It is FINALLY time for fall fruits and vegetables

Fall is my favorite season, and, this fall, will be the best.

Why? What makes this fall the best fall season I have had?

No school.

For the first time in years, I am not a student. Fall used to mean new classes, new textbooks, projects, papers and tests.

No more.

Never again.

I couldn’t love October more right now.

Fall, however, has been my favorite season for quite some time. I love the weather, the outfits (most of mine are made for fall) and the food!

Fall produce is in season!

I’ve never enjoyed an apple so much. Last summer, apples tasted like wet cardboard. I missed the crisp snap and flavor of a fall apple. I know the best of fall apples have yet to hit my supermarket, but I’m sure my next grocery trip will yield a true treasure.


I mean look at the size of that one! It’s huge, and it was delicious.

This fall, since I’m not busy with school and since I have a new-to-me gas oven, I have plans to bake my first apple pie.

From scratch.

According to Eating Well, the best apples for cooking and baking are McIntosh and Granny Smith, which might be why I’m not a fan of eating either of those apples with covering them in cinnamon and sugar.

Learn something new every day.

What is the best apple to eat? Honeycrisp. I completely agree. SO GOOD.

I’m already enjoying the flavor and health benefits of several fall vegetables. I ate a head or two of broccoli almost every week during September, and I haven’t stopped the pattern.

Husband hates broccoli so I get it ALL to myself. He wants to like broccoli, he really does, but he just hates it. Poor guy. He’s missing out on all those delicious nutrients: vitamins A, C and K, folate and fiber.

Husband does, however, love cabbage, potatoes and some squash. Our fall dinner menu is looking fabulous.

2 thoughts on “It is FINALLY time for fall fruits and vegetables

  1. Sarah

    Hi! I found your blog because I was Googling Prairie Fire Marathon maps (because I’m already stressing about trying to track my husband across town to cheer him on at no less than 4 points…I’m probably more nervous about cheering him on than he is about running the silly thing. ;P )

    Anyways, love your blog! If you hadn’t already guessed, I live in Wichita as well. I always feel like bloggers only live on the East or West coast, so it’s fun to find a fellow (health & fitness!) blogger right here in the heartland. :D I’m having fun looking through your posts…looks like we have quite a bit in common.

    Good luck in Sunday’s race! I’m sure you’ll do great! We’re praying for good weather…forecast looks rainy so far but surely there’s enough time for things to improve. :)


    • skinnyshae

      Whaw! Thank you! Midwest is the best.

      And good luck to your hubs. I might not be running after all. I double-booked the date because I forgot to sign up early.

      Story of my life.


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