Seeds make better spreads

Peanut butter is super delicious.

More than one tablespoon of peanut butter is best, especially if you’re snacking on a Granny Smith. Unfortunately, peanut butter also happens to be loaded with fat and calories.

Hmm. Much like most nut butters. Hazelnut spread, anyone? Oh, man. That stuff’s also super delicious.

Well, one of my favorite blogs, Kath Eats Real Food, features a different kind of spread: seed butters.

KERF is one of my favorite blogs because she has an adorable baby and awesome furniture and kitchen gadgets and neat-oh coffee cups and I want her job… Not because she eats seed butter.

Anyway… many of her breakfast posts often include a mostly empty jar of sunflower butter filled with overnight oats (another reason I love her blog).

I have never tried sunflower butter, but I LOVE sunflower seeds. I played sports. I had to.

According to an article featured on Organic Gardening, a handful of bird food (seeds!) is low in fat and calories and also loaded with protein, vitamins and minerals. A half cup of sunflower seeds contains more than 100 perfect of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin E, which is great for skin.

The dry winter has taken its toll on my skin. I might have to switch my peanut butter for some sunflower butter… Because popping vitamin E pills sounds less fun.

The Organic Gardening article highlights seven seeds for health and happiness, but I’m not sure they can all be turned to butter. Papaya seed butter? Probably not.

I want to switch from peanut and other nut butters to seed butters to save on fat and calories and enjoy some of the benefits of eating on seeds.

Unfortunately, I am really cheap. I can get cheap peanut butter for $2 at Dillon’s, but the same size jar of sunflower butter costs $6… sometimes more. I guess my only option is to make pumpkin butter…

The Greatist recommends pumpkin seeds and pumpkin butter. I still have pumpkins leftover from Halloween. How long do pumpkins and their seeds stay good? They look fine from the outside… They’re not mushy…

I’ll cut them open and let you know.