The end of April

How do I begin a blog post after I haven’t blogged since March 16?

It. Is. Not. Easy.

I will begin by explaining why I have been absent all month…

April began well.

I got a new hair cut by this fabulous lady. I have bangs!
(BTW bangs give you oily forehead. Oily forehead means blackheads.)

New Hair by JKArtCoI took my sister-in-law, her husband and her two boys to Botanica for the Tulips, Fairies and Friends Festival, which was not too fun, but OMG look how cute the boys are.

Adorable BabyAdorable ToddlerHusband and I ate amazing chicken tortilla casserole with his family for his birthday the Sunday after Botanica, and then… Monday happened.

Monday happened, and I became a giant depressed sad person.

On Monday, April 8, my sweet kitty cat, Hobbes, was hit by a car.

Ivan and HobbesAnd he did not make it.

I was devastated. I started crying when I found out it happened, and I did not stop crying until a day later when I slept for approximately 15 hours.

On my husband’s actual birthday.

That week I also started feeling like absolute crap. Almost everything I have eaten lately has not set well in my belly… It’s probably stress.

And abject loss of cat sadness.

Of course when you lose a beloved pet, especially a sweet little orange one like Hobbes, you tend to do irrational things.

Like get another one to fill the empty hole in your heart.

New CatIsn’t he cute?

We can’t bring him home until he’s at least two pounds and completely weaned from mommy’s milk, but the humane society is taking good care of him until we can pick him up! I’m excited!

April was just a rough month for my husband and me.

Ivan had it pretty ruff, too.

Hard Life

Also in April… Hard Charge. (Hell.) But we’ll talk about that on another day. I promise I won’t be gone long.

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