Power Yoga + Bang Bang Shrimp

I abandoned by YMCA membership because I never used it. I was often too tired after work to hit the gym, and I couldn’t get myself out of bed early enough in the morning to make it to any of my spin classes, which I missssed so bad.

A Christmas present for my husband and I this December was re-upping our membership, and I went to Power Yoga again for the first time in a year.

As we went straight into Chair after one round of Sun Salutations, I said, “Nothing has changed.” Everyone agreed.

Of course, now I’m sore, but I’m happy :)

More than more than a year ago, I was thin and flexible and a Power Yoga regular. Hopefully, I’ll get this flexibility and strength back.

Now for dinner… last night.

Recently, I came across a recipe for Bang Bang Shrimp by how sweet it is (although the post is from way last year), and I decided to give it a try – even though I don’t have a great record with seafood.

And, I have to say, it’s a near-weekly staple at our house.

The recipe I found is super simple, but I simplified it to just ridiculous levels.

Bang Bang Shrimp (2)
From Instagram: Shriiiiiimmmmmmppppp yes

Instead of using raw shrimp, I found a bag of pre-cooked (don’t hate me).

The sauce is nearly the same with 5 tablespoons of mayo, 2 tablespoons of sweet chili sauce but spicier with two tablespoons of Sriracha.

Bang Bang Shrimp (3)
From Instagram: Mayo, Sriracha and sweet chili sauce. Probably the least healthy sauce ever. But… Bang Bang Shrimp.

Instead of making a homemade cabbage salad/slaw, I bought a chopped cabbage salad kit and threw dinner together in less than 15 minutes.

Bang Bang Shrimp (1)
Bang Bang Shrimp and chopped cabbage salad (from a bag) because it’s like I didn’t even cook.

Two days of work left before a week and a half holiday break! Nearly all the shopping is done, and I wrapped the husband’s presents while he was at work today. I have one FINAL shopping expedition tomorrow for my little brother.

Happy Christmas!
Happy Christmas!