I do not drink Diet Coke anymore, and here’s why

When I was in high school, I became addicted to Diet Coke. I hated all other soda, even Sprite and 7-Up when I was sick.

I just wanted Diet Coke.

I drank in excess of two Diet Coke’s almost every day, which is just… a lot. It was ridiculous.

When my husband and I got engaged, I significantly reduced the amount of Diet Coke I drank (and increased the amount of coffee). When we were married, I barely drank any soda (but I drank a lot more coffee).

But that didn’t mean I still wasn’t addicted to Diet Coke. I WANTED IT. I didn’t order soda when my husband and I went out to dinner because he didn’t, and I knew he wasn’t a fan of soda.

Good role model, that one.

I’m thankful for his influence. I do not often drink soda, and when I do, it’s usually one of those “all-natural” regular Sierra Mists or Sprites.

I have stopped drinking diet soda.

Go me!

You might ask yourself: “What about all those calories and all that sugar in regular soda?”

I’m not terribly concerned about calories and sugar in regular soda because I don’t drink it too often.

And I have discovered some pretty interesting stuff about diet soda, and by interesting I mean disturbing.

Kidney problems, weight gain caused by a loss in metabolic rate, cell damage and rotten teeth are just a few of the reasons I don’t want to drink Diet Coke anymore.

With my normal abdominal issues (lactose intolerance and wonky hormones), I don’t need to add kidney function decline to the mix. My teeth are not awesome genetically, and past soda habits have not helped.

Plus, I am trying to lose weight.

Regular soda causes weight gain because of the amount of sugar. Diet soda causes weight gain because of aspartame, a fake sugar. In a study conducted by the University of Texas Health Science Center, individuals who drank more than two diet sodas a day saw a 500 percent increase in their waist. The aspartame raises glucose levels, and the liver converts excess glucose into body fat.

I’m less OK with that than I am with normal sugar.

Have you given up diet soda?