Eat organic: Why I switched

Did anyone notice all the organic fruits and vegetables in last week’s (sorry, only three) smoothies?

Sunday Smoothie Preparation for the Week

There were lots, right? Go me!

Now, who remembers when organic fruits and vegetables were too expensive and overrated and I refused to pay for them?

Not that long ago, I wholeheartedly believed that I could eat non-organic fruits and vegetables and get all the same nutrition and health benefits organic food offered. Then, I stayed up way too late watching documentaries about vitamins and minerals and chemicals and pesticides and what the chemicals and pesticides were doing to my hormones and fat cells.

It was so bad, you guys.

In college and graduate school, the budget was a little tight so I didn’t spend money on fancy fruits and vegetables…

…which were a shocking 50 cents more a pound.

I was satisfied to eat regular apples, potatoes and greens. I was A-OK with consuming FDA-approved pesticides. Well, I’m not satisfied or A-OK anymore.

I got over the 50-cent expense, and I switched.

Here’s why:

  • Non-organic apples are one of the worst offenders. Want to know why they’re so shiny?
  • Non-organic potatoes are so soaked in chemicals and pesticides that the people who farm them won’t eat them. I mean… potatoes are supposed to sprout.
  • Leafy greens are not only super awesome for us; bugs love ’em, too! They get sprayed with pesticides so the bugs can’t eat them and we can.

Plus, pesticides accumulate in fat cells… and, just, sorta, hang out. Making me more fat.

Awesome sauce.

Switching to organic fruits and vegetables on my last grocery run cost me:

  • 50 cents more per pound for apples
  • 40 cents more per pound for potatoes
  • $1 more per bunch of greens (Romaine, spinach and kale)
  • 50 cents more (per bunch?) for broccoli
  • $1 more per pound for leeks
  • $1 more per avocado for avocados…
  • 10 cents more per pound for bananas
  • Pears and kiwi were on sale!

I think I can live with that.