Get paid to exercise… wait, what?

Online fitness trackers have never worked for me.

Mostly because I am too lazy busy to get online to track my calories in and calories burned. You’d think that would be the easy part of tracking calories in and burned.

I’m sure if I had a little incentive to fill out an online fitness tracker, I’d turn in my normal journal for an online version.

A new fitness tracker called Earndit works with other online fitness trackers, including MapMyFitness and Foursquare (checking in at the gym), to turn workouts into points and points into rewards.

With Earndit, you can get PAID to work out. Rewards range from fitness gear and healthy snacks to providing vaccines for children in third world counties. It’s like running a marathon for breast cancer research!

Mission: Get points. Get rewards. Earn it.

Other interesting fitness apps:

What are your favorite fitness apps?

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