Hand-me-down furniture for newlyweds

I am truly grateful for all the hand-me-downs that fill my home.

When Husband and I got married, we had very little. Our gift registry provided us with a lot of the household items we needed, such as dishes, kitchen appliances, towels and thoughtful decorative items.

The pieces of furniture we needed, however, could not be a part of our registry. We relied on a lot of hand-me-down items from our families. For example, my mother- and father-in-law gave Husband and I A LOT of the furniture in our house. As an engagement present, they us a bedroom set: bed, dresser and bedside table.

My mother and grandparents filled our house with decorative items and books they no longer wanted. (Of course, I still haven’t gotten my old bedroom set from my mother’s house yet. I will. I promise. I’ll have a guest room some day.)

Husband already had his parents’ old couch and Laz-E-Boy recliner as well as a small dining room table before we got married. We still use the couch and the chair, two staples in our living room for three years! The small dining room table was replaced with a larger table of the same design that we got from his sister.

We earned two rugs from his sister, too, when we moved into her old rental house. She moved into a house with carpet and didn’t need the rugs. When we moved into a house with carpet, we took the rugs with us. Right now, they’re in the basement waiting for someone to need them.

Our more recent additions include a coffee table, another bedside table and a gorgeous bookshelf.

The coffee table, a large sepia painting and a couple of tall candlesticks were given to us because they were too big for their original homes.

A coffee table gifted to us. (Those are WSU coasters I got as a graduate present from my old boss and coworkers at University Relations.)

A sepia painting gifted to us.

Two tall candles sticks and candles gifted to us. (Pretty sure that painting was  gift, too. I can’t remember where it came from, but I’m sure I didn’t garage sale it.)

Some of the furniture we received from Husband’s grandparents after they moved cross-country to live near his uncle and aunt in Washington.

This bedside table is in our living room right now, but it’ll soon move upstairs (after I get up the courage to paint and distress it).

This hutch is in our kitchen right now. I can’t decide how I want to dress it up.

Some of my favorites are my desk and our newest addition: the bookshelf!

I love this desk. It’s so lovely.


If you remember, Husband and I moved from a house with built-in bookshelves to a house with zero bookshelves. We had SO many books without homes.

Recently, my in-laws replaced this bookshelf with a hutch and asked if the hubs and I wanted it.

Yes. Yes, I wanted it.

I haven’t filled yet. I’m still deciding which books and items I want where. Such a difficult decision, and one I’m happy to make!

I love my home filled with hand-me-downs!