Heat up your meals and your fitness this winter

My favorite flavor is…


OK. I know spicy isn’t technically a flavor, but it is the best way to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner. You know. With spice.

For example, aren’t scrambled eggs better with a dash (or five) of Frank’s? Isn’t a BBQ pulled pork sandwich more amazing with a little spicy tang? Isn’t chili… just… like… awesome?

Yes. Yes. And yes.

My husband’s latest chili recipe fed us for three days. No joke. Lunch and dinner for both of us for THREE days, and we didn’t get sick of it.


Husband’s chili recipe is adapted from A.B.’s chili recipe.

The Hubs and I are both ridiculous spice fans.

Luckily, cayenne pepper and Chile peppers do more than just make food freakin’ awesome because of a lovely little chemical called capsaicin.

Capsaicin can help with weight loss (for those New Year’s resolutions) by boosting metabolism by increasing body heat and by suppressing appetite. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to stop eating when I’m not hungry. Capsaicin can help reduce cravings for the fatty, salty and sweet foods I often eat out of boredom.

Like chips.

I love chips.

I hate that I love chips.

Capsaicin is also an ingredient in muscle pain dampening creams and rubs because of its nerve-tingling effects, which is, likely, the only way I will actually benefit from capsaicin for fitness.

Shin splints = Icy Hot. That’s life.

Eating spicy food for breakfast, lunch and dinner might help me out in the weight loss department, but I doubt the amount of chemical in any of my spices will actually lead to extended benefits.

Not that that’s going to stop me from eating spicy food for breakfast, lunch and dinner…