Going to the gym with my best friend

My best friend Ashley (not this Ashley) have taken our relationship to the next level. We are now more than just best friends…

We are officially workout buddies!


I have known Ashley since fourth grade, and, in all that time, she has always been my skinny friend (not that I didn’t have other skinny friends… no hate mail). She is super little! Little, however, does not always mean healthy and toned. To get healthy and toned, Ashley joined the YMCA, and now we can work out together.

zomg. SO excited.

I enjoy exercise way more when I’m with a friend, especially one of my best friends since forever.

seriously. EXCITED.

I went with her last Friday for her first meeting with a personal trainer. He helped her figure out what type of cardio and weight training exercises she should do.

Unfortunately, because she has some joint pain, she cannot do high impact aerobics or cardio that puts too much pressure on her knees and hips. So we won’t be hitting the track or the treadmill together…

Sadness. Oh, well!

She is approved to use the bike, the elliptical and the Arc Trainer, which are cardio machines that have little to no impact. She is also approved to do some swimming because the water removes the body weight from the workout.

I will not be joining her in the pool because… just no.

Well at least not until I lose enough weight and find a one piece swimming suit that holds the girls, but I will squeeze into my old swimming suit to enjoy the sauna and the steam room!

Our goal is to go to the gym together three times a week. We will follow her workout plan from the personal trainer: warmup, weight training, cardio, cool down and stretch.

And I get to take her to Power Yoga!


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