I ran the #Run4NYC 5K

DietsInReview.com hosted a Run4NYC 5K in Wichita this morning (Saturday, November 10) to support Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

And I ran it.

I have not run more than two miles at a time in years, and those two miles usually occurred on a treadmill rather than an actual trail. But, today, I ran 3.1 miles over hills and under trees through Sedgwick County Park.

And IĀ ran the whole 3.1 miles.

Mile 1: I did well. I was slow, but faster than I would be if I were sitting on a couch! My body felt good, and my cardio was great! (I love that my cardio is still pretty good.)

A man pushing a DOUBLE running stroller passed me… I became momentarily disheartened, but then I imagined that every once in a while he would jump on the back of the stroller and ride it to take a break. I became less disheartened.

Plus, I passed him later.

Mile 2: TOOK FOREVER. The second mile was a little bit harder than the first. My legs were getting tired on the way to Mile 3, but I had the energy to keep going. Cardio was still awesome.

Mile 3: Wind. Of course. I ran against the wind for one whole mile. It was awful. The last mile had the most hilly parts, too. Uphill against the wind… I called those hills and that wind a few colorful names to push myself through the hard painful parts.

My legs pretty much quit on me during the third mile. I’m surprised I actually kept going.

When I saw the parking lot, knowing that the finish line was near, I started laughing. I told my legs that I would take a BENGAY bath and dry off with SalonPas if they would just make it to the finish line.

And my legs made it. I made it.

Before I tell you about the amazing amount of money raised for Hurricane Sandy victims, I want to tell you about the amazing amount of pride I raised in myself.

Because I gained weight, because my energy levels have decreased, because I have been so down and out about fitness, I did not have a lot of self-esteem in my abilities to lose the weight I gained or to increase my fitness and health.

I feel like I got a little bit of it back today.

So thank you DietsInReview for encouraging me to run in this 5K. My first in years, and the best one I’ve ever run.

DietsInReview donated $2.50 for each runner, and then threw in another $1500 after we had finished the race. The runners raised almost $1500 in donations. The donations will go to the American Red Cross to support Sandy relief efforts.

DietsInReview might be based in Wichita, but many technical supporters and freelance writers live and work in New York. For them, the Hurricane was a little closer to home than the Midwest.

I apologize for being such a bad blogger. Work has been busy, busy, busy! When I get home, the last thing I want to do is look at another computer screen. Plus, I haven’t been very fitness-y, eating healthy-y or anything-y lately. I’m working on that. Promise!

When I got home from the race, I ate three scrambled eggs and some leftover chicken taco mix covered in hot salsa. I WAS SO HUNGRY.