Obsessed: YOGA STUFF!

I have been obsessed with yoga since my sophomore year in college when I took my first Vinyasa yoga class.

Now, I go to Power Yoga at the YMCA at least once a week.

My obsession with yoga hasn’t traveled much outside the realm of the practice and the poses. I didn’t much care about the mat I used or the clothing I wore…

…but then I saw these babies featured on Diets In Review. (They featured black. I hunted down the pink pair. This chick loves pink. Remember the Adidas shoes?)

Nike Studio Wrap
Photo courtesy Nike, Inc.

These are Nike Studio Wrap shoes. Five-in-one shoes designed for the barefoot, in-studio workout… without the barefoot part.

I. Am. Obsessed.

According to Nike, Inc., the bare foot can slip and slide, and I’ve experienced this during Downward Dog pose where my legs and arms both slowly move farther away from each other on the mat I’ve soaked in sweat. The Nike Studio Wrap acts like a toe shoe without the shoe, and Nike claims that it will be less bunchy than a yoga sock.

Let’s count the pros…

1) My feet aren’t completely bare in public at the YMCA where small children get pink eye.

2) The little sticky bobbers on the soles of the non-shoe will prevent sliding on the mat.


It’s still a shoe, and shoes are awful, and I don’t understand the ribbon part. Is that for decoration? Ankle support? I don’t get it.

The Nike Studio Wrap shoes are supposed to have a starting price of $110, which I find ridiculous. I paid $100 for my Brooks running shoes (worth it)! The Nike Studio Wrap is half a shoe so they should be half the price.

I like my logic. I don’t think Nike would appreciate it, though.

The wrap shoes seem like they might make a functional addition to my yoga practice, but I have no intention of purchasing a pair until I’ve read extensive reviews and seen them in action.

I have to wait until Spring.

Dang it.

Do you use a yoga shoe or sock? What luck have you had? What price tag have you paid? (I’m so stingy.)