Washington: My forever home

Last September, my husband and I went to Washington State with his parents and his sister, her husband and their two children for a much-needed and more-than-enjoyed family vacation. We visited his family in Washington and spent quality time with his aunt and uncle.

Washington, specifically Sequim, might be my forever home.

And here’s why…

Sequim WashingtonI love my Kansas fields, and the flat lands have their own beauty… but these mountains made my heart sing.

Just, real quick, here’s another reason…

Sequim Washington

That is the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the view from the balcony at our rental house. If you squint, you can see Canada.

Want to see it at sunset?

Pacific Ocean at sunset

Photoshop couldn’t make those colors. The photo doesn’t do it justice.

The big bay window in the living room looked out to the Strait, and the front door opened to the beautiful Cascades. Guuhhh-orgeous. 

Plus, Canada is like right there… so we went.

British Columbia Canada port

Do you see why I would want to live there FOREVER?

 Added bonus: The scenery is also good for outdoor workouts. At least in September.

We went kayaking (chasing down seals like we could keep up), hiked every thing and took long walks through forests with trees twice the size of my house…

hiking in Washington

I mean… that wasn’t even the biggest tree.

The food was as amazing as the view. My husband is a phenomenal cook, but he got his skills from his father – who apparently shares them with his brother. Fresh seafood from Seattle and farmer’s markets in Port Angeles and Sequim made for good eats.

Washington farmer's market

Washington farmer's market

Bouillabaisse, salmon with jalapeno and lemon, crab cakes, prawns… I even ate an elk burger! (I also tried the goat burger, but I think I’ll stick with goat cheese.)

Husband’s aunt and uncle brought sweet tomatoes from their home garden that I ate like candy for three days. (Ha! They didn’t last that long. Two days.) I picked up what I believed to be a three-pound peach that fed the husband and I breakfast twice. I mean… I don’t want to go on and on about how tasty the apples were, but seriously, the apples were tasty… and the size of a toddler’s head.

Washington is nearly perfect.

Fresh seafood and plump fruit, salted lavender caramels and clean mountain air (with the occasional salty sea stink)…

Deer in the Cascade mountains Canada Pacific coast skinnyshae and husband Crystal Lake Sequim WashingtonI will keep dreaming of this beautiful forever home.