Avoid product hoaxes: The Ab Circle Pro and Sketchers

Have you heard?

The Ab Circle Pro is a total fraud.


Me neither.

The makers of the Ab Circle Pro claimed that users could lose 10 pounds in two weeks by spending three minutes a day wiggling back and forth on their makeshift skateboard-bike.

That doesn’t even sound real.

Honestly, I could make an Ab Circle Pro using a skateboard and a chair, and it would burn more calories because users would continually have to re-balance themselves so they wouldn’t fall off and crack their face.

However, the skateboard-chair method WON’T WORK EITHER. Please don’t try that at home… Please. It’s a bad idea.

The point is that the Ab Circle Pro and similar bizarre pieces of fitness equipment are complete hoaxes.

You cannot lose weight or tone your core by swinging your butt back and forth for three minutes a day. I mean, look at this woman, do you really think she looks like that because of the Ab Circle Pro?

Probs not, friends.

In addition, you cannot lose weight or tone your core by wearing an electrode belt under your shirt that stimulates your ab muscles. You cannot lose weight or tone your backside walking around in a special shoe.

There is no better piece of equipment than hard work, and there is no better way to spend your money than on making the small changes needed to change your lifestyle.

Believe me. I have love handles. I know. I used to want want want want! the quick fixes. But the “quick fix” claims do not work because fitness isn’t quick. Fitness takes hard work, commitment and a lifestyle overhaul. Three minutes a day is not an overhaul.

What experiences have you had with fitness products?

What are your thoughts on the lawsuits against the Ab Circle Pro and Sketchers?

Who do you think is next?