Inspiration for a DIY home: Idea #2

I haven’t built a new desk for Husband yet. Finding good pallet wood in Wichita is much more difficult than I originally thought, and last week was abnormally busy.

I did find these great guidelines for finding and choosing which pallet wood to use. I didn’t even consider some of these things.


However, just because I haven’t built a neat-oh! desk for the hubby doesn’t mean I don’t have thousands of other ideas about what I want to do in my home.

Idea #2: Updated cabinetry

Our house is 90-years-old, and I think our kitchen cabinetry is near-original. The bizarre wallpaper liner, however, looks like it’s from the 70’s.

No offense, but that decade is not much my style.

And it’s stuck on there. Guh.

Painting the interior of the drawers and cabinets in my kitchen, however, is quite my style. LOOK HOW CUTE THIS IS.


Oh, Martha, you are a genius.

The pretty pink interior featured above won’t fit my kitchen. I think a pale yellow or spring green will look best. I also want to limit the painting to the surface of the bottom of the drawer and cabinet, not the sides. My kitchen cabinetry is a wonderfully gorgeous wood that I couldn’t damage with paint, even if I wanted to.

The bottom of the drawers and cabinets, however, are not as awesome. Seventies’ wallpaper… I will need primer.

The bottom of the cabinet under my sink is also not so awesome. It’s a little warped and dingy like it has stored too many harsh chemicals. No blame. I store harsh chemicals, cleaning supplies and trash bags under that same kitchen sink.

I do not want to add to the warped-ness of the floor of my cabinet. I want to do as much as possible to protect the wood from rotting.



These home upgrades and repairs are going to be great in my kitchen! And, for as many peel-and-stick tiles I will need and for as much paint as I will need, these will be inexpensive but time-consuming.

I hope I have the time!

Now, I need to get ready to run Mile #2. Shooting for 11:58!