I set my PR during the Jingle Bell Run

I started the Runner’s World running streak this morning with the Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis. I pledge to run one mile every day starting today!

My goal for the race was to finish with a 12-minute mile, but I would have been OK with a 12:30 mile since I haven’t been much of a runner lately, and since I’m so disgustingly out of shape.

I finished the race with the race clock at 12:34. I felt pretty good about that time, but I knew it wasn’t my time. My race bib had a chip connected to it that timed my run rather than the race’s run.

(I love this chip thing! I didn’t cross the starting line right after the race began because there were SO many people, but I didn’t have to figure out any of that time because my race bib did it for me.)

And OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS… my race time: 11:59!

I finished my one-mile under my goal time! Under is better than over, even if it was only by one second.

…just makes me think I could have sprinted that last stretch a little faster. Ah, well!

I had plenty of encouragement at the start…

Jingle Bell Run in Wichita KS

First time I’ve ever seen that sign in person. Guess that’s one step along the way to becoming a real runner.

Or spending less time on Pinterest…

One of my co-workers also ran the one-mile with his children. (He ran a 7:22, and I’m pretty sure his daughter beat him. She’s fast!) As I was running, I came up on his son, who had stopped running and started walking, which I was told he might want to do because he’s not as into running as his sister. I waved ‘hello’ as I passed him, and then he started running again.

I asked: “Are you going to beat me?” He said: “Oh, yeah.” And he did.

Beaten, with intent, by an 8-year-old. If it wasn’t so cute, I’d be mad at myself. I’ll just say I let him win.

Downside to the charity racing gig? The crowed.

It was soooooo crowded, and the track had several tight turns that people all tried to go around at once. I actually had to walk through a turn because there were so many people around me. And we crossed a few bike bridges which just are not wide enough to run through.

Future reference: I don’t do well in crowds.

Before I went to the race, I mapped out a one-mile route in my neighborhood so I wouldn’t have to go to the gym and run on a treadmill every day for 31 days. That just sounds awful.

My goal over the next month will be to reduce my one-mile time by one minute. Is that a good goal? I would like to run a 10:59 mile on January 1, 2013. (Actually, I wouldn’t mind running a 10-minute mile…but let’s be realistic.)

I also practiced 70 minutes of Power Yoga before the race. Do you think my time would have been better or worse if I hadn’t warmed up with some serious sweat at the Y?

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