ALL the Christmas

So… 10 days to Christmas.

I am so prepared.

Like so.

I have three… or four… Christmas trees…


(In fairness, these ones are tiny.)



A mood-setting mantle…


Covered in candles GALORE…



And a rather festive pup!


I mean… look. how. cute.

Except for the dog, I got all of my decorations at Goodwill. Candles, too. I recommend.

Now, ask me how many Christmas presents I’ve purchased for my loved ones. Ask me how well I’ve planned my Christmas party, my family get-together, a friendsmasgiving…

Well, not well at all, I tell you.

Luckily, I’ve got a husband who knows how to Amazon, cook duck and keep cool under holiday pressure ;)

I suppose I have done a bit of planning. But it’s all Pinterest, no action.

I bet I could wrap presents that great… If, you know, I get them in time…

Happy 10 days to Christmas :)