Projects for a DIY Home: Idea #1

Husband and I are FINALLY moved in to the new house.

There isn’t one room that is completely finished, and we have a lot of work to do on our 90-year-old house, but we have all boxes unpacked and home for everything.

That’s moved in to me!

I have a lot of ideas to make our house more of a home, and most of them involve power tools and paint.


Idea #1: New desk

Husband’s desk is a simple, particle board desk, and it’s a beat-up hot mess. I have ideas for something a little more creative.

I love this framing wood corner desk by A Beautiful Mess, but I’m not sure it will look so great in my office. We have a large blank wall where Husband’s desk currently sits, and our other walls have huge windows. The corner where this type of desk would sit would bump right against window sill.

Another option is this fabulous pallet desk.


I have been pretty obsessed with pallet projects lately. I might have to try them all.

Husband’s desk could also be a lovely manly rustic wood and iron table like this one featured on Picklee. It would look great on that long wall in my office.

The desk is the first of many projects I want to start for our new house. I’ll feature more and my finished products when I get to them.

Here’s hoping I actually get to them.

I’m going to be a busy, busy little homeowner.

Any advice for putting together pallet furniture? Where is the best place to get pallets?

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