll eat more than two…

Wichita Kansas Donut Whole Donut Hole

A sedentary office job and eating more than one doughnut put weight on me. Obviously, a more active lifestyle and eating no doughnuts will help take the weight off me.

But we all know I’m not going to stop eating doughnuts (again, I’m obsessed).

Wichita Kansas Donut Whole Donut Hole

And Lee doesn’t want me to stop eating doughnuts. Good woman.

“Ban no foods. Otherwise, it doesn’t end well. The point is to not obsess over what you’re eating.” – Sohee Lee

I honestly haven’t obsessed about my food in ages – unless, it’s a positive obsession about the glorious-ness that is the doughnut – which is probably why I’ve put on as much weight as I have. Sneaky hidden weight that doesn’t show up until I sit down or try to put on old pants.

Instead, Lee promotes allowing yourself to eat food when you want – even food you fear to eat because you might binge nosh until you hate yourself.

She also encourages you to keep your “cheat” foods in your house. If you want to EAT ALL THE COOKIES, you should keep cookies in your house. That way, the urgent desire to consume them isn’t as overwhelming.  I’m not sure about this one – I almost never have cheat foods in my house – but I might not have identified any cheat foods to keep out of my house, which is probably more accurate.

I already allow myself to eat what I want, when I want. Now, I just have to add Lee’s delayed gratification tactics by planning my treats in advance and balancing the sugar (or, in my case, salt) with sugar fighters (or salt fighters).

With planning, balancing and a little will power (I’m going to need it), in January, I am going to have just one:

  • Doughnut (Heaven, help me.)
  • Beer
  • Glass of wine
  • Taco
  • Cookie, cake pop, dark chocolate square, etc.
  • (I’ll think of more when I come to a situation.)

The “just one” attempt does not apply to the following:

  • Fruits and veggies
  • Triscuits
  • Tortilla chips
  • French fries
  • Meat balls
  • Other tiny foods meant to be eaten in multiples like those cute sandwiches and ridiculous small tacos

I will document #justonejanuary on Facebook and Instagram. Let’s see how well I do!