Treadmill-free cardio workouts

More like running-free cardio workouts…

Wow. Never thought I’d say that… Weird.

I am working out with my best friend, Ashley, and she is not allowed to run because of her hips and knee.


She’s not allowed to run… yet. Eventually, I’m sure she’ll be able to run or, at least, jog.

We have to do our cardio workouts without the treadmill and without running on the track for now, and we need to get in some good cardio if we want to burn fat. We have to do more than resistance training.

Plus, I’m really sore, and I need to get out some soreness, and the best way to do that is cardio.

For two weeks, we have done our cardio on the bike for about 15 minutes, but it is getting boring. I need a cardio workout to mix up our routine that doesn’t involve running, sprinting, jumping, skipping… you get the idea. No high-impact!

The first option is to make the stationary bike a little more interesting.

Instead of setting the stationary bike to P-8, which is the Cardio Program, Ashley and I are going to try interval and tempo workouts on the bike. The Greatist published this low-impact tempo workout from the American Council on Exercise. (ACE has more workouts!)

Warm up with a 10-minute spin at moderate intensity. After the warm-up, alternate two-minute high intensity (still low impact!) and five-minute moderate intensity intervals for 21 minutes. Then, for 18 minutes, alternate high for two minutes and moderate for six minutes. Finish the workout off with a cool down.

Moderate intensity is at a level where Ashley and I will be able to speak. High intensity is at a level where it will be difficult for Ashley and I to speak at all. We are on different levels with our cardio so we will have different levels of moderate and high intensity intervals.

That’ll be fun to figure out.

While this interval workout will be easy-ish on Ashley’s joints, it will get our heart rates up and our bodies burning evil fat cells.

Our second indoor bike option is to join a spin class, which has the added benefit of someone else telling us what to do. The YMCA has several indoor cycling classes to attend at different levels. Bonus? It’s free with our membership. Whoop!

When Ashley and I feel like hopping off the bike, another option is to use low-weight free weights for fast-paced toning sessions. Instead of lifting heavy weights, we lift almost zero weight and do it really, really fast. Much like Insanity workouts with dumbbells and without the jumping and the skipping.

And the sheer awfulness of it.

Kettlebell workouts are also good fat-burners. I think it’s all the swinging…

We will have to increase our cardio soon if we want to continue to burn fat. According to Women’s Health Magazine, we have to keep pushing our bodies to keep seeing results. (I haven’t seen any results yet so I’m not too worried right now.)