Out with the old, in with the NO resolution year

Because I know I’ve been here before.

I think back to November 2010, when I wrote my first post, trying to remember why I started blogging…

skinnyshae began as a diet, fitness and beauty blog where I could complain about how exercise is hard, how dieting sucks and how I don’t know how to pluck my eyebrows.

The blog survived for just more than two years before I stopped…

I stopped exercising. I stopped cooking. I got rid of my gym membership. I started eating Ramen noodles. I stopped caring about how I looked. I stopped caring about how I felt.

It’s hard to remember why you started something when you have stopped everything…

…but I remember that exercise is hard, and I loved it. I know that my husband is a better chef, but I miss cooking. I remember that yoga made me feel amazing, and I know Ramen noodles are nearly the worst thing I can put in my body.

I miss blogging.

I think I’ll try again.

skinnyshae short hair style

I thought I’d start out with how my 2013 resolutions went…

Resolution #1: I still bite my nails, and I haven’t had a hair cut or trim since April.

Resolution #2: I do eat better. I eat my husband’s food. Way better than what I was eating! Exercising sorta… didn’t… yeah.

Resolution #3: I wanted to stop eating out of boredom… I didn’t.

Resolution #4: I can cook rice without it burning in water!

Resolution #5: I have no budget, but I did get a new job in 2014, which I really like.

I’d give myself a C for barely passing and because my hair still looks cute at least four days a week.

I’m not making 2014 New Year’s Resolutions because resolutions don’t work so I’m just going to keep doing what I do everyday and make small changes as I go… like doing squats when I brush my teeth or using lotion on my face so I don’t get icky dry skin.

Not hard.


And I don’t promise to do a single thing all year.