A Christmas Eve menu

My father-in-law can cook!

Husband and I celebrated Christmas with his family on Christmas Eve.

(The night before we celebrated with coffee and chocolate cake at my grandparents’ home. Grandma and Papa spiked the coffee with a little Bailey’s their amazing granddaughter gave them for Christmas! And I finally found a present for my papa… new navy blue suspenders. Walmart… it’s a miracle-worker sometimes. But I still hate that place.)

Back to Christmas Eve!

I have marveled at my father-in-law’s ability to make delicious food every holiday. He really is a great cook, but I should have known that the moment my husband started cooking real food (we used to eat a lot of boxed meal kits).

The apple cook does not fall far from the apple cook tree.

Or something.

On the menu for Christmas Eve…

The links above link to recipes I found online resembling the food my father-in-law made for Christmas Eve dinner. The links above do not link to the exact recipe he used. I’m not entirely sure he used a recipe.

He might just be a genius.

My stomach felt smarter after dinner. Fuller. A little bloated, but definitely smarter.

I did avoid going back for seconds, except with the sweet potatoes. Too good. Couldn’t resist. But I didn’t go back for A LOT of seconds.

After dinner and before dessert, we opened gifts!

My 2-year-old nephew, Adley, made out with the best Christmas present of the season. His grandma and grandpa got him a musical symphony toy… and it’s probably the coolest thing I’ve ever played with seen.

Children's toys, boysThe toy is set up like a concert stage. Each instrument sits above the stage in its own holder. Once the instrument is placed on the stage… it starts playing a song. You can add more and more instruments until an entire symphony is playing the same song. Take them away, and the instrument stops playing.

omg. So cool.

I remember getting a Furbie for Christmas in fourth grade and thinking it was cool. Psh.

Husband and I didn’t do too bad with gift giving. We got Adley pots and pans for his kitchen set and squeaky egg toys, and we got his adorable baby brother, Kenton, a noisy baby toy (<– no clue) and an adorable brown corduroy jacket from Kenneth Cole.

Kenton was more into chewing on the wrapping paper than he was his outfit. Whatev. I forgive him. He’s a chunk, and I love him.

Christmas 2012 (10)Our Christmas Eve was pretty amazing, hanging out with these little dudes.

Christmas 2012 (19)


Playing with our name puzzle with his Uncle.

Christmas 2012 (29)


Stealing his uncle’s ice cream… stealing… like he’s not cute enough to just get some.

Christmas 2012 (37)


Playing and dancing when a nap is direly needed.

Christmas 2012 (42)

LOOK AT THAT HAT. He’s adorable… and he knows it.

Also, Husband’s parents got us some sa-weeeet cookware, including a FRENCH PRESS, so prepare yourselves for recipes. Especially coffee recipes.

omg. I’m so excited.